Monday, 10 June 2013

I have been so pleased with the response to my visit to York on the 24th and 25th/26th of June. I think I will require lots of  extra stamina to keep up with the horny guys of Yorkshire who are promising to give me lots of cock during my visit.

I cant wait. I love York, all those little dark alley ways to explore. I hope however that I will be viewing, and licking, and probing the dark alleys of the gentlemen of York, and have little time to visit the mediaeval sites. I know which I will find more enjoyable. I will of course also be available to visit gentlemen in centrally located hotels if they wish.

Fans of this blog will know all my little kinks, the dirty things that I like to write about on this blog. They know that I love a good clean arsehole to lick, a nice cock to suck, and some big balls to play with. I also love to ride a nice arse and everyone knows that my favourite, if your up for it, is a good hose down with some hot piss. Oh and of course I also offer the best massage in town, if you can keep your cocks under control for long enough, which once my fingers start probing is very unlikely.

So what have I been up to or rather into this week. The answer is one very nice virgin tight arsehole.

A youngish guy, early twenties turned up for a massage. He was only a few minutes on the table and I had his arse cheeks spread and my tongue was lapping at his tight puckered mancunt.

He was a virgin but desperate for some arse probing. I slipped my finger into his tight wrinkled hole which was well lubed with my saliva and he winced slightly. I could feel his arse ring grip my finger. He had one of those long entry tubes which are a delight to fuck because they grip your shaft as you slide in an out.
He was fucking tight however.

We eventually, after some good fingering, made our way into the bedroom, where on his knees, on the bed, I was able to spread his arse cheeks and to lube him ready to present my cock. He was so fucking tight it took me three attempts to push my knob end into his hole. I slipped in eventually however and then stopped while he accustomed himself to my cock inside him. I then pushed on, sliding my cock slowly into his mancunt, until I was fully inserted ball deep. I could feel his arse ring gripping my shaft, which sent delightful  sensations deep into my balls.

He whimpered like a bitch, but as he became accustomed to the strange sensation, and my cock hit that spot, he began to slide himself on and off my cock so that I was eventually fucking him hard, forcing my cock ball deep with each stroke, which he met eagerly, pushing his arse back to meet my thrusts.

It only took a few strokes before I heard him grunt and he unloaded his balls all over the bed sheet. It was glistening in spunk. I could feel myself also nearing the moment of no return, and I gripped him tight as I fucked him hard before withdrawing my cock and shooting my load over his arsehole and cheeks.

I was still so fucking horny even after I had come, and he was still rock hard as he lay with his arse in the air covered in my cream. Naturally I was soon down on all fours and could not resist licking some of my own ball cream off his arse, and all the time I was watching his juicy wrinkled  arsehole winking at me as though to say thanks for the visit.

Yep I am a dirty bastard, but then that is why you love me and return again and again.

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