Sunday, 23 June 2013

Writing the, "Depraved Memoirs of a Manservant"....

Another quiet Sunday. Not that I am complaining. It has been a busy week so nice to spend the day packing for my York trip tomorrow and writing.

First reminders about my York trip. I am available tomorrow, 24th June, from around 2.30ish pm until late, all day on the 25th and early morning on the 26th. I am based near the station and there is public parking very close if you require it. I am bringing oil, lube and some toys, so hopefully I will be able to meet most requirements. I am always nervous when going somewhere new and excited. Hopefully York will be as friendly and as exciting as my last visit to Edinburgh. I am looking forward to meeting some dirty minded guys who like nothing better than to get their arses rimmed and their cocks sucked. I am always happy to fuck a nice arse and happy to we hosed down with lots of hot piss. Yep, I like it dirty, (but clean arseholes and cocks please) as fans of this blog know.

Secondly I have started writing my second erotic novel. Not my second dirty memoirs, not yet. Instead this is an historical, erotic novel, every bit as dirty as, "My Dirty Memoirs," but this time set in sixteenth century Romania and Transylvania.
These stories are the memoirs of a young man who finds work at the castle of a lusty Count who is both bad  and cruel in every perverse way imaginable.The count likes sex, a lot, and he fucks men and women, taking pleasure in every perverse and depraved manner he is able. Our Young hero soon falls prey to the Count's lust's and unwillingly becomes both his manservant and companion and sexual toy.

This particular period was one of the most violent in history. It was a time when life was cheap and ordinary people were serfs, owned body and soul by the aristocracy. Witch hunts, burning alive, impaling and other unbelievably cruel tortures were used daily by the church and aristocracy to instil fear. It was a time of religious wars and persecutions. Protestants against Catholics and Christian against Muslim Turks . The hideous cruelty and depravity of the time provides a rich backdrop for our depraved tale of lust.

I have already written chapter one and I was hard and dripping by page three and had to stop.....HMMM

Will keep writing and hopefully it will not be too long before you will be able to read these scandalous tales.

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