Saturday, 4 May 2013

"MY DIRTY MEMOIRS"....a very dirty book

My “dirty” early memoirs Book 1 is still available on kindle for the price of £2.99. Please treat yourselves and have a very “hard” bank holiday weekend. I would also love more reviews "if" of course you enjoyed the book. My memoirs may also give you lots of ideas for when you visit…..

To wet your appetites here is a short excerpt.


I of course took hold of it at once and began to stroke it. He was a nice size, a good seven inches and thick. As I stroked his cock, gently pulling the foreskin down to expose his red and moist knob end, I used my other hand to squeeze his balls which hung low, swinging back and forth as he forced his cock in and out of my hand, very much enjoying the sensation of being held. I could not resist using my tongue on his knob end. Licking the exposed glands of his cock I eased him into my mouth and very soon I had his cock deep in my throat, sliding his tasty knob as deep into my throat as I could manage. His cock tasted hot and salty and I fucked him with my mouth while my other hand rolled his big balls in their sack. I pulled on them gently in rhythm with my face fuck which seemed to be rewarded with some very appreciative moans.

His legs had opened wide allowing me full access to his cock and balls and as he lay further back against he fallen tree I was able to move my fingers further back from his balls and to touch his arsehole. His arsehole was hot and as I circled its crinkled lips with my finger I knew that I wanted to see it and taste it.

Pulling back from his cock I indicated that he roll over. I knew from the look in his eye that he was unsure but he did as I indicated and cocked his arse up allowing me to again grab his cock between his legs. As I pulled his cock back he pushed his arse higher and his cheeks parted more and more until I was greeted with the sight of his arse ring. Filled with lust I drove my face between his arse cheeks and stroked his arse-hole with my wet tongue. He moaned with pleasure and forced his arse even further into my face. I tongue fucked him, forcing my tongue into his wrinkled hole. His arse was hot, wet with my saliva and desperate; I knew by the way he was forcing his arse onto my face, for more than my tongue. Releasing his cock, which I had been milking furiously between his legs, I quickly undid my own pants and released my own rock hard cock from its imprisonment. I now positioned him so that I could present my rampant knob end to his hole easily and I proceeded to rub my cock against his eager to be fucked arse, teasing him and moistening his already saliva soaked wrinkled hole with my pre cum. I heard him whimper that he had never done this before, but I was too aroused to care to be gentle. I wanted to fuck this guy so much and so I pushed my knob end heartlessly against his arsehole and as he relaxed his sphincter muscle, for just a second, I slipped my knob in…..

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