Friday, 28 June 2013


Recovered from my adventures in York. I hate to say this but Edinburgh wins in the dirty, horny, sexy, stakes. It seems that the further south you go the less horny, less dirtier and more dull the guys become. Not to say that York was a waste of time. I met one very sexy guy with a big cock and a pair of big balls. He told me he was not into kinky and yet he sat on my face while I licked his arse out and sucked on his big balls. He rammed his thick cock down the back of my throat so that he was able to throat fuck me.....He gave by far the best, deliciously dirty sex, just the way I like it, and when he splashed his spunk into my mouth he tasted delicious. He alone would make another visit to York worthwhile. Getting hard just thinking about him.

So my next travels will be back to Edinburgh, probably toward the end of July. I may look at London as well, but that may be August now. I have to take care of my regulars here in Newcastle.

Talking of regulars I had a return visit from someone I saw two years ago. Nice guy, nice big cock. I lay on my back on my bed so that he could slip his cock right down the back of my throat. I am becoming quite an expert at this particular style of deep throat. The guys seem to love it. It tastes so nice when I feel their knob end hitting against the back of my throat, and sometimes I swallow into my throat, like a sword swallower. I admit that I need a little more practice in this art, so any clients with long thick cocks, please give me a call.

I have also been busy writing my new erotic novel. All you guys who claimed they were afraid to download, "My Dirty Memoirs," because their wives would see it, and think it was too gay, need not be afraid with this one. This is an historical novel that just happens to be raunchy, with lots of sex, dirty hot sex, with women and men and basically anything that moves. Lots of gore as well, that reflects those especially violent times. I hope that everyone will like it. I am certainly enjoying writing it.

I am off to entertain now, and then some more writing. Edinburgh guys, please book early for July. I missed lots of guys last time because it was such a short and hectic visit. This time hope to meet lots more chaps and have an even dirtier time than last time.

I am also booking an apartment this time, which will make things more discreet. Prices will be fifty for half an hour, seventy for an hour and quickies at thirty.

Take care and keep those cocks nice and hard...


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