Sunday, 16 June 2013


Fans of my book "My Dirty Memoirs," will know that the occasional outdoor fuck has been a little passion of mine. Got to be the right place and discreet of course.

I was once called to a farm to visit a regular client. He wanted some piss fun and a good fuck. Sounded fine to me. When I arrived, expecting to be taken into the farmhouse, I was instead whisked off to the distant corner of a corn field.

He, a big burly guy stripped his overalls off so that he was left wearing just a checked shirt and his boots. On all fours he spread his arse cheeks to give me a good view of his puckered mancunt. I was on all fours in seconds lapping at his puckered hole. 

I had drank loads of water on the drive up in preparation and so despite being rock hard I was dying for a piss. Standing in a filed of corn, stark naked, I let loose a stream of steaming hot piss, using his arsehole as the target. I soaked his arsehole and balls and back in piss. It was a horny sight, watching my hot piss hit his hole and watching how his arsehole winked at me, as thought trying to gobble some of the piss that hit it direct in its eye. 

When I had finished I had to taste my own piss of course and was straight down onto his puckered hole, eating it, licking and biting away until he was thrusting his mancunt hard onto my face.

Rock hard I then presented my cock end to his arsehole and mounting him like a dog mounting a bitch I watched my cock slide ball deep into his piss lubed arsehole. I fucked him hard until I felt I was near coming and then I pulled out and indicated that we change positions. This time I was on my back and it was his turn to piss on me. He knelt over me and pissed straight into my mouth while I wanked off . As I shot my load he moved his position slightly so that he could piss onto my shooting cock end. If you have never had this done then you are missing a treat. The hot piss meeting your hot spunk as it pumps out of your knobend is a memorable experience.

When he had finished pissing he finished himself of by hand as I fingered his hot sloppy arsehole. He shot his load as I was sucking on his knob end. Gallons of hot spunk followed his hot piss down my throat. 

I was drenched in piss, as was he, and my mouth was full of hot salty cum but....I was happy.

And I got paid. I love my job.

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