Saturday, 20 August 2022


 Just a quick post regarding comments. It may surprise everyone that I have not bothered looking at comments until today and having got rid of all the rubbish spam I have only had two comments despite this site getting thousands of views. NOW, I know how popular this site is and I know that a lot of my regulars view it to keep up to date about what is gong on and to read the stories and to have a wank. Nothing wrong with a good wank. All the stories on here are true encounters with clients. I also have a book out (link below) which is still selling well and I am still working on a new erotic book which I hope to have finished for this Christmas. Fingers crossed. So if you like the blog please tell me and if you like any particular stories or have suggestions, please let me know, (all legal of course).

It would be nice to hear more from my readers, about which stories you like, what you think of the site and the blog and if you have booked an appointment either for a meeting or a phone wank chat, then a little review would be nice. I have various text reviews, but again I have not published any, because, I am glad to say, I have not felt the need to do so. All reviews will be anonymous or using a pseudonym of course and I am sure there are ways to be discreet regarding leaving comments on here. 

Thats all. Happy wanking.



 Not surprisingly I am an expert on arseholes, the male anus and occasionally the idiots who behave like one. Happily most of my clients are lovely however and do not fall into the latter. I am happy to say that I am infamous for my rimming technique and love nothing better than rimming a nice clean arse and of of course having my own arsehole rimmed. I am happy to say that my puckered hole has received much delectable abuse from many willing tongues.

August has been a particularly busy month with lots of regulars returning and a good selection of new clients who I hope will become regular. Sadly however I was sad to learn that a couple of my clients, whom I have entertained for many years, are in the process of moving for work although they promised to pop in for an appointment when they were back in Newcastle. It is always a little sad when clients I have come to know well over several years move or disappear because not only are they nice people but you become familiar over time with their sexual likes and dislikes and their fantasies. When you see a client for the first time it is a new experience for both them and for me and it is difficult to know what their likes are. Many people are shy about sex and discussing what they want sexually and it takes time for them to explore fully their fantasies. I have had clients who have been literally shaking with nerves on their first visit and unsure about being touched who several visits down the line have my pants down and their tongue up my arse as soon as they walk through the door. Not that I am complaining about that. The dirtier the better is my policy because shy boys get no cock. 

But back to discussing arseholes and the joy of rimming. I have discussed this topic before but a recent visit from a client has stuck in my mind because it was especially erotic and I was very submissive and both of us enjoyed the session enormously.

The client was the typical married guy with a nice average body, shaved head and a nice, slightly bigger than average cock with a good set of low hanging balls, which is one of my personal kinks. After the shower he jumped onto the massage table and I began as usual with spreading hot oil on his back and then rubbing it down over his buttocks and sliding my hand and then my fingers down the crease of his arse where I began to stroke and tease his arsehole. It was only seconds before his arse was in the air and I was able to stroke and handle his heavy balls, pulling on them gently with my left hand while stroking his puckered anus with my right. He has one of those arseholes that is round and puckered with a slightly raised rim forming a ring which defines the orifice inviting you to stroke and to literally get your lips around so that you can suck and tease it.  As I stroked his anus I saw his tight sphincter muscle contract and retract, almost speaking to me, inviting my tongue to play. Not being shy I was soon licking from his balls up to his arsehole, running my tongue around the puckered ring and then back down to his balls. His cock of course was now rigid and putting my hand between his legs, as he was now on his knees on the massage table, his arse in my face, I began to stroke  his rock hard member with warm oil, and what a view I enjoyed. I remember vividly him kneeling on the massage couch, his muscular arse-cheeks spread, his puckered arsehole covered in my spittle and his heavy balls swinging low as I stroked his hard cock which dribbled pre-cum in a long sticky stream. Fuck, it was one horny vision. I had been licking his arsehole and stroking his cock for abut five minutes when I heard him moan for me to stop as he was going to shoot his spunk and it was too soon. Reluctantly I stopped stroking his cock and eating his arse and taking a breath I suggested we move through to the bedroom, although as he dropped off the massage table I could not resist falling to my knees and devouring his thick cock, taking it deep into my throat. I can still taste the delicious sticky pre-cum, thick and glutinous on my tongue, as he told me to "suck his dirty cock, to fucking swallow his fucking cock", I sucked with pleasure as he spoke dirty. Dirty talk always turns me on and I wish some of my clients were more vocal in telling me what they wanted in no uncertain terms.

Once in the bedroom he fell onto his back on the bed and I indicated that he bring his arse near the edge of the bed and that he spread his legs, his feet on the bed, but knees up, so that I had full access to his arsehole, balls and cock. One my knees I began to slurp my wet tongue around his heavy balls which hung, almost covering his hole. Sucking both his balls into my mouth I pulled on them gently, stretching his ball sack while I stroked his fat cock with my right hand. I heard him moan as I carried on sucking those heavy balls and pulling his loose ball sack gently while I wanked him. I was forced eventually to release his balls from my mouth so that I could breathe. As his his balls slipped from my mouth wet and sticky with saliva I saw his face red with lust and excitement and he whispered that he had to come and he panted the immoral demand, "stick your fucking tongue up my arse" which of course I did without hesitation, slipping my tongue into his puckered little hole while stroking his cock, I wanted however to suck his cock again hoping to feel his spunk explode in my mouth, one of my favourite sensations, so I slipped his cock into my mouth, swallowing his length down the back of my throat  but all I heard was his demand for me to tongue his arsehole, so, always happy to oblige I returned to sucking and licking and tongue fucking his tight bum hole while he wanked his own cock, moaning obscenely that I stick my tongue further up his shithole, further up you dirty fuck, and then suddenly a loud moan escaped his lips and he shouted "lick my arsehole, lick it," which I did continuously, hard, feeling his puckered ring spasm around my tongue as he unloaded two heavy balls full of hot sticky spunk, which shot over his belly and chest. As I felt him relax I could not help but slip his spunky knob into my mouth for a good clean. His spunk tasted hot, salty and delicious. Another very happy client I thought. 

Sadly I had been so busy pleasing him that I was left feeling horny and desperate for a wank. I resisted temptation however because i knew that I had another client that evening who enjoyed being fucked, so I thought I would save my load for his arse. 

This is a funny job. Some client's enjoy pleasing me as much as receiving pleasure. I am however very pleased to concentrate just on them if that is what they require or just how the appointment goes. lots of clients are happy with a massage and a hand or blow job at the end, other's want to experiment and try different things. Most know my fetish for being pissed on for example and I smile now when they arrive saying that they have drank three bottles of water to prepare because they know that a good piss shower just gets me in the mood. I promise that my next post will be about one of my hot piss encounters with a regular client.

Remember chaps that I also do quickies for £30 which have become popular again after months of no takers, I have had several quick blow job encounters for £30 which is me wanking or sucking you off, no massage or me getting naked. My wank line is also a huge success with regular clients who phone for a hot wank chat. £10 minimum booking with lots of ways to pay.

Call me on 07517 697569 for a personal appointment. £30, quickie. £60 for half an hour, £80 for 45 mins and £100 for the hour with other rates/times available which you will find on my massage site.

Happy wanking and I hope to hear from you soon,


Sunday, 19 June 2022

A Twink with the perfect fuck hole.

 I see many different types of people and I have no real favourites. Yes I do have clients that I get on with more than others and who I am more adventurous with etc, simply because sexually we get on. If pushed I like my daddy guys, from 30/50 age group who like a little discreet sexual adventure. I am not a size queen but I do have a thing for big balls and yes I love being pissed on, my kink and I do not apologise for it. I do however see guys of all ages and all cock sizes and all kinds of sexual fantasies and likes and dislikes. I do however meet lots of guys who have fantasies about twinks, that is young ( legal age) guys. Twink are not my personal thing however, although I have seen many young virgins who have left happy having had their first arse fuck. I did however meet a young guy the other week who had physically what I would describe as a swimmers body. He knew what he wanted and was inexperienced sexually but probably not a virgin since he had a shaved arsehole and cock. These days however who knows since most guys shave their cock and balls and often their anus regardless of sexual interests, such is the positive effect or easy access to porn where everyone is shaven. 

This young man had the perfect arsehole for rimming and fingering, which the fact he was closely shaved only emphasised. Your tongue just slipped over his arsehole and balls and you tasted every morsel of his puckered hole. He certainly enjoyed my tongue and fingers as he lay on the massage table and since within minutes his arse was up in the air I suggested that we move into the bedroom, but not before i enjoyed tonguing his shaved puckered arsehole while stroking his balls and cock. With his tight arse posed so lecherously in the air he was allowing me total access and his moaning told me that he was enjoying being debauched by my randy tongue while his exposed knob was dribbling copious amounts of pre cum which tasted delicious as I slipped his knob into my mouth as he dropped off the massage table. 

I eventually dragged us both through to the bedroom and I lay on the bed expecting him to perhaps suck my cock but instead he climbed on top and began to face fuck me with his sizeable cock, pushing his shaft deep into my mouth so that his balls rubbed against my beard which gave a sensation he obviously enjoyed. He suddenly withdrew however and pushing himself back grabbed my rock hard cock and putting my knob end against his arsehole slowly slid onto my cock so that he was impaled. We both moaned, enjoying the sensation, him of my cock stretching his arse and me of his arse muscles squeezing my hard cock. He began to slide himself up and down my shaft, and soon I was thrusting my hips, showing my cock deep into his arsehole. I like fucking, but it is not my favourite sexual activity, I much prefer rimming an arsehole and fingering, but on this occasion his arsehole muscles worked wonders on my shaft and before long I could not contain myself and rolling him over onto his back I pushed his legs back behind his ears so that his anus was gaping and slipping my cock back inside I fucked him hard until I came, shooting my spunk deep into this arse. I stopped fucking having cum, enjoying the sensations of my cock being squeezed as he wanked himself off, his spunk spraying over his face. Pure fuck bliss He left happy and I was happy and I wonder if he will visit again, who knows, the encounter was definitely one for the memoirs and I wonder jut how corruptible he could be persuaded to be, perhaps teaching him to rim, to piss in my mouth..... but enough of my perverted thoughts.

I hope you have enjoyed this memory. Everything that I write is a true reflection of encounters , obviously altered so that no one is recognisable, although I am sure my clients recognise themselves and often ask for me to write about their visit no doubt for personal wank material. They are welcome. Nothing beats a good wank although it is nicer when someone else does it, which is why I recommend a visit to the massage studio where I can entertain you to a warm oil wank, rimming and what ever else you fancy. Remember I also offer wank chat at £1 a minute, minimum payment £10 with any monies not used carried over to the next appointment.

Take care and hope you will visit soon.


Summer and the best rimming I have ever had.

 Summer has arrived and my clients are as horny as ever. I have no complaints of course, a horny client makes for a very exciting appointment.

I have seen this particular client a few times, a nice guy, who runs his own little company and yes he is a horny fucker LOL. He likes me to wear little white briefs and normally he likes to put his hand up the leg of my pants and play with my balls and stroke my arsehole while I massage him. On this occasion while he was in the shower I made-up the massage table and I had not realised that he had come out of the shower until I felt his hand slip between my legs. I was wearing his favourite little white briefs and was leaning over the table as he slipped his hand between my legs and cupped and squeezed my balls. Naturally I become exited immediately and opened my legs and moaned just a little as he slipped his fingers up and under my pants and pushed his fingers between my arse cheeks and began to finger my puckered arsehole. "You like that. don't you", he murmured as he withdrew his finger and popping them in my mouth told me to spit on them before he once again assaulted my bum hole, just running his finger around in a circle, and then between my legs and cupping my balls, before stroking my now rock hard cock. Pulling my pants down I stepped out of them and he indicated that I get onto the massage table and kneel, bending over so that my arsehole was directly in eye view. Pulling my cheeks apart I felt his tongue stroke my arsehole, gently at first, running around the rim of my hole, before more firmly pushing against my hole with his tongue which he then licked in firm strokes, running his tongue the whole of my arse slit, before stopping and running a circle around my arsehole rim. While he was doing this he stroked my hard cock and squeezed my balls. I was in heaven, seriously aroused and forcing my arse back onto his face every time his tongue licked harder against my puckered hole. I could feel my balls beginning to boil and knew that if he continued licking my arsehole while stroking my cock that I would come and it was far too soon.

Indicating that I wanted to get off the table I fell onto my knees and slipped his dripping cock end into my mouth and just sucked on the knob end before swallowing his thick shaft down my throat so that his knob tickled  the back of my throat, making my gag reflex react, not that I cared as he withdrew his cock, a thick rope of saliva dangling from his shaft as I caught it and gently massaged his balls as I again slipped his cock deep into my throat and encouraged him to face fuck me vigorously. He has a thick cock and although not very long, it certainly stretched my mouth and that familiar salty taste promised that soon I was going to have his salty spunk shot down my throat. Again however I was not ready and spun him around and bending him over the massage table I rammed my tongue up his tight bum hole and licked around and up and down his puckered arsehole, making him moan. Standing he asked me to rub my knob against his arsehole, which he loves. I obliged, rubbing my wet knob up and down and around his anus, walking myself off, pushing the knob against his tight hole. Suddenly he turned around and told me to get through to the bedroom. I lay on the bed and he straddled my face so that his arsehole was within easy each of my tongue. I rimmed his tight hole, pushing my tongue deep inside his hole and using my hands I pulled his arse cheeks apart to allow me even greater access. There is nothing more erotic than the view of a twitching arse hole dripping with my spit. All the time I was rimming him he was stroking his cock and before long I heard him moan that he was going to cum and suddenly he put his cock deep into my mouth as it began to jerk wildly as spasm after spasm of thick spunk spurted into my mouth. I had been stroking myself and as his spunk hit the back of my throat I also ejaculated shooting my cream over my belly. WOW, it was one of the most intense sessions I have had in a while and certainly said that summer was here.

It has been a strange few weeks apart form my rimming adventure, I have had a few days off for medical check ups, nothing to worry about, just usual stuff to do with an operation that I had years ago. Had every blood test know taken and I am as pure as driven virgin snow, ok, perhaps not virgin. The wank chat is still going strong although please be aware that I do not refund monies. I am not really in a position to do so and urge everyone to only make payments they can afford. Most people do pay in advance, and are happy to carry left over sex chat funds for the next appointment, however, I had one regular sex chat client who decided to pay in advance for a one to one appointment but having paid changed his mind and asked for a refund. I have someone who deals with my accounts, advertising etc etc and I have to ask him to make refunds etc, which is not easy. So please be aware that refunds are not usually made. That aside, the sex chat is very popular and I am amazed at the dirty minds of my clients, I thought that I was a pervert, but some clients ermmm LOL, not that I am complaining.

Well, I am available most days for either a one to one appointment or a sex chat. With all the bad news, the cost of living crisis etc, it is more important to have a little personal time and what better way to spend that personal time than having your arse rimmed, your cock sucked and yes, a really good massage from the horniest massage whore in town. Look forward to seeing you soon.

A little reminder:

I fuck, suck, rim, love being pissed on, and have a really dirty mind. I do not get fucked, but love being fingered and having a cock rubbed against my tight arsehole. I also love a spunky arse, seriously, feeling the hot spray of spunk hitting your anus is pure heaven. I am also a trained masseur. 

Thursday, 28 April 2022


 Spring seems to have arrived and at last things are getting back to normal. I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter break and naturally I am ready to service the need of my randy clients. I have made a few changes in the massage suite and have a new bed, so all ready for some fun. I have been asked if my prices are staying the same considering the massive rise in the cost of living, especially energy bills. Like any business I have rising costs for gas and electricity and even massage oil has jumped in price, plus a mortgage to pay. I have considered this and have decided for the moment to keep prices the same, but tips are of course welcome. I will see how things go and perhaps revisit prices in the summer, but I will do my best to keep prices the same.

Naturally I have had more than a few adventure of the erotic kind including an interesting encounter with a younger regular guy. Things started as normal on the massage table with a warm oil massaged into his back and naturally my fingers soon found their way in between his arse cheeks. Stroking his little puckered arsehole it was not long before his arse was in the air and my hand had slipped casually between his legs to cup is shaved balls and stroke his hard cock. Any notion of a massage was of course soon forgotten as I next pressed my face between his spread arse cheeks and my wet, hot tongue stroked his puckered anus. Inserting my tongue into his puckered ring made him moan with pleasure. Nothing I find beats a deep tongue fucking of a tight hole and it is after all my speciality, well, that and being pissed on, my personal favourite kink. 

Before long we slipped through to the bedroom and laying on his back I pushed my clients legs back and spreading his legs exposing his cock, balls and anus. Without hesitation I was soon on my knees and licking his tight hole, sucking on his balls and of course slipping his cock down the back of my throat.  Copious amounts of pre-cum told me he was near exploding his load so we decided to change positions and assumed a 69 with me on top so that he could lick my balls and suck my cock. I enjoyed ramming my cock down his throat and giving him a good face fuck which I thoroughly enjoyed while again licking his balls and sucking his cock down my throat. All good fun, but it was time I thought to give him a good fucking, so pushing his legs back again so that his anus was fully exposed I slipped my hard cock into his arsehole and rode him until I felt my balls churn with an explosion approaching and soon spunked my load deep inside his arse. Pulling out I cleaned up and asked  if he fancied being fucked with a toy while I sucked him off. By his smile I assumed he thought it a good idea.

So we stared with a small toy first, a little beginners dildo. I licked his balls and stroked his cock as I slipped the dildo in and out of his stretched arsehole. After a while I asked if he wanted something bigger and again a smile on his face suggested he did, so, inserting a full 10 inch cock shaped dildo, complete with balls, I slowly fucked him, watching the fat cock slipping in and out of his stretched arsehole, all the time licking and playing with his balls and sucking on his cock. Feeling my cock getting hard again I thought he needed to finish with a real cock inside him and so removing the dildo slowly from his puckered and stretched hole I slipped my cock once more into his arse and fucked him while stroking his cock with my hand that I had covered in lube. Sensing he was near coming once more I decided to finish not with my cock inside him as he squirted his ball load of spunk but rather with the big cock dildo once again inserted deep into his arse. In truth I fancied a mouthful of hot spunk. Nothing beats the sensation and taste of hot spunk squirting into your mouth. So, sucking on his cock and licking his balls while I slowly fucked him with the thick dildo I was soon rewarded for my efforts with a mouthful of creamy spunk squirted deep into my mouth and spilling over my chin ran down onto his balls. Interesting fact, but there is something so erotic watching a mans anus grip a cock inserted deep in his arse as he ejaculates. 

 Another very enjoyable encounter and a happy customer de-spunked was soon on his way back to work with a big smile on his face. 

I hope he enjoys this description of our encounter because I know that he is a big fan of the blog. He informed me he has had many a happy wank while reading the blog. Good, that is what it is for.

After a quick tidy and wash I then had to do a very dirty wank-chat with another phone chat regular. It is never a dull day.

So a reminder that I am available for appointments on a one to one for massage and fun or of course, or you can book an infamous wank-chat. I charge £1 a minute, with a minimum £10, with lots of different ways to pay. You can can carry unused minutes over, so, treat yourself to say £20 of chat time and divide it between a number of wank encounters. Remember that you can be as dirty as you like on a wank chat, in fact the dirtier the better. Call Chris on 07517 697569 

Looking forward to lots of happy encounters over the coming weeks. take care everyone and enjoy life, its very short and remember shy boys get no cock.

Thursday, 24 March 2022


 After an incredibly busy January and February, March has been weirdly quiet. A few new clients have kept things ticking over. I have had a few days off as well. I had a cold and being your typical man, it was of course man flu and I spent three days in bed a martyr to blocked sinuses, headaches and feeling totally miserable. Thankfully I seem back to normal and looking forward to entertaining my deliciously perverse clientele.

Aside from the appalling war in Ukraine and the shocking rise in fuel costs which will affect everyone including myself, I was shocked ( as were thousands of other sex workers) to notice that the government has sneaked a new amendment into the online security bill. The amendments would criminalise online hosts that advertise sex work with heavy fines and threats of imprisonment for owners/managers of such sites. They did this in America with disastrous results for sex workers who lost their independence to operate and control their own businesses. In America all sex work is criminalised ( with the exception of a few brothels in Nevada), and both being a sex worker and a client is illegal. Here in the UK a sex worker is legal provided they work alone and the client is perfectly legal provided they are not kerb crawling. I work from my own premises and work alone and so my clients are breaking no laws. Despite my legality however (and the legality of thousand of other sex workers) the government, if this bill is passed unamended, will potentially deny my right to advertise. I have no idea how this potentially may affect myself or others, it may possibly not, but just in case I urge anyone reading my blog to make a note of my number if they intend booking an appointment or booking a wank chat, just in case. You could also write to the home secretary or/and your MP if possible explaining that this amendment is dangerous and would deprive thousands of sex workers of their independence and ability to control their working environment and to vet their clients. I will give a link to an article explaining the amendments. I personally will be writing to both my MP and the home secretary, but this government seems to have a deaf ear even to its MPs and voters, so I do not expect even a response. The sad fact is that governments use the excuse that they are protecting sex workers from exploitation by pimps, but they in reality push sex workers into the hands of pimps and criminals who exploit both them and their clients. As an independent sex worker/masseur I work when I want, can vet my own clients and see whomever I please and charge whatever I want. Having control over your own business and your advertising is vital if sex workers are to remain safe and free from exploitation. 

On a lighter note I have had a few enquires from couples and from women. I do see women occasionally as well as couples. I do not promise to fuck women however, but if a woman is happy to enjoy a warm oil massage that is both relaxing and sensual and erotic I am more than happy to offer the service. With m/f couples I am happy to offer a helping hand and tongue or whatever. 

With previous couple appointments I usually concentrate on the woman for the massage, massaging the warm oil into her breasts and then slipping my hand between her legs to gently massage her slit, stroking gently dow to her anus and then over her cunt lips and as she gradually relaxes and become moist I begin to slip my finger inside her cunt, stroking deeper with every stroke as she opens up. If she has very sensitive nipples I play with them or use my tongue and teeth to tease and bite, usually all the time stroking her wet cunt, slipping my fingers inside and rubbing her clit. If the male partner is around he is usually stroking his cock by now and depending on his kink is either watching my fingers fuck her cunt or he watches me bite her engorged nipples. Sometimes I let him take charge of the nipples which leaves me free to concentrate on her cunt. By this stage she usually has her legs wide open allowing me to access her wet cunt fully. Although gay I do enjoy watching a most cunt being fingered or fucked. I like to bite and lick the clit while fingering her cunt, enjoying the wet, warm moist softness as I slip my fingers deep inside or just rubbing her cunt lips, squeezing and teasing them. Every woman, like every man, is different in what they like. Some women also like to have their arseholes fingered and so using the warm sticky cunt juice as lube to slide a finger in her arsehole while also fingering or licking her clit I pleasure her until she moans and I feel her cunt and/or arsehole muscles grip my fingers. By this stage both the man and woman are fully aroused and so moving through to the bed I get her to adopt a doggy position and then, after sucking his cock, which is usually dribbling copious pre-cum. I then like to  slide my head between her legs and guide his cock into her cunt. I love the watching a hard cock slide ball deep into a woman's cunt or arse. I then like to lick his cock and balls as he slides in and out of her cunt  or to just lick his balls if he is fucking her arse and when he comes it is amazing watching his balls swinging and then his cock jerking as it shoots spunk inside her pussy, or sometimes, if I am lucky, he pulls out and shoots it over her cunt, so that some dribbles into my mouth. On one occasion a client did this and the woman, her cunt covered in spunk, sat up and rubbed her cum covered cunt over my mouth and face until she orgasmed and, well, my face was covered in sticky sperm and cunt juice. perversely satisfying for everyone concerned. My other favourite is to get behind the man while he fucks his wife and to grab his balls and pull them gently or suck them. On one memorable occasion I rimmed a mans arsehole while he fucked his wife and then inserted my finger deep into his arsehole just as he shot his spunk deep into her cunt. As he withdraw he allowed me to suck his cock. Yummy taste of spunk and cunt juice. I have however done many things with different people. On one occasion I fucked a guy while he was fucking his wife and on another occasion I fingered her arsehole while she rode his cock. Basically, my job is to assist in whatever fantasy is required. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that I have given you some ideas. As I said, I am open to wank chat and taking dirty about whatever fantasy you have and of course I am happy to meet in person for a good massage and some fun thrown in. Please store my number just in case advertising becomes difficult. I will post the link as promised above. Take care and do not wank alone, phone a friend or better still book a dirty no holds barred appointment with your local dirty masseur. 

Click here to view the Safety Bill and the proposals curtesy of an article in the Independent.

Tel 07517 697569 for an appointment or wankchat  Please store this number if possible, just incase and then you can contact me for some fun whatever this government (or future governments) decides to do regarding advertising. I hope that sufficient pressure from sex workers and their clients mixed with common sense will prevail. Fingers and whatever else crossed.

Tuesday, 8 March 2022


 I often get asked to be a master, but finding a compatable slave is not easy. There has to be trust and honesty abut what each participant desires and wants for a slave master relationship to work well and it takes time to build that trust. I personally, over 20 years, have only had two good slave relationships. The first one was someone I used to see in London. He liked to be humiliated, which is what I specialise in when playing the slave master. We had some good times. He liked me to call him dirty names and to spank him when he was bad. He would spend hours kneeling on the floor while I ate food he had bought for me, my feet resting on his back. He was very kinky and liked me to stuff cooked sausages up his arsehole which I then made him eat, but only after he had begged for his food like a bad dog. Sometimes I rubbed food over my arsehole and he would enjoy licking it off. He was an excellent rimmer and could insert his tongue deep into my arse. Seriously, he could make me come just through rimming, He could actually bite my anus, which is a rare talent, very erotic but of course biting always was rewarded with a good spanking. I would sometimes make him piss his pants and then I would shove his pissy underpants in his mouth and make him take my cock in his arse. He was a good tight fuck. Sadly however, has moved abroad but he still occasionally gets in touch. Apparently he has now found another master in Europe. No doubt he is still enjoying his old fetishes and perhaps has learned new ones. Sex is all about exploring your darkest desires and experiencing new sensations.

Since working solely from my studio I have met several wannabe slaves but none have worked out apart from one whom I have now been entertaining over several years. He likes to be pissed on, not something I am very good at doing, preferring to receive the piss. (being pissed on or watching men piss is my personal kink). He also loves to eat chocolate bars and other sweets from my arsehole. Kinky? yes, but amazingly it is great fun. Having someone suck maltesers out of your arsehole is a treat to be savoured, hopefully by both parties of course. He also loves to be humiliated and called a dirty cunt while he licks my arse. I also call him a dirty dog when he gets down on all fours and sniffs my arse to make sure he recognises his master. 

A session usually begins with me stripping him naked and putting a dog collar around his neck.  I then stick a finger deep into his arse to make sure he is clean, making him sniff my fingers before telling him he is a dirty dog called cunt who need to recognise that I am his master whom he has to please. Pulling my white pants to one side, (he loves small white cotton briefs,) I demand that since he is a dirty dog he needs to behave like a dog and I ask him what to "do what dogs do, which is?" He replies that they sniff arses.  I then make him stick his nose up my arse crack and to tell me if he has the right master and does he like my dirty arsehole. He replies "yes master'" and I ask him if it smells dirty and he always replies, yes master, and he buries his whole face between the crack of my arse.I then tell him to taste his masters arsehole, like a good doggy should, just to make sure that he has the right master and I feel his tongue lick my tight puckered hole. 

When I am satisfied that he is properly excited and that his cock is hard I tell him to lie on his back and I squat over him so that he has a good view of my anus and balls. Sitting on his face I allow him to lick my arsehole, sticking his tongue into the tight hole and then to lick around my balls. When he has fully aroused me and my knob end is wet with pre-cum I ram my cock down his throat, all the time telling him that he is a dirty cunt who loves licking dirt shit holes and sniffing mens dirty arses. I hold his nose to restrict his breathing, something he enjoys when his throat is filled with my cock. He is usually wanking himself without my permission since he exists only to pleasure me, his master. I reprimand him by pulling his legs up and apart and I slap his balls and cock and his arsehole which makes him squirm.

After his reprimand he apologises and begs for food (which he has brought with him,) kit-kats, fingers of fudge, maltesers. I slip the chocolate he has provided into my anus allowing just a little to stick out, which he then pulls on with his teeth. As the chocolate slips out of my tight arsehole he cleans up by licking and sucking the chocolate out of my anus. All the time I abused him verbally for being a dirty dog, a dirty cunt. When he is finished, his mouth and chin covered in chocolate I demand he fetch a mirror which I use to check that he has cleaned my arsehole. If he leaves a mess, which he always does, I put him across my knee and I spank him hard on his bare arse, telling him to say thank you master after each hard slap. I tell him repeatedly that he he is a dirty cunt and he always says yes, sir, I am a very dirty cunt who wants to suck his masters cock. 

When I am satisfied his arse cheeks are red enough. I tell him to drop to his knees and he begins to suck my cock, taking it right down the back of his throat. If he has sucked my cock well I reward him by then fucking his arse, either while standing up with his legs tied together which makes for a really tight fuck, or I bending him over and fuck him doggy or sometimes I lay him on his back and spreading his legs I make him rub his finger around his shaved anus while my cock fucks in and out of his arsehole. If he moans too much with pleasure I stretch his arsehole by fingering him while fucking hm. While I fuck him he has to tell me how dirty a dog he is and how much he loves to lick mens arseholes, the dirtier the better.

On other occasions I shove a dildo up his arse and sit on his face and pushing a stick of chocolate up my anus I proceed to allow it to slip out slowly into his mouth while he fucks himself with the dildo. When I feel I am near coming I squirt my spunk over his face, then, if I am in the mood, I piss on his face and wash the spunk off with my hot piss. This is his ultimate turn on and he usually now wanks himself off, squirting his spunk over his chest. The session ends with both of us satisfied.

He is a good slave but he visits irregularly which of course is on purpose, meaning that he deserves a good spanking. All part of the game. If reading this he need to get his arse around here for a good hard caning.

So, I hope my other regulars are not too shocked by my role as a master, it is a kink you either enjoy or you don't, A good slave master relationship is rare but if that is your kink, then some dirty fun can be had.

I must make it clear however that I am not into the leather of rubber fetish stuff, but I do verbal abuse, spanking, caning and breath control. I use verbal abuse often in wank chat or when playing a scenario, usually by being the boss and reprimanding an employee, which is a favourite fantasy or a school master/student scenario which is another favourite.

I am also going to start offering dirty underwear if anyone is interested. Spunk stained, ready to sniff and wanked over, piss stained etc, all by by special request. If interested email or call for details. Depending what you want, prices start at £20 a pair. Great fetish kink. 

Remember my dirty wank chat service is very popular and available from 10 am until 10 pm. call for details, many easy ways to pay and prices starting from £10

Call 07517 697569 or email