Sunday, 19 May 2013


It is nice to be appreciated. One client and fan of this blog was especially very eager to give me a good time. He was a nice chap with a nice body and a pair of really nice heavy balls that I could not help but squeeze gently during his massage. In fact he had quite a nice little butt and arsehole which I enjoyed toying with. He had one of those soft, moist arse holes, hairless and dark lipped that invite inspection.
The real fun however started after the massage when I asked if he would like to retire to the bedroom to finish off. I asked him what he would like and he smiled and said that he wouldn't mind giving my arse some attention. Well of course I was not going to complain. Bending over on the bed my arse in the air I was happy to receive his hot, wet tongue deep into my anus. He could really rim arse. There are those who lick arse holes which are nice but then there are those who really know how to lick, tease and to tongue fuck an arsehole and this guy was one of them. Pulling my cheeks wide apart he had me gasping as his tongue pushed deep inside and then whipped around the lips and licked deep down to my balls before returning to plunge deep inside my pouting hole. While he was doing this he was squeezing my balls and stroking my cock which of course was rock hard.
Laying on my back he began to finger me and forcing me onto my side he pushed my leg into the air in a scissor motion which allowed him to push his finger deep inside me and at the same time lick around my penetrated hole with his tongue. Being fingered and licked at the same time is heaven. I was having countless mini orgasms as he fingered and licked me wet arsehole. I swear that I have a clit just inside my arse because if the person does it right I genuinely do have internal orgasms that make me squirm and scream. This guy was doing it right and I was exhausted but very happy.
I was however feeling just a little guilty and suggested that he straddle my face so that I could similarly please him. He did so but only so that his heavy balls hung just above my mouth which gave me every opportunity to suck and lick them which of course got him hard. While I was pleasuring him he was able to finger my arsehole and enjoy the view of my wanking as he continued to frig me. It was not too long before the sensation of his finger deep inside my arsehole and his big balls bouncing on my tongue had me shoot an arc of spunk over my chest. It was one of the best orgasms that I had had in a long time.
I cleaned myself up and asked if I could suck him off. He refused. His pleasure was to give me pleasure. I was not going to complain. I just hope he calls again soon.

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