Sunday, 19 June 2022

A Twink with the perfect fuck hole.

 I see many different types of people and I have no real favourites. Yes I do have clients that I get on with more than others and who I am more adventurous with etc, simply because sexually we get on. If pushed I like my daddy guys, from 30/50 age group who like a little discreet sexual adventure. I am not a size queen but I do have a thing for big balls and yes I love being pissed on, my kink and I do not apologise for it. I do however see guys of all ages and all cock sizes and all kinds of sexual fantasies and likes and dislikes. I do however meet lots of guys who have fantasies about twinks, that is young ( legal age) guys. Twink are not my personal thing however, although I have seen many young virgins who have left happy having had their first arse fuck. I did however meet a young guy the other week who had physically what I would describe as a swimmers body. He knew what he wanted and was inexperienced sexually but probably not a virgin since he had a shaved arsehole and cock. These days however who knows since most guys shave their cock and balls and often their anus regardless of sexual interests, such is the positive effect or easy access to porn where everyone is shaven. 

This young man had the perfect arsehole for rimming and fingering, which the fact he was closely shaved only emphasised. Your tongue just slipped over his arsehole and balls and you tasted every morsel of his puckered hole. He certainly enjoyed my tongue and fingers as he lay on the massage table and since within minutes his arse was up in the air I suggested that we move into the bedroom, but not before i enjoyed tonguing his shaved puckered arsehole while stroking his balls and cock. With his tight arse posed so lecherously in the air he was allowing me total access and his moaning told me that he was enjoying being debauched by my randy tongue while his exposed knob was dribbling copious amounts of pre cum which tasted delicious as I slipped his knob into my mouth as he dropped off the massage table. 

I eventually dragged us both through to the bedroom and I lay on the bed expecting him to perhaps suck my cock but instead he climbed on top and began to face fuck me with his sizeable cock, pushing his shaft deep into my mouth so that his balls rubbed against my beard which gave a sensation he obviously enjoyed. He suddenly withdrew however and pushing himself back grabbed my rock hard cock and putting my knob end against his arsehole slowly slid onto my cock so that he was impaled. We both moaned, enjoying the sensation, him of my cock stretching his arse and me of his arse muscles squeezing my hard cock. He began to slide himself up and down my shaft, and soon I was thrusting my hips, showing my cock deep into his arsehole. I like fucking, but it is not my favourite sexual activity, I much prefer rimming an arsehole and fingering, but on this occasion his arsehole muscles worked wonders on my shaft and before long I could not contain myself and rolling him over onto his back I pushed his legs back behind his ears so that his anus was gaping and slipping my cock back inside I fucked him hard until I came, shooting my spunk deep into this arse. I stopped fucking having cum, enjoying the sensations of my cock being squeezed as he wanked himself off, his spunk spraying over his face. Pure fuck bliss He left happy and I was happy and I wonder if he will visit again, who knows, the encounter was definitely one for the memoirs and I wonder jut how corruptible he could be persuaded to be, perhaps teaching him to rim, to piss in my mouth..... but enough of my perverted thoughts.

I hope you have enjoyed this memory. Everything that I write is a true reflection of encounters , obviously altered so that no one is recognisable, although I am sure my clients recognise themselves and often ask for me to write about their visit no doubt for personal wank material. They are welcome. Nothing beats a good wank although it is nicer when someone else does it, which is why I recommend a visit to the massage studio where I can entertain you to a warm oil wank, rimming and what ever else you fancy. Remember I also offer wank chat at £1 a minute, minimum payment £10 with any monies not used carried over to the next appointment.

Take care and hope you will visit soon.


Summer and the best rimming I have ever had.

 Summer has arrived and my clients are as horny as ever. I have no complaints of course, a horny client makes for a very exciting appointment.

I have seen this particular client a few times, a nice guy, who runs his own little company and yes he is a horny fucker LOL. He likes me to wear little white briefs and normally he likes to put his hand up the leg of my pants and play with my balls and stroke my arsehole while I massage him. On this occasion while he was in the shower I made-up the massage table and I had not realised that he had come out of the shower until I felt his hand slip between my legs. I was wearing his favourite little white briefs and was leaning over the table as he slipped his hand between my legs and cupped and squeezed my balls. Naturally I become exited immediately and opened my legs and moaned just a little as he slipped his fingers up and under my pants and pushed his fingers between my arse cheeks and began to finger my puckered arsehole. "You like that. don't you", he murmured as he withdrew his finger and popping them in my mouth told me to spit on them before he once again assaulted my bum hole, just running his finger around in a circle, and then between my legs and cupping my balls, before stroking my now rock hard cock. Pulling my pants down I stepped out of them and he indicated that I get onto the massage table and kneel, bending over so that my arsehole was directly in eye view. Pulling my cheeks apart I felt his tongue stroke my arsehole, gently at first, running around the rim of my hole, before more firmly pushing against my hole with his tongue which he then licked in firm strokes, running his tongue the whole of my arse slit, before stopping and running a circle around my arsehole rim. While he was doing this he stroked my hard cock and squeezed my balls. I was in heaven, seriously aroused and forcing my arse back onto his face every time his tongue licked harder against my puckered hole. I could feel my balls beginning to boil and knew that if he continued licking my arsehole while stroking my cock that I would come and it was far too soon.

Indicating that I wanted to get off the table I fell onto my knees and slipped his dripping cock end into my mouth and just sucked on the knob end before swallowing his thick shaft down my throat so that his knob tickled  the back of my throat, making my gag reflex react, not that I cared as he withdrew his cock, a thick rope of saliva dangling from his shaft as I caught it and gently massaged his balls as I again slipped his cock deep into my throat and encouraged him to face fuck me vigorously. He has a thick cock and although not very long, it certainly stretched my mouth and that familiar salty taste promised that soon I was going to have his salty spunk shot down my throat. Again however I was not ready and spun him around and bending him over the massage table I rammed my tongue up his tight bum hole and licked around and up and down his puckered arsehole, making him moan. Standing he asked me to rub my knob against his arsehole, which he loves. I obliged, rubbing my wet knob up and down and around his anus, walking myself off, pushing the knob against his tight hole. Suddenly he turned around and told me to get through to the bedroom. I lay on the bed and he straddled my face so that his arsehole was within easy each of my tongue. I rimmed his tight hole, pushing my tongue deep inside his hole and using my hands I pulled his arse cheeks apart to allow me even greater access. There is nothing more erotic than the view of a twitching arse hole dripping with my spit. All the time I was rimming him he was stroking his cock and before long I heard him moan that he was going to cum and suddenly he put his cock deep into my mouth as it began to jerk wildly as spasm after spasm of thick spunk spurted into my mouth. I had been stroking myself and as his spunk hit the back of my throat I also ejaculated shooting my cream over my belly. WOW, it was one of the most intense sessions I have had in a while and certainly said that summer was here.

It has been a strange few weeks apart form my rimming adventure, I have had a few days off for medical check ups, nothing to worry about, just usual stuff to do with an operation that I had years ago. Had every blood test know taken and I am as pure as driven virgin snow, ok, perhaps not virgin. The wank chat is still going strong although please be aware that I do not refund monies. I am not really in a position to do so and urge everyone to only make payments they can afford. Most people do pay in advance, and are happy to carry left over sex chat funds for the next appointment, however, I had one regular sex chat client who decided to pay in advance for a one to one appointment but having paid changed his mind and asked for a refund. I have someone who deals with my accounts, advertising etc etc and I have to ask him to make refunds etc, which is not easy. So please be aware that refunds are not usually made. That aside, the sex chat is very popular and I am amazed at the dirty minds of my clients, I thought that I was a pervert, but some clients ermmm LOL, not that I am complaining.

Well, I am available most days for either a one to one appointment or a sex chat. With all the bad news, the cost of living crisis etc, it is more important to have a little personal time and what better way to spend that personal time than having your arse rimmed, your cock sucked and yes, a really good massage from the horniest massage whore in town. Look forward to seeing you soon.

A little reminder:

I fuck, suck, rim, love being pissed on, and have a really dirty mind. I do not get fucked, but love being fingered and having a cock rubbed against my tight arsehole. I also love a spunky arse, seriously, feeling the hot spray of spunk hitting your anus is pure heaven. I am also a trained masseur.