Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I am often asked why I do this work. There is no one reason but several. Yes I certainly like the money but probably a stronger motivation is that I like sex, I have always enjoyed giving and receiving pleasure and the reason I decided to make that into a business is because I wanted to offer a professional service, especially to men who were perhaps awkward about their sexuality. Around ninety per cent of the men I see are married guys who want to come to a place where they feel safe, feel comfortable and which is discreet. They want to come somewhere they can have a relaxing massage and some sexual fun and where they do not feel pressurised to do anything more than they feel comfortable with. I have guys who just like a massage to finish with a wank or a blow job, others who want a little anal rimming and perhaps fingering and others of course who want fucked. Being kinky I also like the more adventurous who like a little watersports but that is just my personal fetish.....Love a warm piss shower...hmmmmm

I massage virgins wanting a gentle first time experience, which is always enjoyable, I see rugby players, footballers, business men, plumber’s, (who are always kinky, along with builders) the retired. Basically I have met every sort of guy imaginable. I love variation and I love to chat and of course to indulge their fantasies.  I also meet a lot of disabled guys which is nice. My work studio is wheelchair friendly and as an animal lover of course blind dogs are welcome.

The next question I am frequently asked is, “how do I keep going, how do I keep it up”…..Good question.

Well, I do not work every day. When I am available I see no more than three clients. This means that I stay fresh and never become tired. Nearly all my clients like me to get hard of course and most like to stroke my cock and to perhaps slip their fingers up my tight little arsehole, which is very nice, but not all require me to fuck them or to cum. This means that in say three appointments I may only shoot my load once. I have sometimes cum more often than that but for me the main pleasure is pleasuring my clients. In fact one of the bonuses, if you see it that way, of this job, is that over the years I have learned to control my orgasm so that I can last up to two hours, which for the hornier guys is great. I have actually fucked a guy for a full hour, which he loved. Better than a work out in the gym I can assure you.

For new readers or readers who have not visited me yet I will go through a usual scenario.
When you arrive I always ask you to shower, hand shower or full rain shower. I have a shower room which everyone loves. When you shower I point out that the massage is very intimate so please wash all intimate areas…cock, balls and arsehole area please…thank you.

Then you hop onto the massage table. We are both naked. I then begin the massage using warm scented oils (if you do not require scented (that is using quality essential oils) please specify when booking. I massage all over your back and between your buttocks and around your arsehole. I then massage fully your back professionally and around the buttock and anal areas and the shoulders.
Often by this time you are already very hard and probably have started feeling me…which I love. I then usually stand at the head of the massage table to massage the shoulders. I am usually rock hard myself at this stage and you can a suck on my cock if you wish, I have actually cum once or twice with some very good blow job guys who could take me right down their throats…but I digress.

I then massage the legs and then back to the buttocks and putting my hand between your legs give your balls and cock a massage and sometimes I cant resist doing a little tongue massage around your arse hole…often here the massage ends for obvious reasons and we go into the bedroom (where there is usually some really hot porn on the large wall mounted television) or sometimes we finish on the massage table…other times the client will roll over so that I can massage his front. Chest, stomach, arms and hands and sometimes the face…then the cock and balls and a good deep throat is often called for. After that it is what ever you desire…the kinkier the better or just a good suck and cum in mouth…..whatever you fancy really.
So if this sounds good to you then give me a call.
I’m excited writing about it……

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