Sunday, 9 June 2013


After all the excitement of Edinburgh I have decided to visit York. I am arriving on the 24th so will be available all afternoon and evening of the 24th, all day on the 25th and possibly early morning on the 26th of June in a luxury central location in York.

I hope that the guys in York do not disappoint. I am expecting them to at least to do better than the Edinburgh guys in horniness. I expect lots of nice Yorkshire arseholes to lick, balls and cocks to suck and if I am lucky some hot wet piss fun for which I am gaining an enviable reputation.

Of course I will be offering a more gentle massage and happy ending, either a wank or oral to completion for those who like their fun less raunchy. It is your choice.

The last few days have been lots of fun. The studio has been busy.

I saw one fabulous guy with a thick long cock and a wonderfully ridged arsehole which was a delight to rim. He knelt over my face to allow me to rim him while he lent forward and sucked on my cock and fingered my arsehole. He was obviously experienced with using his fingers and he had me rock hard as he slipped his fingers in and out of my arsehole in time to his sucking of my cock.

After I had given his arsehole a good licking he moved slightly back so that he was able to push his stiff cock into my mouth so that his knob end was rubbing the back of my throat.  I was gagging but boy it felt good.

His balls were all the time bouncing off my nose end as I swallowed his thick cock in and out of my throat. Temptation was of course too much and eventually I slipped my finger into his saliva lubed arsehole and began to frigg him which soon had him ready to shoot. The sensation of his cock throbbing in my mouth as he gushed a torrent of hot cream into my throat was amazing and just thinking about it is making me hard again.

So gentleman of York I expect lots of hot man cream delivered from big juicy balls. Remember shy boys get no cocks and just wank a lot.....but I digress.

I am offering my services for £50 half hour and £70 for the hour and I am prepared to do quickies for £30. I always do my best to keep the prices competitive and affordable and of course offer a service that is memorable which is why my clients return again and again again.

Please book early for my York adventure to avoid disappointment and look forward to meeting lots of nice chaps in York.

After York I am heading back to Edinburgh so please Edinburgh guys book early and will see you at the end of the month in a luxury location in Edinburgh.

After Edinburgh I am thinking of visiting Bath. So gentleman of Bath I hope you are standing to attention when I arrive :-)

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