Wednesday, 7 April 2021


I started doing wank chat during lockdown and it has proven to be a very popular little bit of fun and titillation for both regular clients and fans of the blog who perhaps live too far away to visit. You need to call to book and obviously pay. I charge £1 per minute (minimum charge 10 minutes) and you can pay for longer, if you wish, in advance, and if you only use; say five minutes, you can carry the remaining minutes over for future calls. There are a couple of easy and convenient ways to pay, but my preferable method is by Amazon Gift Card, just call for details. There are no limits to your fantasies, although no underage stuff and I do not do brown...yuk... not my thing, but role play and piss play and threesome, more-some fantasy play etc are welcome, you are limited only by imagination.

In the meantime please enjoy the blog and your feed back on the extracts from the new book are welcome. 

Look forward to hearing from you and perhaps meeting in person sometime.

Take care.

Call 07517 697569 to book appointments and for details of the wank chat service.

Monday, 5 April 2021


 Things were tough being a young servant boy, back in the day, as this short snippet reveals. If you enjoy, please let me know, it may hurry me to finish the novel. It will be available on Amazon Kindle soon, hopefully. Also let me know if you would be interested in shorter erotic novellas for £1.99.

It was Mr Barton's turn to blush now, as a little embarrassed he mumbled, “ yes indeed. I am a little, you bad lad. What between you and that little strumpet Rosie my poor fellow has been bursting the seams to escape.” Mr Barton looked down toward his crotch, just as his cock noticeably strained against his trousers. “ I think that you had better see to my old John Thomas, don't you?” Mr Barton leaned back in his chair and opened his legs and indicating with his head watched young Robert drop to his knees and begin to unbutton the front of his trousers, and lifting his bottom off the chair a little, he allowed Robert to pull his trousers down to his ankles. He was wearing woollen long johns, buttoned down the front fly to allow access for pissing. The buttons were gaping as Mr Barton's cock pressed hard to be released. Unbuttoning three buttons Robert allowed the enlarged thick member to leap free, the moist knob-end brushing against Robert's lips as it escaped. Robert licked his lips instinctively, savouring the salty taste of Mr Barton's pre-cum. Taking the thick throbbing cock into his mouth he began sucking on the thick knob-end, pushing the loose foreskin back with his lips to reveal a swollen red head with a salty sliver of pre-cum dribbling from the piss hole. Using his tongue Robert licked around the swollen knob and then his tongue licked down the shaft before taking as much of the thick throbbing member into his mouth as he was able. Mr Barton released a contented grunt and grabbing the back of the boys head forced his cock further down Robert's throat, making him gag. Instinctively Robert threw his head back, releasing Mr Barton's cock from his mouth as he gasped air. Undeterred however he glanced Mr Barton a wicked grin before continuing the deep throat fucking which Mr Barton was enjoying immensely, if his moans of appreciation were to be believed. 

As Robert continued sucking on his cock Mr Barton gave short gasps of pleasure and whispered “you wicked boy, you wicked, wicked, boy,” as his head thrown back and his eyes closed he thrust his hips with increasing urgency into the boys face, fucking Roberts mouth with determined vigour, forcing his thick cock deep into the boys throat. At last, with a loud and rapturous moan Robert suddenly felt the butlers cock jerk wildly and jets of creamy hot sperm ejaculated deep  into his throat. After five or six such spasms Mr Barton's ejaculations ceased and Robert lifted his head. The satiated butler smiled as he watched his still hard cock slip from the boys lips along with copious gooey amounts of thick white sperm which dribbled down the boys chin to stain the white linen of his shirt. Mr Barton sighed a deep sigh of contentment and murmured. “You really are such a deliciously wicked boy. That must be one of the best spends i've had in such a long time.” He smiled at Robert who now stood, his own cock in his hand. 

Mr Barton looked at Robert's member as the boy slowly stroked himself, a thin sliver of pre cum stealing from his knob hole. “Ah, my poor boy, but of course I must not be selfish. Here, let me release some cream from those lovely balls of yours.” As he spoke Mr Barton once again cupped Robert's ball sack in his hand and squeezed them gently. Then he winked and with a finger gathered some of his sperm that had escaped Robert's mouth and now glistened in thick globules on his chin. Indicating for Robert to turn around so that his arse faced Mr Barton's face, as he sat, his trousers still around his ankles, the still randy butler lifted Robert's shirt tail and pushed him gently to bend over and then to spread his legs to reveal his puckered arsehole for his perverted perusal and delight. 

Robert bent over obligingly, still massaging his cock. He wondered what the dirty old butler had planned. He did not have to wait long before he felt Mr Barton finger stroke his puckered round arsehole which winked delightfully at Mr Barton as he smeared the sticky sperm that he had collected on his fingers from Robert's lips and chin onto Robert's arse-ring, gently massaging the puckered hole with his spunky fingers, pushing into the wrinkled tight hole, a little further each time, " I must put my cock inside this delightful tight hole soon young Robert. Would you like that, my boy" the butler whispered, while enjoying his viewing of his finger frigging the boys tight arsehole. He had also now put his hand between Roberts legs and while frigging his arse, he also slowly wanked the boys hard cock, causing sensations that made the boy moan and groan with pleasure. Robert had never had the sensation of being wanked and having his arsehole frigged at the same time before, and it was pure heaven. Mr Barton now pushed his finger further inside the boys tight anus and began to gently frigg his arsehole deeper, pushing his finger in deep and then puling it out and then deeper again, The boy found that he was in sex heaven. The sensations he was feeling were so intense that he began to push back against Mr Barton's finger, urging him to probe deeper. It was not long before Mr Barton had first one finger and then two fingers inserted deep into the boys arsehole, frigging him while wanking him faster and faster. The pleasure Robert was experiencing soon brought him to an intense orgasm as Mr Barton suddenly felt Robert's puckered arse-ring grip his fingers and the boy ejaculated jet after jet of hot sticky spunk over the polished wooden floor of the pantry. 

Removing his fingers slowly from Robert's arsehole and releasing the boys still throbbing, sperm dribbling cock, from his grip, he smiled as the boy turned around, red faced with excitement but also with a quite beautiful look that only a young man who has just experienced an intense orgasm can have. Robert''s expression, Mr Barton thought, was one of an almost ecstatic ecstasy, akin to religious zeal. Mr Barton knew this kind of zeal from his childhood, when attending chapel where he would regularly witness similar expressions of ecstasy on the faces of true believers. 

Well my boy.” Mr Barton looked at the sperm stains on his wooden floor.”You have created a bit of a mess. 


 I Am Back.

Thankfully at last lockdown is easing and normal service is resuming slowly. Regular guys are welcome and I will consider new guys, but until June I am restricting appointments to one per day. No new appointments after 6pm and please try and give notice because the studio is large and needs to be heated and prepared etc. Just a little common sense really. Everything is sanitised before and after appointments and I have been tested for Covid 19 and have had my first inoculation and due my second in April. Obviously if you are feeling unwell in any way please do not book until you are healthy. Again just common sense please. I know all my regulars are sensible people and will not be stupid about these matters. Being healthy is important and not just in regard to sexual hygiene. Please note that I no longer do outcalls and no late appointments unless booked in advance. Nearly all my clients visit in the afternoon or early evening and late appointments often attract guys on drugs or who have been drinking and I truly do not need the hassle. 

Now that all the dull stuff is dealt with I am also pleased to tell you that I have downloaded lots of new porn for your titillation, some 10 new titles covering most tastes and I also  have a selection of straight porn. Yes, I do get asked. Remember most of my guys identify as straight and although they like a little cock with their massage as a little bit of variation, as it were. a change occasionally after all does no harm, hardcore gay sex on screen can be a little too much lol. If you give sufficient notice I may be also be able to access something in particular in way of porn, but no promises and please make requests legal of course. 

Personally, I am having my hair cut shorter in April and I am as horny as ever, having had very little cock over the last few month. Anyone familiar with this blog knows that as well as a qualified massage I offer lots of kinky fun, from hand relief, oral, rimming and fucking, usually as top. My favourite kinks are rimming a nice clean arse and I love being pissed on, a strange kink for some, but I have always loved watching men piss from being little, just my thing. I also love being rimmed and fingered and a little light spanking. I offer role play and mild domination, but no hard stuff and no leather or rubber or dog masks or anything like that, just not my thing and I am sure there are others who do it better because they enjoy it themselves. I also  offer spanking and caning, favourite role play usually involved slave and master, with slave offering rimming etc and I I abuse them with rough, sexualised language and abuse. School maser is very popular and medical examinations. good, old fashioned, kinky fun. I see couples M/M M/F and I do see women but I do not promise penetration but offer oral and fingering and toys etc as well as sensual massage. If a M/f couple I prefer the man to be bi curious at least and offer oral and rimming and whatever service required. happy to take photos/vodeo etc using your camera for your personal use etc, all discreet and professional. I prefer to use your premises in these circumstances for your discretion.

Soon I will be posting another preview from my new book. Very dirty and a jolly good story, when I eventually finish it. I seem to need lots of cock to get my imagination excited enough to write, but I am sure the next few months will provide more than sufficient stimulation.

Look forward to hearing from everyone soon and hope everyone had a Happy Easter..