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A short extract from my new novel. It is an erotic, Gothic, historical tale of lust and horror. I hope to have it finished before Christmas. It is a gory read but as you will expect, very, very erotic. But it is also a novel you will not feel embarrassed to have on your kindle if you share it with a partner..I know my married men you see and I know what they like..

I realised then for the first time that the most barbaric cruelty could be corrupting and revolting and yet exciting and enthralling at the same time. Something about that mixture of revenge, blood and terror, could be used to manipulate the most decent of people into a baying mob.
I glanced across at the prince who sat watching from the comfort of his chair surrounded by laughing and joking nobles, to whom he now seemed oblivious. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. He appeared transfixed, to be savouring the cruelty of the execution as a connoisseur might a good wine. I wondered then how such a man, so elegant and noted for his intellect, could enjoy such a barbarous spectacle? He was a prince, not a baying, illiterate mob. I turned from him as his cold dark eyes caught mine. I felt my face burn a little as I blushed red. I also shivered. I was afraid that he had noticed me. I knew to look at your superiors could have bad consequences. I instead turned my attention back to the awful events that were unfurling on the dais, where the prisoners were now awoken back into the world of the living from which the pain of having their manhood's smashed had temporally driven them. Cold water and a strong unguent held under their noses brought them back to a painful and desperate reality as the execution proper began. 

MY SHAMEFUL MEMOIRS ARE STILL AVAILABLE...I thought they would be banned

A reminder that my personal memoirs "MY DIRTY MEMOIRS" is still available and has had another fantastic 5* review. So please treat yourselves to a really dirty read, well written and all true. I have had a very debauched life.

To wet your appetite here is an extract:

“Fucking stick it in me”. He demanded.
I undid belt and pulling my trousers and pants quickly off while he assumed a doggy position, his head on the floor and arse in the air, I presented my rock hard erection to his arse hole and with a firm push slipped the head in. “Fuck,” he moaned and I felt his ring twitch as it accustomed itself to my cock. Pushing on I inserted myself fully in his arse and began to fuck him firmly with regular strokes. I was so fucking horny that with only a few strokes I felt my balls begin to tingle with the all too familiar sensations of an approaching orgasm. I tried my best to hold back but it was too much. Watching my white cock plunge in and out of his black arse hole was the most erotic vision and when he reached his hand back between his legs to grab my balls and to pull on them gently as I fucked him it was just too much. I felt the spunk suddenly discharge in a creamy torrent of hot spunk into his arse. I fell exhausted over his back, my cock twitching as it remained firmly sheathed in his arse hole. He was not content to let me lie there however and pulling himself from under me he forced me onto my back and straddling my face so that his balls hung over my mouth he began to wank himself. I used my tongue on his balls as they swung above my face. I licked and pulled on them gently, smothering my face in their heavy weight as he lowered himself onto my face. He began to rub his balls on my face and then his gaping arse hole. My tongue could taste his arse and my spunk mixed. I used my nose to fuck him. He pushed his arse into my face as he wanked furiously, his arse sliding over my lips and tongue as he wanked himself to orgasm. Suddenly he was ready to cum and pulling back so that his cock was just above my open mouth with a cry spurted jets of hot steaming spunk directly into my mouth. My mouth quickly filled and I swallowed hard drinking his warm cream straight from those wonderful man udders that I had enjoyed sucking and nuzzling minutes before. He filled my mouth and covered my face in thick man cream. His spunk tasted warm and salty and delicious. When he had finished shooting I took his cock end in my mouth and sucked him clean. He slid his cock over my face, using his cock to guide the splattered spunk into my mouth. I was in slut heaven. That was how I felt with this guy all the time. I just wanted his cock and his cream.
I somehow made it on unsteady feet into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. My face was still covered in his cream. My face was sticky with spunk. I looked a total whore. I turned on the taps to run some water and wash my face when his face appeared in the mirror beside me. I felt his arms encircle me and I turned to kiss him. I felt his tongue run over my face as he licked his own cream. His tongue tasted of spunk, of him, as he slipped it inside my mouth. I sucked on his tongue hard, savouring the taste of his saliva and his sperm. I was lost in pleasure.
“Let me wash it off,” he whispered in my ear. I smiled thinking he was going to run me a bath or some water so that he could use a flannel on my face. He was thinking of something else very different however.
Gently pushing me onto my knees I found myself once again face to face with his big black cock. I could not resist licking his knob once more which he seemed to enjoy but I could tell he was concentrating on something else and then I felt something hot and salty on my lips. I pulled back a little and looked up into his face and smiled as he released a jet of hot piss onto my chest. The great thing about being a guy is that you can direct your piss; you have a little, or in this case a large hose pipe. This guy took hold of his hose pipe and began to hose me down. He pissed over my face and in my mouth. He tasted delicious and warm. His hot piss washed over my face and over my chest and over my cock and balls. I was soon sitting on the bathroom tiles in a puddle of warm piss.  When I bounced up and down a little I could feel it splash around my arsehole which sends little shudders of delight up and down my spine. While he was pissing I am sure that I experienced another mini, internal orgasm. I certainly shuddered uncontrollably as I enjoyed the most wonderful sensations run up and down my spine and in the pit of my stomach and around my arse hole. When he had finished his piss, and could this guy piss, he shook his cock and we both laughed and I could not again resist giving his knob end a little suck.
The intensity of our sex seemed to get better and better. He would stay three nights a week at mine. Every time he stayed we would have sex when he arrived, when we went to bed and in the morning before he left. I slept curled in his arms. I was for a brief time a lost soul.
One night I woke with the familiar pressing of his erection against my arse cheeks. We had already fucked and my arse was a little tender from the pounding that it had received earlier. I was however as lusty as fuck as usual and who could resist an eleven inch horse cock prodding you. I rolled over on to my back allowing him to kiss my ear and my neck which sent the familiar shudders of delight down my spine ending in the pit of my stomach.  Before long he rolled on top and I lay pinned beneath him unable to move as he continued his assault on my senses, now using his tongue to probe deep into my ear which he knew sent me wild with desire. My cock naturally responded and I was soon hard and ready for action. He motioned for me to turn over so that he could fuck me but I resisted and gently told him that my arse was out of action which made him smile and joke that I was just a pussy. “Well, why not slip your tight little pussy over my cock and go for a ride instead hmm.” I responded. With that little prompt he raised himself onto his knees so that he was straddling me and positioned my cock so that it was posed to slip into his arse. He pushed against my knob but he was not lubricated so spitting on my fingers I moistened the end of my cock and he tried again. This time my cock slipped through his tight little ring and slowly he lowered himself onto my cock. He began to ride me, sliding him self up and down on my shaft. Soon I was responding by pushing up to meet him as he slid down, taking me ball deep into his arse. I reached up and began to play with his nipples. He had large dark purple nipples that stood out as I squeezed them obviously exciting him further as he rode himself harder and harder onto my cock. We were fucking at an increasingly frantic rhythm as he stroked himself. I felt his arse ring tighten around my shaft several times, a sure indication that he was about to shoot his load. Seconds later his arse ring gripped my shaft and he began to ejaculate, spurting creamy hot spunk over my chest and face. Some landed across my lips and my tongue sneaked out gobbling his deliciously warm and salty spunk. I was still fucking him and was near coming. I forced myself up, deep into his arse and then I shot my load. I could feel my cock jerking inside him as I discharged my cream deep into his arse. He fell on top of me in a kind of stupor, rubbing his own spunk into our chests as he lay on me. I felt my cock slip out of his arse and we folded into an embrace and kissed. This guy enjoyed sex and he was a brilliant lover who made you feel very special.
I don’t think that it is possible for such an intense relationship to survive. I don’t believe that this particular guy was ready to commit to any person or even to admit that he liked men despite the fact he obviously enjoyed man on man sex in a totally uninhibited way. Perhaps I was special in that he obviously felt relaxed and confident with me as a lover. In his own way perhaps he was sort of loyal and committed but there was something not right which slowly dawned on me. I know that I was slow in catching on but it was because I was totally in awe of him for a time at least. It was only as we became closer that he began to be more open about himself and his past and his experiences. I learned that his father was something big in Africa and also that he was engaged to be married. I should have guessed he could not commit when he let that slip but he covered himself by joking that I could be wife number two and I just laughed it off. I imagined myself his real love, his real wife which became more ludicrous when he later let slip that he also had a banjee boy, a boy in Africa with whom he had sex. Not only was he engaged but he had a bangee boy and I learned later also a female lover in London. It seemed to him at least, I thought, that he was too good to commit to one person and had a duty to share himself with whomever he chose. Well if you have eleven inches between your legs and a body to die for I suppose you would think yourself special.
How did it end? It ended with an orgy of sorts or perhaps it was a gang bang. It was an event I will always remember and which oddly brought me to my senses.
For once he invited me to London with him. I of course paid for the hotel on my student expense account, but that was as normal. He invited some of his friends around which I thought would be fun. I found myself the only white guy with four big black guys. His friends were all as big as him, ranging between six and seven feet and seemed to have spent all their time in the gym. They were also into the American gangster rap culture and they spoke the language. They found it very funny having a middle class English boy trying to understand what they were saying and being shocked that they called each other nigga and pimp and other things which would probably have got me into a lot of trouble if I had ever used them in public. They were also into drugs, soft drugs, but never the less between the whisky and beer and what they were smoking they were all soon stoned and becoming horny. They started to joke about the bangee boys they had fucked back in Africa and they teased my black guy for finding himself a white bangee. They began to ask if I was a good fuck and did I like big black bamboo, meaning big black cock. I admit that I was a little embarrassed at being teased and especially when my boy friend began to tell them what a good fuck I was and how I could really lick his black arse hole. “Like licking a sugar doughnut,” he joked, pulling me to him and slipping his hand between my legs. One of his friends pulled down his sweat pants and pulled out his cock and began to wank himself which made the others hoot with laughter. “You not wanting some real black bamboo, white boy,” he asked stroking himself hard. He had a big cock, not quite as big as my boyfriends but at least ten inches and very thick with a glistening purple head.
“He wouldn’t even feel that,” my boyfriend joked, pulling me onto his knee and kissing me. “I’ve stretched him good to take

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I have a regular who loves having my cock inside his arse. I have been seeing him for some time and because he is a tradesman he occasionally does jobs around the house for an agreed amount of free fucks, equivalent to roughly the price of the jobs he does. Its an arrangement that suits both of us. I suppose it is a form of sex barter.

Last time he visited he wanted a gentle massage to get him in the mood. He is a regular so I know his arshole well. Always clean and shaved. A real pleasure to rim. The massage was brief because he has this way of lying so that his round man cunt winks at me inviting my tongue to give it a good licking. Too much temptation. So to cut a short story even shorter it was not long before I had my tongue buried in his arsehole, licking around the rim, and biting the inside of his arse cheeks, which drives him crazy.

His arsehole was moist with my saliva as he pushed himself onto my tongue and he was soon lifting his arse to allow me better access. As I dipped my tongue into his arsehole I took advantage of his raised arse and slipped a hand under his balls so that I could squeeze them gently while I continued to lick him out.
While I was doing this he slipped one leg off the massage table which meant that his arse cheeks where fully spread, giving me more than a good view, he was offering easy access. My cock was dribbling by this point and his arse hole was just at the exact height for me to slide my cock in to his cunt and obviously I did, ball deep. He groaned as I slipped my ful cock length in. I held him still for a second or two until he became used to my fat cock inside him, then I began to fuck, pumping in and out. I admit I have not had such a delicious fuck for a long time. I had total access and could watch my fat cock slip in and out as I hammered his cunt hole. Delicious.

I could have carried on ramming him, but being a selfish cunt (only joking) he decided he had cramp and so we made our way through to the bedroom. Laying on my back he slipped his oiled arsehole over my cock end and began to fuck himself, riding my cock like a cowboy. I could feel myself nearing the moment of climax, but I needed to take control. So pushing him over, with out removing my cock from his arse, I grabbed both his legs and pushed them back so that his ankles were round his ears, then I began to really ride his cunt hard, making him moan with pleasure as my cock hammered in and out like a well oiled piston.
Hammering his arse with full strokes from cock end to ball deep it was not long before I eventually exploded, shooting jet after jet into his hole. A most delicious fuck.

He had not yet cum, so laying down on the bed, he squatted over my chest so that his cock was over my mouth. I meantime slipped two fingers deep into his hole and began to frig him while he wanked. A few seconds latter a low groan signaled his climax as he exploded, covering my face in hot globules of creamy spunk.

Very nice I though as I washed up after he had left. Nothing like dirty fucking your tradesman. And better still, next time he has to pay...he knows the rules...until I need more work done of course..