Saturday, 30 August 2014


My new domination site is ready. You can view it  HERE It is simple and easy to navigate and an ideal launching spot for my new anthology of erotic short stories which will be published soon and available to download onto your kindle.

If you cant wait to read the book, you can of course ring and speak to me in person on my new wank line. Be as dirty as you want. The wank line No is 07053 580510

Obviously the new service is for those guys looking for role play and perhaps a little spanking, caning fun. My regulars clients will know that this will include, if required, all the dirty sex you can think of.

Domination is of course not a new venture for me. I have clients who have enjoyed exploring their submissive side over many years. Which reminds me of one particular incident, from a few years ago:

I was called to a guys house with his instructions that he wanted to be verbally humiliated, his pants taken down, put across my knee and spanked.

He is a guy in his late thirties, reasonably toned. When I arrived he was dressed in jeans and a t shirt. My instructions was that I was to play the role of his boss who had discovered that he had been rude to a valued customer.

I fell straight into the role. I told him that he was a "fucking disgrace" and "an embarrassment, who deserved to have his bare arse tanned."
" He begged forgiveness, stating that he would never do anything like this again."
I of course was having none of it.

Taking a seat on a suitable chair, I told him to stand in front of me and unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down. He did as he was instructed, turning red, as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down a little.
I pulled him toward me and roughly pulled his jeans down to his ankles before telling him to remove them completely. This left him standing in his little cotton briefs and t shirt.
I noticed that he already had a good bulge showing in his briefs. He was already semi erect, and getting harder I was pleased to note, even though I had not yet touched his cock.

I pulled him across my knee and pulled his pants down over his arse cheeks, revealing his bubble butt. I stroked his arse cheeks roughly, squeezing them, my hand slipping between his legs, so that I could feel his firm balls through the thin cotton of his pants. I couldn't resist squeezing  his cock, which I was pleased to note was now  rock hard.

Suddenly I brought my hand down hard on his buttocks. It was a hard slap, that left a red mark on his soft arse cheeks. He moaned and wriggled on my knee. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my leg, as I continued to tan his arse cheeks with my bare hand.

All the time I was spanking him, I was telling him what a fucking disgrace he was, and that he was a dirty bastard, getting so hard and turned on by my spanking him.
"He should be sorry for his mistake, not humping my fucking leg, while I spanked his arse cheeks." I reprimanded him.

After twelve of the best with my hand across his bare arse I allowed him to stand. He was red in the face, but his cock betrayed how truly excited he was. It stood out a good seven inches, forming a tent in his little pants which still, almost, covered his erection. I noticed the cotton was wet with pre cum.

I slapped his bare arse again, as he stood, trying to avoid my slaps. I had hold of him by his pants however which I now pulled off completely.

His cock was thick I noted and a stream of pre cum oozed out of his piss hole. I took his thick cock in my hand and squeezed it hard, while with my other hand, forced between his legs from the back, I grabbed his balls, squeezing them gently while stroking his cock.
"What the fuck is this," Noting how his cock jerked in my hand, his knob end becoming more moist with every stroke.
"I'm sorry sir," he whimpered.
"You dirty cunt," I yelled at him. "Look, you have got me fucking hard now," I chastised him, as I released him and standing I pulled out my own rock hard cock.
"What you going to fucking do about this then," I demanded.
"I don't know sir," He whimpered.
"On your fucking knees."I demanded as I removed my own trousers and briefs, so that I now wore only my socks, shirt, tie, and suit jacket.
He obeyed and I stood over him, stroking my cock.
"Take it in your fucking mouth, you dirty fucking cunt."
He opened his mouth and I shoved my cock in, forcing it deep down his throat. He began to suck me, using his tongue to lick up and down the shaft, before licking around my balls.
All the time he was sucking my cock I continued to verbally abuse him.

"Show me your arse cheeks." I demanded. He swung around on his keens and putting his head near the ground he presented his arse to my view, pulling his cheeks apart, allowing me a view of his arsehole. It was shaved, the hole itself a puckered circle that just demanded to be fucked.

I once more to slapped his arse cheeks as he squirmed on the floor beneath me. Again and again I slapped him with my hand until his arse cheeks were red. It was his puckered arsehole however kept capturing my attention.

To cut a long story very short, it was not long before I was shoving my thick cock into his tight little arse ring. It was a pure joy to watch my knob end disappear, almost sucked, into that welcoming hole. I remember he was fucking tight. A virgin arse he assured me.
Despite his virginity, he took my cock deep inside his man cunt. I fucked him with long hard strokes, pulling nearly out, before plunging back ball deep once more. I was fucking him like a stallion, and to be honest, although its a great fuck position, especially if your doing a show fuck, it also kills the legs.
I was near shooting my ball load anyway, so pulling out of his arse I told him to get on his knees and to open his mouth. Standing over him once more I told him to lick my balls while I wanked myself off, His tongue was warm and wet around my balls, which he tried to suck individually and together, into his mouth. It was not long before I was ejaculating my ball cream, his tongue slithering over my knob end so that every last drop of spunk was caught and swallowed

Now, how, I thought, was I going to bring this dirty bastard off. Then it occurred to me.
"Lie down, you fucking dirty cunt." I demanded.
He lay down on the floor and I squatted over his face, presenting my arsehole to his tongue. He began to lick my arshole. pushing his greedy tongue deep into my arse ring while he wanked himself off. It was not long before he let out a long muffled groan and ejaculated jet after jet of hot spunk over his T shirt. I remember that a warm spray hit my dangling balls.

That was a few years ago. I've seen this chap several times since then. He is one of my dirtiest clients and I am sure he will recognise himself in this retelling of a very horny encounter. He is probably, like me having a wank over the memory.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


August, being a quiet month, has allowed me to think a little about the services I offer and how I could improve them. The massage business has been very popular. Fans of this blog, of my book, and my many clients, will confirm that I've had some really, really, great sex. Most clients return again and again, so I must be doing something right, or I am just a really dirty bastard. I think probably the latter.

I have always offered domination to clients who have requested that service. This usually consists of verbal abuse, spanking, and for the real enthusiasts, caning. These are usually gentleman who enjoy playing out fantasies of being dominated, either by a headmaster figure, or, by their boss. Mostly they fantasise that they are naughty students or teachers, called to the headmasters office, where they are severely reprimanded, either with a spanking, a paddle on the buttocks, or a good hard caning. Pants are of course pulled down, arseholes are closely inspected, fingered and sometimes even fucked. I am very thorough. It all depends on the fantasy.
The other favourite fantasy is for me to play the boss who calls their employee to the office to be verbally abused, stripped, forced to perform sexually. As you can imagine, these fantasies can lead to some very dirty sex. Oral, rimming, pissing, both ways are popular, and I often end up fingering or fucking the reprimanded employee. I will let you use your imaginations as to the many variations such fantasies could produce.

I have been persuaded to offer this fantasy, domination service, to a wider audience. I am presently working with a web designer, who hopes to have the new simple, but easy to negotiate, website, up and running very soon. It is very Gothic. I cant wait until it is finished.
In the meantime, for those who can't wait, and who may want to book now, my prices will be :-

£50 for half an hour and £90 for an hour. Longer appointments are available. Call 07913 530636

Sexually I offer and am happy to receive/give, oral, cum in mouth, fingering, rimming, pissing.

I can fuck you, but I am top only.

Please note however that I do not do leather, or slings, and nothing to do with scat. So please don't ask.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Dirty Telephone Chat Is Proving Very Popular.

Just a quick update. My new dirty chat telephone service is proving very popular. I had already had several dirty men telling me the most disgusting and obscene things they would like to get up to with me. I don't think I have ever had so much fun.
My favourite so far involved a married gentleman who wanted to be humiliated by being tld to lick my arse clean. When he had cleaned my arsehole with his tongue I made him bend over and I piss fucked him to completion.

So if your feeling horny, give me a call on 07053 580510 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Another Dirty Teaser From My New Novel...Enjoy

Another dirty extract from my new erotic novel, out hopefully this Christmas. Erotic, dark, ideal present to keep you rigid over Christmas..

I lay on the bed, not sure what to do or what was expected.
He took my hand and placed it around his now hard, thick cock. I squeezed gently and felt his cock respond, seeming to grow harder still as I rubbed my hand up and down the shaft.
He indicated that I remove my pants. I did as he asked and awkwardly pulled them down to my knees as I sat on the bed. My own cock now sprang free, to the delight of his lordship who murmured.
Well my boy,” as he took my stiff cock in his hand and squeezed it. 
I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as he began to stroke my cock gently, but firmly. Not sure what to do I placed my hand once more around his cock and began to stroke him, copying what he was doing to me.
I noticed that I was much bigger than lord Jacob, by at least four inches, and that I was a little thicker as well. My cock size seemed to impress lord Jacob who rolled over so that his face was very near the end of my cock. I could feel his warm breath on my cock end. Then suddenly he took my cock in his mouth. I shuddered and let out a long moan. I had never had anyone do this to me before. His mouth felt warm and soft as he slipped my cock further into mouth, and yet further, until I thought he was going to swallow me to the balls. He repeated the motion several times, taking me deep into his mouth and then almost withdrawing, before swallowing me again. I could feel a familiar pressure in my balls and knew that I would be exploding in his mouth very soon if he carried on doing what he was doing. 
I panicked. What if I did cum in his mouth. A lords mouth. I pulled away a little and he looked up, my cock end still encased in his mouth. I noticed how his eyes were glazed. Sucking my cock was obviously giving him pleasure.
Please,” I stuttered. “ If you carry on my lord I will soon cum in your mouth.”
Not yet my boy.” His lordship slipped my cock from his mouth and lay back , his hands behind his head and indicated with his eyes his own cock, which I was still stroking.
Use your mouth boy.”
I had never held another mans cock before, and now he wanted me to take his cock in my mouth, as he had done mine. He saw my hesitation. 
“Are you truly a virgin.”
I nodded and he laughed.
Well tonight you will taste a man's cock and a man's seed.”
Slowly I lowered my head so that my lips were close to his cock end. I put my tongue out, snake like, and tasted the moist bead of pre cum that oozed from his piss hole. It tasted salty, warm. I licked my lips. I felt his hand on the back of my head, forcing my head down gently. Closing my eyes I opened my mouth and slid his cock between my lips. His cock felt hard, yet soft. I noticed it jerked a little as I began to suck his now very moist cock end further into my mouth. I slowly moved my lips down the shaft of his cock so that I nearly had his whole cock in my mouth and I felt his cock end hit the back of my throat. I felt my throat spasm, as though I were going to be sick. I slipped my mouth off his cock quickly, gagging. Thin strands of saliva bridged between my lips and his cock end. My mouth tasted salty, strange, but also nice. My own cock was aching now and I felt his hand once again begin to stroke me. I was excited, nervous. I smiled as my lord nodded toward his cock, indicating that I should carry on sucking him. 
Once more I took him into my mouth and began to suck him harder. I felt his cock begin to jerk and then I heard him moan as my mouth filled with a sudden eruption of cream, warm and salty, that filled my mouth. I involuntary swallowed. His spunk tasted like warm, thick porridge, as it slipped down my throat. His cock continued to jerk, shooting jet after jet of cream into my mouth so that even as I swallowed as much as I could, some of his cream escaped, and ran down my chin. All the time he was shooting his spunk into my mouth he continued to stroke my cock, and just as his cock finished jerking in my mouth, I also began to shoot my own sperm in hot jets that shot across his hand and over his thigh. I had masturbated many times, but this orgasm, someone else stroking my cock to climax, was the best orgasm I had ever experienced. I could feel my arsehole contract, spasm, with each jettison of spunk that spurted from my cock end over his lordships hand and thigh and over his balls and cock. 
I at last opened my eyes. Lord Jacob was laying still. His eyes were closed.
I am sorry my lord.” I mumbled. My mouth was still sticky and warm from his sperm which still dribbled down my chin.
Hmm,” he murmured. “fetch a cloth boy and lets tidy ourselves.
I did as he asked and with a wash flannel wiped my chin and then his thigh and cock and balls.
When I had finished lord Jacob rolled over and pulled the blanket over him.
Back nice and early boy. I have an early start.”
I nodded, but his eyes were already closed. 
I dressed hurriedly and left the room quietly and crept back to my cot in the kitchen. My mind was racing. I felt dirty and yet excited. As I lay in my cot I felt my cock rise again at the memory of my lords hand gently stroking it. I could not help myself and began to stroke myself to another emission, thinking about the pleasure I had just experienced. Eventually I fell asleep with the knowledge that something very important had just happened. I, of course, did not know just how important.

A Naughty New Service

I am happy to announce a naughty new service. From today I am able to offer dirty telephone chat. So if your have a morning glory, stuck in a hotel, or just feeling horny and unable make an appointment, you can give me a call on   07053 580510  and be as dirty as you like at a price of around 50p per minute, depending on if you use a land line or mobile.

If you have read my blog you know how dirty I can be, son now its up to you to tell me how dirty you can be. Giving me a dirty telephone call would be a great way to get to know me before booking an appointment.

When you do want to make an appointment, just call my normal mobile line 07517 697 569 but please note that this line is for appointments only. If you want to talk dirty, and you can be really dirty, please call my special, very dirty chat line:-

07053 580 510

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


These are just initial thoughts for a much longer piece. Comments are welcome. I have not put links in this piece but will in the next.

Male and trans sex workers often share the same clients as female sex workers and the same working spaces, yet our voices are almost silent. There is an undercurrent of prejudice toward male sex work, on both sides of a debate, which is primarily about human rights, about workers rights, about the role of subjective morality in denying rights to people who sell sex. Such prejudice should be unacceptable, but it exist.

Cultural perceptions of what sex work is and about who sells and who buys sex have framed sex work as being exclusively a womans issue. These assumptions have meant that research on male sex work, on how cultural attitudes affect how male sex work is bought and sold and tolerated, have been considered less important. A gap exists in our knowledge about sex work if we ignore the rich history that is male and trans sex work, work which has run parallel to female sex work, but which also has its on distinctive character and history.

Once, in ancient Rome, male sex workers had their own national holiday. Tragically, it was also in Rome, that men selling sex to men, experienced the full horror of a new Christian morality. By order of a Christian Emperor, male sex workers where dragged from their brothels and burned alive before a cheering mob. Christian intolerance of homosexuality, the assumptions of what maleness is within patriarchy, has for centuries negatively influenced a prevailing social attitude toward men who sell sex. Whilst female sex workers where grudgingly tolerated, considered a necessary social evil, male and trans sex workers were simply considered an abomination.

Today, in a more tolerant western society, the social and legal acceptance of homosexuality has allowed the commercial sex market to emerge where, especially men who sell sex to men, can advertise openly.

Male sex workers however are subject to the same legal restrictions as female sex workers. Laws that limit the freedom of sex workers to work together, to hire a third party to represent them, effectively to take measures to protect themselves or support each other, remain illegal in the UK. Similarly, the growing threat of what has become popularly referred to as the Swedish model, which criminalises the clients of sex workers, also does, or potentially will ( if it should ever become law) equally affect male sex workers.

A growing acknowledgment of human rights has encouraged the emergence of groups of sex workers, academics and other supporters, to advocate that sex work is work and that workers deserve rights. Both sex worker rights groups and anti sex work advocates, however have focused almost exclusively on sex work being a woman only issue. The voices of male and trans sex workers have been, if not ignored, then treated as second class and at best recognised in debates with a parting, almost throwaway acknowledgment of, "Oh yes and there are male sex workers, oh and some trans as well." It is hardly surprising that these prejudices exist considering the historical context in which male sex work and male sexuality has been stigmatised within western culture. That stigma is often expressed to justify ignoring, sidelining, male and trans sex workers.

The two most common prejudices are :-

1) Male sex work carries less social stigma than female sex work and male sex workers are less affected by slut shaming.

That is a hard claim to call as definite.

For men selling sex to men, the gay community, whilst traditionally publicly liberal and containing elements that identified closely with the outsider, has equally harboured and expressed many of the same prejudices as the straight community. As the gay community becomes more accepted into mainstream society and increasingly conforms to the heteronormative hegemony of monogamous sex based around property and ownership, those prejudices against the sex worker within their community may increase, not decrease. Certainly in the battle for sex worker rights the gay community, has at best, been cautious in any expression of support. In general, male promiscuity is less problematic, in a society where maleness and masculinity is still defined by a man's sexual libido, by his ability to bed many sexual partners. These attitudes however are reversed when a man, sells himself sexually. The selling of sex for men equates to being submissive. It makes him unmanly. A common depiction of a male sex worker within current debate and historically is of an effeminate man, as someone lacking masculine prowess, without agency.

This effeminisation of the male sex worker is a recurring and dismissive theme in anti sex work rhetoric. It is an image that confirms that strand of feminists thought, that now influences government policy, that equates all sex work as violence toward women and girls and therefore all sex workers, including feminised  "boy" sex workers, as being victims of male sexual aggression. For trans sex workers, prejudice against trans people, within wider society is made more aggressive. Trans sex workers report more abuse and assaults from the public, the police and from criminals who target trans sex workers specifically to express their transphobic aggression and hatred. For male and trans sex workers the public prejudice shared by all sex workers, that they are transmitters of infection and disease, in effect means they are carriers of HIV.

2) Male and trans sex worker are too few in number to deserve a seat at the table.

Everything you read about the numbers of sex workers working is pure guess work. No one knows how many sex workers are street based, how many work indoors, how many are women, how many are trans, or how many are men.

The idea that you can even try and create a sex work policy, when you do not know the numbers within the community for which you are creating policy for, is derisable, yet this is exactly what happens. For the UK, the estimates for sex workers, range between 30,000 and 80,000 but it could be double that. The estimate for male and trans sex workers varies between five per cent and fifteen per cent of whatever that guessed total number is. At least one academic, I remember reading about, suggested that the number of male and trans sex workers in Europe was nearer a third of all current sex workers. The truth is, no one knows anything for definite. It is possible, cultural differences may play a part in the numbers of male or trans sex workers and their visibility, but it is all guess work.

The big problem is the lack of research. In Partial this problem is cultural. Aggressive sexual advertising aimed at the male consumer is something our society understands. The infamous red lights, the photographs of genitals, male and female, are images used by both female and male/trans sex workers to sell sex to men. Researchers, like the rest of society are familiar with these images and presume that this is the whole story, but is it?

The gigolo, a man who sells sex to women, is a culturally recognised figure, but unless he is advertising or operating in a similar manner to his gay or female counterparts, he remains mostly invisible. Does that mean that women do not purchase sex, or does it mean that the purchasing and selling of sex for a female market operates differently?

I have met women who have made arrangements with men, yes usually younger men, often less solvent than themselves. These women, buy those men presents, cars, clothes, and pay their rent etc in return for sex.

If anyone visits resorts in countries like Turkey, or parts of Africa for example, do they even notice the older women, especially from Europe, who have, share local boyfriends, often many years younger than themselves. They claim that they are in love, but it is a love affair where they pay all the bills and get sex and company in return. Cynically, feminists may argue that these women are being used. I would argue back that both the men and the women know what they are doing, they are buying and selling sex. They choose not to acknowledge it as prostitution because prostitution, culturally, is about women selling sex to men.

Popular prejudice and assumptions about what sex work is, about who buys and who sells sex has influenced sex work legislation for too long. What is needed is more evidence and more awareness of the diverse layers of commercial sex that exist within societies. Male sex work is a part of that missing evidence.

In ancient Japan red light areas, where sex workers, both male and female, sold sex, were once referred to as the "floating world" referencing the peculiar space in which they existed. Not quite part of society, not quite separate from society but I think in many respects all sex workers still exist in that special and precarious place. It seems that that special and precarious place remains more so for male and trans sex workers.


Friday, 1 August 2014

My New Quickee Service..Whats It All About...

I started this service a few weeks ago. It was partially a reaction to my clients and partly on the advice of another escort who I speak to who also offers a similar service. I have had a few appointments so far and lots of emails. I thought I would write a little piece on what they entail and recount a very dirty, sexy encounter I had this week.

The idea of the quickee is to provide a service to clients who are in a rush or who just want a very basic service. They work like this:

You call (or regulars can text) to make an appointment, giving at least fifteen minutes notice. If I am available I will give you the address. You then come along and have two options. You can:

A) undress and have either a full shower or a hand shower, this is to make sure that your cock, balls and arsehole is clean. You can then either lie on the massage couch or bed (where you can watch porn if you wish) and I will massage your cock and balls with oil and will wank/suck you to completion (in mouth if desired). I can also finger your arsehole while wanking you if want. The appointment is timed at around ten/fifteen minutes.

B) You can just drop your pants and I will wank you off either while watching porn, lying on the bed, or standing. The choice is yours. Unless you wash your cock I won't do oral on you.

Which ever you choose you cannot wank/suck me etc. This is a simple, basic service which is why it is only £20. If you want the full horny massage experience then it is £40 for half an hour, £50 for forty five minutes and £60 for the hour. Each subsequent half hour or part of is an extra £40.

If you want me to fuck you during an appointment, or cum during an appointment then it is an extra £20. I don't really want to charge for services but because I am popular then if I fuck you and cum it means my next client will probably not get the same service because I have already shot my load. Spunking is not called the money shot for nothing in porn.....

If the above sounds a bit clinical then believe me it isn't. Quickee appointments can be as sexy and in their way even dirtier than full appointments.

Yesterday I had a call from a chap wanting a quickee in ten minutes. I rushed to get ready and opened the door to a guy in white overalls covered in splashes of paint, very obviously a decorator. Tall, nice looking. I said come in and I turned to lead him to the studio, but just as I closed the door to the vestibule he nodded to the stairs and said "can't we just do it here." He had a twinkle in his eye so I thought hmm, this guy is a bit kinky.
Anyway I sat on the second step up to be precise, he unzipped his overall and pulled his white boxers down to reveal a heavy, thick cock which he pulled out. I took it in my hand and began to wank him. I took his balls in my hand. they were heavy and I guessed full of creamy spunk.
"Iv'e read your blog," he moaned as I tossed his cock in my hand, his red knob dribbling pre cum as I slipped the skin back and forth. I admit I was tempted to suck him, but I resisted.
"Next time I come," he whispered, "can I piss over your bare arse and spunk over your tight hole." He had me as horny as fuck, thinking why on earth did he not book a full appointment this time. But as I was fantasizing about how dirty the next appointment would be, he let out a groan and his cock began jerking in my hand as he let fly a ball load of spunk over my face. I was drenched, covered in creamy spunk that was running over my nose, over my mouth and down my chin.
He smiled. "Brilliant," as he handed me two £10 notes, zipped up and made to go. I showed him out, careful not to let any neighbor's see me. I was still covered in sticky, thick globules of spunk than was now sliding off my chin. I felt like a really dirty whore. Well I am, but that why I'm so popular.

So that was just one very quick quickee, and very nice it was for both of us. It certainly got me in the mood for my next client, who had booked for an hour, and who I know well. A very kinky guy....but Ill tell that story another time.