Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Well Edinburgh was as expected wonderful. I met some very nice gentlemen who did Scotland proud. Only one treated me to my own special little kinky need, a good piss shower, but he did it not once but twice and then I sucked him off in the shower and he delivered a very nice load of hot spunk into my mouth.

I rimmed some very nice arseholes and was sucked very nicely by one gentleman who was quite a hunk. So despite it being a flying visit and having very limited hours on the first day I think I managed to live up to my blog reputation. I also of course gave some very nice massages which of course always ended up with one special type of massage...yep you know what I am talking about.

So I am planning another visit in a few weeks time. This time I will either book a much better hotel or an apartment. If anyone has any ideas please don't be shy. Somewhere nice and quiet of course and discreet but a little luxurious without being too expensive. I will try to keep the price competitive so that everyone is happy.

And was the weather not glorious. I had lunch twice in a very nice veggie restaurant and sat eating ice cream in Princes street gardens in the sunshine.

Do remember that I am also available for longer appointments, (or quickies) just ask. I hope to meed a nice groups of regular chaps in Edinburgh to compliment my lovely friends in Newcastle, who when they get to know me well have become more adventurous with familiarity...and I can be very familiar when I have my tongue up your arse and hopefully your finger up mine...but I digress into smut again and again and again...

I will let everyone know in advance when I next intend to visit. Please stay in touch and of course I am around all of June in Newcastle at the studio ready to entertain.

I could become quite used to this touring. If anyone would like to meet me anywhere in the country I will give it consideration.

Keep it up and hard,

Chris. :_)

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