Saturday, 21 December 2013

Dirty Couples Have More Fun

I occasionally see couples. Couple appointments go only two ways. They are either great fun or they are a disaster. That at least has been my experience.

I was called by a guy who was staying at a local hotel with his wife. He sounded nervous on the phone while he explained that his wife had a fantasy of watching him being arse fucked while she watched. I told him that her fantasy would be no problem and that it was a quite common fantasy and a request that I had serviced several times. He explained that his wife probably would only watch and not join in. I assured him that that was fine and at the end of our conversation he sounded much more relaxed. Guys do like straight forward dirty talk I find.

A few hours later I arrived at the hotel at the agreed time and had a glass of wine and five minutes chat.  They were a lovely couple in their mid forties. She was slim and a professional. Nicely dressed and spoken with very pert breasts which strained against a crisp white shirt. He was dressed in jeans and shirt and was slim with a goatee beard, just touched with a sprinkle of white, which made him look quite distinguished. After chatting for a while we agreed that she would leave the room for a few minutes to allow us two chaps to get started. She would then would return and pretend that she had found her husband with another guy and would insist on watching him being arse fucked as a punishment.

After she left the room I undressed, leaving on only my little white pants. I then watched as he undressed completely. I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my legs apart and I noticed that his cock was already half mast as I nodded for him to kneel between my legs. He pulled my pants to one side to reveal my now  rock hard cock and my balls, which freed, now dangled nicely out of the side of my pants. He then began to gingerly stroke my cock, but at my demand he soon took it in his mouth. It was a delicious feeling as his lips nervously slid over my knob end. He began to suck on my now wet knob, his saliva mixing with my pre cum. It was a delicious feeling and I pushed gently on the back of his head and watched as my cock slid deep into his mouth. He gagged a little as my knob end hit the back of his throat but he was by now really horny and without any encouragement began to slide his mouth up and down the length of my shaft giving me a good face fucking.

I  was enjoying being sucked but I knew what I was there for which was to fuck his arse while his wife watched and I knew that she would be back very soon. Pulling my cock out of his mouth I indicated that he get on the bed on all fours where I pushed his head down making his arse raise in the air. He had nice arse cheeks, firm, almost a bubble butt and as he pushed his arse up his cheeks opened and I had a good view of his round puckered man cunt, nice and round, slightly darker than his skin, and puckered nicely, the sort that demands an enquiring tongue. Spreading his arse cheeks wide and quite roughly with my hands I fell onto my knees behind him and began to lick vigorously around his arsehole before licking from his balls, which I was squeezing gently, up to his arsehole and then down again. I repeated this several times which he obviously enjoyed by the way he pushed his arse onto my face while he moaned with pleasure.

While I was licking his cunt I heard the hotel room door open and I glanced around to see his wife smiling as she pulled a chair close to that she could watch as I licked her husbands arse and pulled on his balls. I licked around his arse and balls while she asked him if he was enjoying himself. I heard him mumble something like "Yes, shit, yes, shit , it's fantastic." I glanced around again and noticed that she was now sitting back on the chair, her legs spread and to my surprise she had pulled her panties to one side so that I could watch her rubbing his cunt lips.

On with my job I thought as I climbed on to the bed, and standing over her kneeling husband positioned my cock so that I could rub it against his arsehole. I was standing with my legs spread of course which gave her a good view of my balls dangling, my arsehole of course and my cock as it slowly slid into her husbands virgin arsehole. He was tight and it took me several attempts to get inside him. He let out a cry of pain and pulled away as my knob end eventually slipped into his arse. I had to grab his hips and hold him firmly as I pushed on, slipping my full length into this tight man cunt. Once inside I stopped for a short time to give him time to become accustomed to having a cock inside him, and then I began to fuck him properly, pulling my cock nearly out before slipping into him fully. He was I have to say a nice tight fuck, just what I like.

My knees however soon began to hurt. Riding a tight arse in that position is great to watch but hard on the muscles. After a good hard ride I therefore pulled out and standing up and turned around so that my cock was virtually level with the face of his wife who now was rubbing her cunt vigorously and moaning. Dirty bitch I thought, but then again she was having a private porno shoot performed right before her eyes. To my surprise however however she reached out with her free hand and grabbed my cock and began to wank me. Her husband meantime had turned himself around and was not positioned between my legs so that he could access my arse, which to my surprise he began to lick, sliding his tongue between my arse cheeks and over my arsehole while his wife wanked me with one hand while she rubbing her cunt with her other What a fab appointment I thought.

The appointment then became even better because his wife, who was not supposed to be joining in, climbed onto the bed and indicated for her husband to get his head between her legs. She was still dressed, but had pulled her skirt up to her waist. She was wearing little lacy knickers which she had pulled to one side to reveal a little, neatly trimmed, pussy. His arse was of course back in the air and so in slipped my cock once more. While I fucked his tight little arse he licked his wife's cunt out as she lay, her legs spread, moaning with pleasure as his tongue slipped between her red cunt lips. He must have been good with his tongue, or the whole dirty scenario must have been a real turn on, because it was not long before she orgasmed with a loud moan and pushed his head hard against her cunt while she rolled from side to side. I all the time was still fucking her husbands arse. Sensing I was nearing orgasm however I pulled out and as he lifted his cunt juice soaked face up from her cunt I knelt over him and sprayed his face with my spunk. I shot a heavy ball load that sprayed over his face and dribbled down over and off his chin. Quite a sight.

This I thought is how an appointment should be. Christmas is looking good I thought as I left with a ten pound tip. Very nice evening I thought.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope to have lots of dirty sexy adventures in 2014 XXX


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

BIG BALLS...And I'm Back And Dirtier Than Ever

Hi everyone. It seems ages since I last posted anything but the last couple of months have, in one way or another, been very busy. I have fully recovered from my illness thankfully, (nothing sexual I hasten to add) and have had a mountain of personal and work stuff to catch up with. The erotic massage is now fully back in business and once again I am hoping to visit my favourite destination Edinburgh, in the New Year.

Of course when I was ill I could think of nothing but cock and since starting back to work I have enjoyed one long, cock sucking, arse fucking, pissing, festival. I know of course that my readers like to know the gory, lust filled details of my adventures, so I will begin by relating one recent encounter with a very nice chap who visited me for an hours massage appointment. I had seen him before, when he had been quite shy, but this time he was rampant and ready for action.

He is a muscular guy in his late thirties, fit with a nice hairy chest, and a very thick and long circumcised cock, but best of all he has huge bollocks, the sort that swung as he walked. I noticed with glee that he was already semi hard as he dried himself after his shower and as I watched him walk over to the massage table, balls swinging, especially so as he hoisted himself on to the table, I knew this was going to be a fun appointment.

I began the massage as usual by rubbing the hot oil over his back, but to be honest I was so fucking horny after watching his balls swinging inches from my face as he had climbed onto the table that I soon had my fingers down the crack of his arse where I began to rub and probe his puckered man cunt. Teasing his tight arsehole with my fingers soon had him moaning like a little bitch on heat. Knowing, being a fuck expert, that he was horny as fuck and ready I slipped a finger into his arsehole, just a little, and then as he lifted his arse just slightly, I slipped my hand around his heavy balls and began to pull on them gently. His balls felt soft and big and round in my hand as I caressed them in their soft sack, pulling on them gently but firmly. I love the feel of big balls and of course I could not help myself. My regulars all know that I like nothing better than to get my tongue rammed up a tight arsehole and so I soon had my face between the tight butt cheeks of this guys arse and began licking his puckered hole like a slut possessed.

As I slurped away at his tight man cunt I was all the time pulling on those low hanging bollocks which had him moaning with pleasure and pushing his arse hard against my face. I was in heaven, as was he, which became more obvious when he slipped half off the table, leaving one leg raised, so that I could have full access to his arsehole and balls. I fell onto my knees where I had a really good view of his hanging bollocks and of his puckered arsehole wet with my saliva. I then began to lick and bite his arse hole and to suck on his balls while I wanked his big horse cock. I felt like a real fucking dirty whore...I love dirty sex.

Eventually he pulled away and standing before me pushed me back slightly. I was still on my knees, and he held his still hard cock a couple of inches from my mouth, and then, smiling wickedly, he released a jet of hot piss that sprayed over my face and showered over my chest and cock and balls. There is nothing like a hot piss shower. I love being pissed on, the feeling of submission and the hot piss pouring over me had me mad with passion. When he had finished pissing I leaned forward and took his salty, moist cock in my mouth and began to deep throat him, all the time caressing his big balls, pulling on them gently. I could feel his knob end rubbing the back of my throat, making me gag, but I did not care, his cock tasted delicious.

Reluctantly he pulled his cock from my mouth and indicated that I stood. He then bent me over the massage table and putting his hand between my legs forced my legs apart so that he had access to my arsehole. On his knees he then pulled my arse cheeks apart and applied his hot tongue to my arsehole and began to lube me up with his tongue. The delicious sensations of his strong tongue licking around my butt hole had me squirming and moaning as I wanked my cock. When he thought I was wet enough he began to frig me, first with one finger, and then with two. He had me now, he could have done whatever he had wanted with me. I love being tongued and fingered. He frigged my arse for for a long time, spitting on my arsehole and on his fingers to make sure I was moist so that his fingers could slide easily in and out of my tight man cunt.

All the time, while he was pleasuring me, I was moaning and wanking myself. After a while he stood up and I immediately fell back onto my knees and again took his huge cock into my mouth. As he began to face fuck me I slipped my hand behind his balls and inserted first one finger and then two fingers into his tight arsehole and began to frig him as he fucked my mouth. It did not take long before he climaxed, filling my my mouth with hot spunk that dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin onto my chest. As he emptied his balls into my mouth I could feel his thick cock jerking in my mouth and I could not help but think that I am so lucky to be doing a job that gives, pleasure, that is pleasurable, and for which I get paid. And this guy gave me a nice tip as a thank you. Super nice I thought.

As he left I squeezed his bulge and was delighted to feel that he was still semi hard. I had done my job well. Can't wait for his next visit and what he may want to do then.

I'm rock hard after writing this. I have so many wonderful experiences to reveal in my next book of memoirs. Remember guys that “My Dirty Memoirs” by Christopher Harlot, is still available on Amazon Kindle. An excellent Christmas gift to yourselves. I am also available most days for appointments up to Christmas, CUM soon.