Thursday, 13 June 2013


For my many readers who think that all I ever think about and talk about is sex, then the fact that I also write more seriously on other subject's, may come as a surprise.

My ambition is to be a serious writer one day. Who knows if I will ever achieve that dream. I suppose that it will all depend on how good I am as a writer and of course if readers like and buy my work.

My first "serious" book is a collection of short stories inspired by my interest in everything Gothic or Pagan. I love ghost stories and things that go bump in the night. I love observing people and writing about those observations. I like looking at ideas such as being in love and what falling in love really means and of course about the hugely diverse nature of human sex and sexuality.

My new book is called "Shadow's and Reflection's" and you can BUY IT HERE for your kindle from Amazon. No, these stories will not have you hard and excited, but hopefully you will enjoy them and they will make you think and reflect. These stories illustrate that I can be serious, humorous, sensual, and reflective.

Again I would love feed back and for anyone who reads this book and who enjoyed it I you would be delighted if you would leave a review.

Please note that I write fiction under my pseudonym of Christopher Turney.

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