Thursday, 10 February 2022


Delights to say that January was a busy month. Not complaining, I like to be kept busy. Lots of new clients as well and it is always nice to have a new arse to rim and cock to suck. My regular clients know how horny I am if treated nicely, by that I mean lots of dirty chat and sex. I am not a vanilla person at all, although I can be obviously Lot of clients really enjoy the massage and a wank or blow job to finish. No objections at all to that. It is nice however when clients let themselves go and enjoy fully their time with me. A good example was a client I had a couple of days ago. he was especially sexy. I shall relate, so cocks in hands, here we go.

After showering, he called me in and smiling asked if I really liked to see men piss. Yes, I replied eagery and fell to my knees facing his semi erect cock. I watched as he stroked his foreskin back and forth and then was delighted as the piss began, first as a trickle and then as a full flood, hitting my chest before running down and over my cocked balls. I rubbed my cock and balls with is piss and slipped my hand back to stroke my arsehole, my now hard cock throbbing visibly. I knew that I had to taste his piss and opening my mouth I looked up into his smiling face as he directed his hot piss straight into my mouth. I know some people do not understand a piss fetish, but the sensation of hot piss straight not my mouth, from the tap as it were, just sends me wild. I love as it spills out of my mouth and down my chin. Taking his cock in my mouth he actually hardened while still pissing and I began to blow him, the piss filling my mouth and running over my lips as his cock slipped down the back of my throat as he face fucked me. I heard him moan in pleasure and suddenly thought how sexy it would be to have that hot piss hitting my arsehole. I pulled away and mentioned the idea, but sadly his piss had become just a dribble and laughing he said, "next time. " Oh well, I thought, you cannot have everything.

Finished pissing we both dried off and my chap hoped onto the massage table and I applied copious amounts of warm oil and began to massage his back and soon my fingers slipped between his arse cheeks and began to stroke his wrinkled arsehole. I heard him moan in delight and slipped my hand between his legs and as he lifted himself up slightly I was able to cup his full balls and stroke his erect cock. He in turn began to stroke my arse-cheeks and slipped a finger into my anus. he was as horny as fuck and I had to rim him. Pushing my face between his butt cheeks my tongue found his tight arsehole and began to probe and lick. Pushing himself into a kneeling position he allowed me full access to his hole which I licked from balls to hole and down again. Taking his cock in my hand I began to milk him while tongue fucking his arsehole. His cock dribble pre-cum, making his cock slippery in my hand. Being a full pervert I motioned for him to slip off the massage table and taking his pre-cum slippery cock in my mouth slid it deep into my throat so that I gagged, I heard him moaning and fearing he would come too quick I realised his hard member from my hungry mouth and asked if he fancied going through to the bedroom. Nodding he followed me through.

I hopped onto the bed, onto my knees, head down and arse in the air. I felt him stroke my hole and cup my balls, then falling on his knees he began to lick and probe my hole with his tongue. Now I pride myself on being a good arsehole licker, but this guy had a hard fucking tongue hard that reached deeper into my arsehole than I had ever had licked before. I was in heaven, seriously, pure heaven. The sensations emanating from the nerves around my arsehole in waves, pulsating into my balls and cock was unbearable. I seriously cannot describe the pleasure his tongue was giving me.  "Rub your fucking knob against my arsehole". I begged. Obliging he stood and began to rub the length of his cock up and down my arse-crack and then to push is knob-end against my puckered hole, teasing me, wanking himself onto my hole. Short of being fucked, this is the next best thing. Seriously, I love piss and I love having a hard cock tease my anus. I wanted so badly to taste his cock and pulling around I slipped to my knees and again took his cock into my mouth and he deep throated me. Eventually he withdrew his cock and indicated for me to lie on the bed. I obliged and kneeling beside me he fingered my arse and sucked my cock. Heaven as being fingered and sucked is I need that his cock and his arsehole on my face again. Obliging my lust, he knelt over my face presenting his arsehole to my tongue. I licked and probed and sucked his arsehole, occasionally slipping his cock deep into my throat, his balls bouncing off my nose. His pre-cum was really salty now and I guessed that he was near coming. Cum over my arsehole I begged. I again assumed my kneeling position on the bed and he assaulted my wrinkled tight hole with his tongue once more before again wanking his cock-end against my pouting wet arsehole, suddenly I heard him moan and I felt hot droplets of sperm hit my hole and arse-cheeks as he ejaculated his spunk over my arse. I reached behind and felt his hot spunk slipping down the crack of my arse and I could not resist rubbing it into my balls and cock. He was satisfied and I was so happy. I really like dirty sex sometimes with the right fucker who has read my blog and knows what a dirty cunt I can be LOL. More please. A dirty boy like me need piss and spunk on a regular basis and my dirty clients are more than happy to oblige, I love my perverted married men.

Hope you all enjoyed that little encounter. It made me hard just writing it.

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