Monday, 20 July 2015

NAUGHTY DADDY TYPES...are more fun

Life as an erotic masseur has its ups and downs; like any job, but usually there are more ups than downs and certainly plenty of hard erections to keep a horny guy like myself more than happy. I especially like the dirty daddy types, the type who are married, ordinary guys, with very dirty imaginations.

A couple of days ago, as an example, I opened the door to a new client, a mddle aged, tyically married guy, who greeted me with a smile and that twinkle in his eye that kind of lets me know that he would be up for a bit of dirty fun.

He showered and I noticed in the mrirror that he paid particular attention to soaping his arsehole; which made me smile, I love to rim a guy, but only if, like me, he is scrupulously clean in that area, know what I mean. He was still in good shape and had lovely pendulous bull balls; which swung as he walked. I admit, I am very much a ball pervy guy, my idea of heaven is to have a heavy pair of testicles bouncing on my face, seriously, that and being pissed on, are my two favourite kinks. But enough of my personal fantasies.

He hoped onto the table and as he did so I caught a glimpse of his round little arsehole, nicley puckered, just the way I like them. I began the massage as normal, with the warm oil slipping between his bottocks. As I massaged his bottocks, my fingers somehow, (intentionally,) stroked over his anus, rubbing the hot oil deep into his little tight hole, which of course made him moan gently and open his legs to allow me easier access. I knew, I told myself, you can always tell a perv and to be honest, I should know.

My regulars know that I rarely turn down an invitation to get my tongue up a willing arsehole and so, once he was nicely relaxed and excited, I had my head down and began running my tongue around his arsehole rim, all the time squeezing his balls very gently, they felt deliciously heavy in my hand.

His cock was now rock hard and I gave it a few stroked while I continued to rim his arse. He was dribbling pre-cum now and so we both agree that it was time that we made our way through to the bedroom, where he asked me to kneel on the bed, head down and arse cheeks spread. He was on his knees in seconds and was straight into my tight little hole with his tongue, rimming my arse like a professional. He soon had my cock dribling as his tongue stroked around my rim and then, when he slipped his finger inside me, I was in heaven, moaning like a bitch and wishing he would use two fingers and really stretch my arsehole, just the way I like it to be teased.

I realised before long that I was near coming, so, I indicated that if I lay on my back, he could sit on my face and let me retrun the plaesure he had just given me. His arse tasted delicious and when he pulled back I was able to begin to lick his balls, lovely heavy round orbs, that I sucked greedily into my mouth, making him moan with pleasure. He pullled back a little more and slipped his thick dribbling cock into my mouth and pushed it deep down my throat, at the same time taking my cock into his own mouth. Sucking my cock, while fingering my arsehole, while I sucked on his cock, which he thrust deep into my mouth, soon had us both near orgasm and when I slipped my finger into his tight spittle lubbed arsehole it was just to much and with a final thrust he slipped his jerking cock deep into my throat and began to cum, shooting jet after jet of salty spunk into my mouth and down my throat. Fuck, the sensation of hot spunk jetting into your mouth is just so erotic, i'm rock hard writing this and remembering the sensation, but I digress, I was now ready to cum myself and before he had finished jerking I squirted my own ball load, filling his mouth with my hot thick spunk. We both now had our mouths full of hot ball cream and we were both totally delighted. Laughing we mopped up the residue that was spilling down our chins.

He was delighted with my performance, I of course was more than happy, nothing like a dirty daddy type to make me hot and horny. I do hope he will become a regular. I need more daddy types looking for good, dirty and raunchy sex. Thats why I am a popular male masseur I presume..

call 07517 697569 to book an appointment, i'm usually around and willing to please.

Sunday, 15 March 2015


I have had, I am glad to say, my usual lust filled January and February. Some guys are just insatiable. Lots of lovely massage and rimming and fingering and fucking. No horny piss guys...where are you all hiding. My regular Piss guy who often managed three or four good piss showers in an hour has been missing for three months. I am sure he will be back, but i do miss his especially dirty fun appointments.

I have, however, in the meantime, become infamous for my prostate massage. One regular client recently shot his load of spunk so hard it nearly sprayed the ceiling, leaving the poor man quite dizzy and drained. He is an especially lovely guy with a nice body and a big cock and an arsehole you could rim for ever.

On his last visit we started as usual with a massage using warm oils, but very soon he had his arse in the air and my lips sucking on his tight puckered arsehole. His hole is deliciously puckered and you can't not want to dive in and taste it.

I began as usual by licking around his arsehole and then running my tongue down between his legs and then over his big hairless, heavy balls. I like to suck them individually into my mouth before trying, unsuccessfully, to get them both into my mouth at the same time. I then like to pull his big thick cock back between his legs and to lick around the glands, sliding half his knob into my mouth to see how much I can take down my throat. All the time I am doing this I like to rub my fingers around his saliva lubed arsehole and when I get his cock deep into my throat I slip a finger into his arsehole and and he moans loudly as i continue to suck on his cock and frig his arse with my finger at the same time.

Releasing his cock from my mouth I continue to finger fuck his arsehole, probing deeper and deeper into his anus until I find that little hot button, his prostrate. When I have stroked his prostrate for a short time and he his moaning and groaning with pleasure I ask him to turn around. lying on his back I am able to begin to deep throat his cock, taking it deep into the back of my throat until I almost gag and have to come up for air, then, pouring hop oil onto the end of his knob, which makes his moan even more and provides even more lubrication which allows my hand and then my mouth, alternatively, to slide over his cock shaft and around his knob end. This brings him close to climax and he has to indicate for me to slow down.

I then give him a little rest while I lube my fingers with gel and then I begin to probe his anus again, pushing one and then two fingers into his arsehole, again searching for that magic button. By now his legs have spread wide open and  I am alternatively sucking his cock and then his balls while I wank his cock with my oiled hand. I am all the time massaging his prostrate, my fingers deep inside his arsehole and he is moaning and groaning with pleasure.

I like bringing him to near climax and then slowing things down, over and over and over again. While I am dong this he likes to play with my cock and balls and better still he likes to frig my arsehole, pushing one and then two fingers deep into my anus while I work on his cock.

On his last visit, without notice, while I was pleasuring his anus and prostrate with my fingers, he let out a deep moan as, unable to resist the sensation of his prostrate being massaged and his balls being licked while I wanked his cock, he ejaculated in strong spasms, jet after jet of spunk that shot straight toward the ceiling. I admit I was a little pissed off because normally he shoots his heavy thick load of sweet tasking spunk down my throat, but I forgave him because it was just amazing seeing the look on his face as the spunk jetted out of his piss hole, covering my hair and chest and even landing on his and my face.

When he had finished he lay exhausted, his fingers still buried deep in my arse. I slipped my fingers from his arsehole gently and laughing pulled his fingers out of mine before handing this a towel to clean himself. He was a very happy gentleman and is one of my favourite clients for very obvious reasons. If only I could persuade him to try a little watersports....If he is reading this and no doubt smiling, perhaps next time?

A little good news i that I have more availability this month but I am off over Easter.
Have fun and don't be good...its very dull.


Monday, 5 January 2015


At last I am pleased to announce that I have more availability. I am going to be around the house for the next few weeks, so if you fancy a dirty massage experience please call : 07517 697569 to make an appointment.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that being shy will not get you rimmed, sucked and fucked, or, for the adventurous, the chance to piss on a real lover of water sports, (thats not the kind that involves sailing, scuba diving or swimming). 

I am also a trained masseur, for those clients who prefer a long, deep, massage using warm oils with a happy ending in discreet, luxury, surroundings, then I am definitely recommended.
Obviously all gentlemen are welcome. The vast majority of my clients are married gentlemen and many are looking for a first time experience, so don't think that you have to be adventurous if you do not want to be, or are simply nervous. The massage experience is very relaxed and very laid back.
I am also happy to see couples. M/M or M/F. I also see females looking for a sensual massage experience, although I prefer women to be with partners. 



£65 FOR 45 MINUTES, 

£80 FOR AN HOUR.  




I also offer a domination service for those who like to spanked or caned. 
Please call for details. I

f you fancy just a phone wank please call my dedicated 

WANK LINE 07053 509694 

Please note that anyone expecting to get a free wank by calling the massage line will be rejected, so please don't bother even trying. The dedicated wank line is not expensive and you can be as dirty as your imagination allows you.

I think you will agree that I cover almost all your possible erotic/fantasy requirements, but briefly what I don't offer are the following:

I do not cross dress.

I do not have leather or rubber.

I only do rimming/fingering (which I really enjoy) if you have showered in the studio before beginning the appointment. Cleanliness is essential for my health and for yours.

Please note, I am not a gay scene skinny twink. I am a mature male, good looking, with a goatee beard and I have been told a nice body. I am straight looking/acting. If you want an effeminate boyish sort, I am definitely not your type.

Hope to see you soon.

Chris xxx

Thursday, 1 January 2015


I promised that I would recall one of the best pre christmas appointments.  A couple of days before Christmas Eve A new client booked an appointment. I was I admit a little tired so was not feeling especially horny. I was in truth not looking forward to the appointment. That all changed when I opened the door to a hunky bearded guy. You know that feeling you get when you guess that you you are in the company of a possible pervert, in the nicest way of course. I was not to be disappointed.

As usual we began on the massage table. He was a chunky guy in the nicest way. I don't mean fat, or over muscle bound, just thick set, with a very defined bubble butt that was a pure joy to massage. You know how dirty minded I am, so how could I resist not letting my fingers delve down between his arse cheeks so that I was able to stroke his pouting arsehole rim. I knew that I just had to get  my tongue in there and as you may have guessed it was not long before my tongue was stroking around the rim of his arsehole and licking down between his legs toward his balls.

My own cock was now rock hard and as I bent over to get my tongue wedged further up his now twitching arsehole he slipped a finger into mine. I was so fucking horny that I began to fuck myself on his finger, all the time licking deep and deeper into his arsehole. He was getting very excited and pushed himself onto his knees which allowed me to grab his thick cock which I began to wank up and down, all the time continuing to lick around his puckered hole before running my tongue down to his big gorgeous heavy hairless balls, just the kind that I like to suck into my mouth and roll around with my tongue. I whispered, reluctantly dropping his balls from my mouth, "do you want to go into the bedroom?" He nodded in agreement.

As he dropped down from the massage table I got a full birds-eye view of his arsehole and balls dangling, wet with my saliva. I could not resist dropping onto my knees and as he still had one leg on the massage table I now had total access to his balls and round, moist, puckered anus. I began to pull gently on his balls while I again sucked on and licked around his arsehole-rim. I didn't know exactly if I wanted to fuck him or if I wanted something special. What can I say other than that great dirty minds think alike. He turned around, presenting his thick dribbling erection which I slipped into my mouth and I began to deep throat, taking his thick, juicy knob deep into my throat so that I nearly choked, but I didn't care. After several strokes down my throat I pulled his cock out and ran my tongue around his swollen glands, "piss on me then" I whispered. He smiled a wicked smile and began to concentrate. It is not easy pissing when you are rock hard, few guys can do it. All I can say is that this chap managed it beautifully as he released a jet of clear salty piss which arced out of his piss hole and over my face and yes into my mouth. I could not resist the temptation and slipped his still hard and pissing cock into my mouth, yummy, the feeling of hot piss filling your mouth as you suck on a thick cock is like nothing else. If you have never had the pleasure then you really have not lived. I could feel his cock grow even harder and withdrawing his cock it was obvious that even he was now too excited to carry on pissing. I however, had to have more cock and once more took his cock deep into my mouth and encouraged him to face fuck me quite roughly, yet also gently. His cock began to twitch in my mouth so that i thought he was a bout to spurt. Instead he indicated that I stand and turn so that he could bend me over, exposing my arsehole. He rubbed his wet knob end against my hole, teasing me so that I wanted to be fucked, but instead of inserting his cock he began to finger me, using two fingers, stretching my tight hole. I was now in total sex heaven and I needed some hot salty spunk in my mouth.

I pulled away and again went down onto my knees and grabbing his cock began to roll my tongue around his knob end while wanking his thick shaft. It was not long before I was rewarded with jet after jet of hot salty spunk shooting from his jerking cock straight into my mouth, onto my tongue, over my face, over my chin so that I was covered with his creamy gooey spunk.

I love dirty minded guys who really let themselves go and this guy was one such guy. I still felt tired but I admit that I had a wank after he let. Well to be honest wouldn't you.

Chris xx