Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Today has been a day of the dirtiest fun.

Only two clients for a massage but more than enough to keep me busy.

First appointment wanted a massage. Tattoos and muscle and shaven headed. How could I refuse. Naked, out of the shower, the water running off his thick cock like he was pissing a river. I was well ermm erect and moist by the time he was on the table.

I began with the usual warm oil strokes down his back and around his tight arse cheeks. With every stroke his arse muscles began to relax and his began legs to open just that little bit more so that my fingers could stroke and probe around and into and over his pronounced arse ring. 

Then I had my hands around his balls and he was up on his knees on the massage table with his arse cheeks spread and my hand was between his legs and around his balls. I began pulling them gently, rolling and moulding them in my hand while a finger from my other hand slipped into his tight hairless arsehole ring.

On his knees on the massage table, head down and whining like a bitch in heat I was wanking cock in one hand, had a finger deep in his arsehole and was using my tongue to rim his arse ring as it gripped around my finger.

Eventually he rolled over onto his back and I rammed his cock down my throat and began to deep throat him while my finger again frigged his tight little man cunt.

I could feel his hands around my balls and then move between my legs and then I felt his finger probe for my arsehole and as he pushed his finger deep into my arsehole his cock slipped down my throat and a jet of hot cream squirted into my mouth...

He had a happy smile...

Then a couple of hours later another bald muscled hunk turned up.

An old client from a few years ago. On the table I began to massage him but his round arse ring was just too tempting and so in I went with my tongue..deep into his arse.

You know how some arseholes are just so suckable, rimmable, fuckable? Yes his was like that.

Very soon we were in the bedroom and we were doing a 69, my cock down the back of his throat and his was down mine.. of course I had to pull his legs up and while he gobbled my cock I had my tongue back up his arse again.

Yes I love to rim arseholes .

I of course had to fuck him and so still on his back but now now with his legs around his ears I slipped my thick cock up his man cunt. I fucked him hard. I loved the expression on his face as my cock thrust in and out of his arse.

I admit I can fuck for a long time and I take ages to come. Not this time. Before long I felt the tingling in my balls and rolling him onto his back so that his cock was almost touching his lips I shot my load deep in his arse.

Then a few more after squirt strokes and I slipped out of his juicy hole.

I then rolled onto my back and he was on top this time with his cock back down my throat while I slipped not one, not two, but three fingers in and out of his slippery, well fucked and greased man cunt.

After giving me a good face fuck we changed position and he lay on his back. Again my fingers slipped up his arsehole and I begant o suck on his cock. He was a nice suckable size, just right to slip into my throat where after a few strokes he shot his load. Gallons of creamy spunk filled my mouth and spilled out over his balls. Hmmmmmm

So that was my cock list today...and what will tomorrow bring and of course Edinburgh on the 3/4/5th of June. I can't wait.

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