Thursday, 20 May 2021


 I am pleased to announce that my new website is now live. I am going to get some more new photographs done and some erotic drawing to add to the site over the next couple of weeks. My new short story will be available in the next couple of days and an excerpt will appear on the blog with links to the kindle shop for you to treat yourself to a dirty story for 99p which you can download onto your phone, computer or kindle depending on what you prefer. I know porn is easily accessible these days but there is something about written erotica which will never go out of fashion, besides, you can read a bit of dirt discreetly on the train but that is not so easy if its hardcore porn video. 

My favourite erotica is the victorian stuff like The Pearl or The Romance Of Lust, which if you have not read; is a must. They are also available on kindle. They cater for every taste and are certainly not your Mills and Boon type erotica which describe "His raging manhood" when what you really want to read when you want a quick wank is a good dirty description of fucking LOL  Well, that is the pornographic literature I am famous for, and I write in tribute to the anonymous erotica from the not so prudish reign of good old Queen Victoria.

Below is the link to my new website. Enjoy.

Newcastle Gay Massage

Wednesday, 19 May 2021


 I am currently working of revamping my website which will be published very soon, within the next couple of days. I thought that after lockdown it was time for a revamp. It is easier to negotiate, with a few new photos and links to the blog and to my kindle sales page for my book and short stories.

I am still working on my second book, another erotic blue classic for my fans to wank over, but I am also going to start writing short novellas, stories really, which will be available for download for 99p, which is a bargain I am sure you will agree. Each short story will include enough filth for at least two wank's... promise....

I am so pleased that lockdown is coming to an end. Clients are returning and business is slowly getting back to normal. In the meantime all precautions are bing taken, clean towels and all surfaces disinfected between clients. I am pleased to say that I have now had both my Covid-19 inoculations and I also had a recent health check. So raring to go and service those hard cocks waiting for a good massage.

If anyone has any ideas regarding scenarios for stories they would like to read please let me know. I have had a very sexually frustrating year with little cock, so I'm very horny and ready for some fun, in person or through fantasy writing. 

I realised recently that I have been in this business for nearly 19 years. I am now officially an old pro as they say. I have had lots of fun over the years and met some lovely gentlemen who have I hope enjoyed the service I offer. I do love my married men. Most are courteous and dirty minded, just the way I like it. I will take this opportunity again to state that I am a mature masseuse and if your kink is young skinny 19 year old twinks, then don't bother calling. If however you like the good looking guy next door type, then please call and I hope that I can provide you with a memorable experience.

Will post again soon when the new web site is launched.

Happy walking...Chris

Thursday, 6 May 2021


 I am pleased to say that things are slowly getting back to normal with work and lots of my regulars are returning. I have also received lots of enquiries from new clients eager to be professionally massaged and to have their balls emptied. I am now able to offer the option of paying by card, Master Card and Visa, but for regular clients only. Please note that I cannot offer this facility for new clients. Once you have booked a first appointment and paid cash and you are proven trustworthy, plus that you are happy with the service I offer, then you can book your future massage appointment by text and pay by credit card. I hope this will make the service more convenient for my regular clients. The service I offer is discreet and the name mentioned on your CC receipt will be equally discreet. As my regulars can confirm, in over 19 years in this business I have always offered a secure, friendly and safe service for my clients, many of whom are married or hold senior positions and who therefore expect total discretion. I also see women and couples. call to discuss your requirements.

On a personal note I have had both my Covid-19 inoculations and have had a recent health check. Everything I am pleased to say is in safe working order and eager to please. I am still working away on my next erotic classic and I will be putting a few short stories on my blog, just to wet your appetites and of course give you all an idea of the kind of thing I get up to with my clients. Remember I am fairly un-shockable and if you want to try something during an appointment, please just let me know. I am here to please and with first time clients it is worth mentioning that i am often as nervous as the client and not being a mind reader, I can not always guess what the client may like or not like. I often suggest things but if I suggest something the client may not like, they can be a little unintentionally offended, which if you are in the middle of doing something very sexual, could be like a sudden cold shower.

I will reiterate that I am not a skinny 19 year old scene queen but a more mature guy next door type. I am mostly top, I love water sports on me, I love rimming if you are clean and oral of course. I do role play , but no cross dressing or rubber/leather fetish stuff. Just not my scene. I do not do out calls. I have a lovely, discreet and luxurious studio with a walk in wet room and bedroom and massage area with porn etc. Everything you need is available, so it is just much easier for clients to visit myself and have the full experience. 

Anyway. Enjoy the blog and give me a call.