Monday, 29 November 2021


 Christmas is coming and Santa is desperate to empty his sacks and naturally I am willing to offer a helping hand.

Firstly, my apologies to anyone who has tried to book recently. Sadly once again I had a reaction to the booster jab for Covid-19 and had to have eight days off. Thankfully I am back to normal and willing and able to accommodate my clients with the now infamous warm oil massage and whatever dirty little kink they can invent in their fertile imaginations. 

It seems we are heading back to another semi-lockdown sadly with the awful face masks being enforced in public spaces. As far as I am aware this does not affect myself or my clients. 

I genuinely believe that I am exceptionally lucky with my clients who are almost always charming and I would like to thank the several clients who have arrived with small gifts, wine, champagne, chocolates, cock-rings, sex- toys and other items to show their appreciation. Thank you.

Talking about sex toys, several clients have enquired about oral simulation toys and vibrators etc including a simulated vaginal/anal toy which they can fuck while I fuck/rim them. These items can be expensive to buy and for hygiene reasons should be used only by one person. If clients do want to experiment with these toys but for various reasons are unable to keep them at home, I am happy to keep them for you to be used exclusively by you, on your visits. Discretion and hygiene, while still being adventurous and as dirty as possible, is probably the reason I have been so popular over now, 19 years in the business. Time does fly when you are having fun.


I love to have a hard cock stroked on my arsehole as, indeed, do some of my clients. The sensation of a possible fuck, without penetration, is delicious and when the cock explodes and showers your arsehole and arse-cheeks with hot spunk the sensation is fantastic.

I enjoyed this sensation recently with a new client who did not want to fuck. He began with a warm oil massage from myself and after teasing his anus with warm oil I was soon working my tongue around his arsehole, licking from his balls to his puckered hole and down again, naturally inserting my tongue into his man-cunt repeatedly, which drove hm crazy. All the time I was rimming him I held his cock and felt it throb in my hand as I gently stroked him, being careful not to bring him to orgasm. After about twenty minutes of massage, wanking and anal tongue--teasing, we moved through to the bedroom where I positioned myself on the bed on my knees, head down and arse up, giving him a good view of my hole and of my balls dangling between my legs. 

He was soon down on his knees and worshipping my dirty little man-cunt with his tongue, stretching my arse-cheeks apart to gain full access. He also slipped his hand between my legs to stroke my balls and cock. This had me moaning with pleasure and telling him to stick his tongue deeper inside my puckered, tight little bum-hole. He obliged, before standing up and instead of his tongue pushed his hard cock-end against my wet anus and began to rub his wet knob around my tight hole. I moaned with pleasure as he rubbed his hard cock up and down, all the time wanking his cock hard against my soft arsehole-lips without penetrating. 

The sensation I felt was fantastic and indescribable. Wanking his cock-end harder against my arsehole I heard him eventually moan and then I felt a warm sensation as he squirted his hot spunk over my arsehole and I felt the creamy, thick spunk, slip down the crack of my arse and over my dangling balls. I rolled over and observed his still hard cock, slivers of spunk dribbling from the engorged head. I turned around so that I could lay with my head beneath his balls and he slipped his spunky knob-end into my mouth so that I could savour the taste of his spunk while I wanked myself off.

I wish he had finished off with pissing into my spunky mouth, but, you cannot have everything. Perhaps next time.

To book an appointment for a massage or a telephone wank-chat, where you can be as dirty as you like, call Chris on 07517 697569