Friday, 20 August 2021


 We are into holiday season, always a quiet time as my married men take their families on holiday.  So I thought I would write a little something about my work and perhaps answer the constantly asked question, which is "how do I keep an erection and stay interested, after seeing two or three clients in a day. The answer is that each client is different and want different things. 

The majority of my clients for example, do not want full participatory sex, so there is no reason for me to ejaculate. The majority of clients simply want a nice intimate massage and a hand job or blow job at the end. The guys who do do want full sex, that is to move into the bedroom and perhaps get fucked, ( or whatever) usually come quite quickly, whereas I, I think because of doing this job for nearly 20 years, can often take a while to reach orgasm. 

Once a man has reached orgasm he usually loses interest. Nothing wrong with that, it is how it is for most men. I however, am a little different, in that I can keep going after coming. But then for me sex is a job and I think my mental attitude to the job has changed my sexual appetite and attitude. Also, like most guys, I like particular things done to me which will bring me to orgasm. Regular clients, who enjoy more than a massage finishing with a wank, have learned what makes me excited, what makes me orgasm, as I have learned what makes them horny. This is why I especially like regular clients because not only does the sex becomes more intimate (without the relationship) as we explore our personal likes and dislikes. Also, as you get to know a client, nerves and trust become less of an issue, which allows for easier conversations and greater honesty about what both client and sex worker like. I also, like most men, have appointments when for no obvious reason I cannot get hard. Sometimes when I feel the most horny this happens. Some clients are disappointed if I do not get hared or come on demand. They seem to forget that I am not a machine and like them, sometimes I fail to get hard for no particular reason. I also have clients who cannot get an erection and get upset. I explain that every cock has a life of its own, becoming erect at inappropriate moments yet staying limp when you really want to be hard and erect. We are none of us machines and the more you worry about your erection, the less likely it is going to happen. Just relax and enjoy. Sex is fun, not a competition.

Many of my clients want to explore their sexuality and try different experiences. Most of my clients are married men and I think happily married, but they tell me that sex at home has become routine, or none-existent, and of course they wanted to try sex with a man. Many however are terrified of becoming gay or they think they are now bi-sexual. I tell them that all sexual lust and desire is normal. In the classical world men, I remind them, had wives ,but also saw prostitutes and thought nothing of fucking their slave boys or whomever was available. No guilt, that came with monotheism. 

In conversation I have agreed with clients that good marriage/relationships are not built on good sex but on good friendship and on trust. I know some argue that the husband seeing me is cheating on his/her partner and she ( or he) cannot be trusted. I argue however that seeing me is little better than having a wank. I provide a service, I do not demand chocolates or flowers (although chocolates are always welcome, lol, ) or commitment, simply a fair price for my time. If a man (or woman) wants to explore sex he will do so regardless, often hooking up on some app or having an affair. Both of these options carry risks because they easily lead to relationships and relationships break up marriages. With me, you pay and you leave, you have fun, without the worry. 

Being a sex worker is often a little like being a councillor and sex instructor. With younger men for example, I often give advice on how to look for diseases and how to prepare for anal sex. So many do not think that you have to clean yourself with a douche if you are to enjoy anal sex without erm ,some brown, erm ,stuff, if you know what I mean. Its not hard to douche and a little preparation means clean and enjoyable sex. With anal, (and most men want to try it), having watched porn, men think its easy and immediately enjoyable. It is not. learning to relax your anal muscle is a technique which needs practice. One attempt at anal will not make you an expert because it will probably hurt until you accustom yourself to having something large inserted in your bottom. Some men with practice absolutely love anal sex, love having their prostate stroked and yes, it does give you a tremendous orgasm. Some however do not like being fucked and prefer being fingered or rimmed. I personally prefer the latter. sex is all about discovering your personal preferences.

Sex with a sex worker should be an opportunity to explore and discover your own body and of course the body of your partner. It should be an opportunity to try new things and perhaps push your boundaries safely and without judgement. The best sex for me is when the client explores and pleases my body as much as I do theirs. Alternatively, if the client does not want to touch me, (and that is fine,) he or she should simply lie bak and allow me to take them to sexual nirvana. My only ask, if this is the case, is that you are not silent. My pet hate is clients who never say a word and if he/she is lying face down on the massage table it is impossible to know if I am touching them correctly or if they are enjoying what I am doing. Seriously, if I have to keep asking if this is okay or is that okay, it is soul destroying. I know some clients are very nervous, but a little moan or a, "that is nice," helps your masseur know they are doing the job correctly.

So to end, I hope everyone is enjoying their break and if you are around I am available most days from 10 am until 8pm, but please telephone by 6pm if you are wanting an 8pm appointment. During lockdown I took the decision to restrict my availability for a couple of reasons. After 20 years in the business I decided that I no longer wanted to see new clients late at night. Many late night clients have been out drinking or on drugs and to be honest I do not need that hassle. I also think that I deserve to be able to rest in the evenings, put my feet up and enjoy a glass of wine and watch some television or see friends without worrying about appointments. I will still see regular clients later in the evening of course if they book by 6pm because I know they will turn up and be respectful. Also remember that even if you are on holiday abroad I am still available for wank chat, which is growing in popularity, much to my surprise. I think people reading the blog know that I love to be dirty and even if they are in London, Madrid or New York, they can give me a discreet call and for £10 (minimum charge) have a ten minute truly dirty wank. 

Telephone 07517 697569 to book an appointment or a telephone wank. Various options to pay by card ( for wank chat) or cash for massage appointments. I can also take card for massage, but please tell me in advance if you want to pay by card.

Stay horny and happy:


Sunday, 1 August 2021


 My favourite sexual act after being pissed on is being rimmed and rimming a nice clean arsehole. I was lucky enough to meet two excellent rimer's this past week and feel I must share the experience. The first was by a submissive slave who wanted to worship my arse and of course the puckered little hole. He began by being my naughty little dog who insisted on sniffing my arse through my white pants, pushing his nose deep into my arse crack, sniffing to make sure I was his master. It as not long, after I had given him a hard spanking, that he sneaked up behind while I was kneeling on the bed trying to read a dirty magazine and he pulling my pants down and stuffed his nose deep into my crack to sniff my exposed puckered arsehole. I naturally told him he was a very bad dog, but he was soon using his tongue in hard strokes to lick from my balls up and around my arsehole, really firm tongue strokes that had my cock stiff and dripping. I told hm that if he was going to lick my dirty arse he had better clean it properly, which he proceeded to do, pulling my cheeks apart and again with hard strokes of his tongue licked up and down over my arsehole, before pushing his tongue deep inside the puckered ring which had me moaning my appreciation. I had to stop him otherwise I would have squirted too soon. I told him again that he was very bad and had to have his arse spanked, which I did. He kept playing with his cock, so I pulled his balls and told him to stop playing with himself and lie on his back. I then straddled him and told him to stick his tongue deep inside my man cunt and I would reward him with his masters cream, shot straight into his mouth. Some guys just stick their tongue in your arse and kind of fuck your anus with their tongues, which is nice, but this guy stuck his tongue in and did a kind of circular motion while inside. The sensations that this tongue action caused was unbelievable  and it was not long before I shot my load deep into his mouth. As a reward for his tongue action, I kindly allowed him to wank himself over my arsehole and then, being a good dog, he naturally cleaned the mess he had made jerking his spunk over my puckered-hole, by licking it clean. If you have never had a slave lick spunk off your arsehole, then you are missing one of life's sweetest experiences.

My next rimming experience last week was with a first timer who wanted to lick a mans arse. I was naturally happy to help. Kneeling on the bed, head down, legs spread and arse in the air, I allowed him a good look at my exposed arsehole. It was not long before he was down on his knees and using his tongue, gently licking the puckered-hole, at first tentatively, but soon becoming bolder until he was pulling my arse cheeks apart and had his head buried between my arse-cheeks, licking my puckered-cunt like an old professional. He went for the tongue fucking motion, slipping his tongue inside the ring and out again, flicking his tongue in and out like a serpent. The sensation was delicious, especially when he reached between my legs and pulled gently on my balls while he tongued my bum-hole. He then stopped playing with my balls and began to stroke my cock, nearly bringing me to orgasm,  The sensation of being wanked and rimmed at the same time was sensational. It was so good that so that I soon had to stop him. He had mentioned that he wanted to be fucked and I of course wanted to oblige. We therefore finished ten minutes later with him on his back, his feet around my ears and my cock sliding in and out of his virgin arsehole After a few hard deep strokes of my cock he shot his load over his belly and chest. He left a very happy chap, and no longer a virgin to either arse licking or having a cock inserted in his rectum. 

I pride myself on my rimming and as my clients will confirm, few massages end without my tongue being inserted in a nice clean and tight arse. 

I hope that this coming week is as busy as last week and that my clients are as adventurous. I love my job, performing rimming on my clients especially, but when my clients please me, it makes the appointment extra special and more memorable, I hope.