Wednesday, 1 May 2013


TIME TO VOTE in local elections and not so long before the national general election…but which party best supports sex workers and our clients most?

Firstly my personal thoughts on local elections:

Local elections are peculiar things. Personally I have a strong dislike of politicians in general and especially local politicians and local politics. Far too much of nods and winks, knowing the right people, putting political correctness before common sense and begging poverty when they often have hidden reserves and seemingly plenty to pay huge wages and expenses to those with power. No longer are local councils the reserve of people interested in doing their best for the local community, instead they are full of political hacks using local election and political office as a spring board for Parliament. Local politicians seem more interested in towing the party line and making sure they get as many of the little (or not so little) benefits that go with the job. Also local councils seem full of cronies, a proliferation of managers on very nice wages with fewer people doing the real jobs ie collecting refuse, caring for the elderly and generally running public services…but enough of my rumblings.

What is important is which party most supports sex workers or at least is less likely to want us and our clients punished for having consensual sex?

Labour is not sex friendly. With so called feminist ball crushers like Harriet Harman who perceives all men as rapists and misogynists still in positions of power there is little sign of the Labour Party ever becoming sex friendly or sex positive. It was the labour party we must all remember that wanted to introduce the Swedish model (presently being considered in Scotland and Ireland) which would turn the purchasers of consensual sex services into criminals. Thankfully they did not get away with implementing the so called Swedish model in England and Wales when last in power but they did get away with increasing the penalties for brothel keeping (which is two or more sex workers working together) along with other changes which make sex work more dangerous and further stigmatised. The labour party also further criminalised pornography making sexual thought a crime for the first time as well as possession of certain images, even some images of consensual sex between adults. If Labour ever comes to power again we can only expect more of the same and probably a lot, lot worse.

Conservatives. The traditional family values Tory is not to be trusted any more than Labour although  they are probably less inclined to impose laws based on some feminist doctrinal hatred of sex and sex workers. They are more interested in saving us from hell fire...and of course more likely to be caught fucking a rent boy with an orange in their mouths but hey..... The libertarian Tory however is in general more sex friendly and more able to understand that sexual freedom is important if any society is to be considered truly free. They also understand that sex workers are entrepreneurial and probably share some of their values. So not all bad but you should check which Tory you vote for.

Liberal Democrats. Probably on paper the most sex friendly but like the Tories they have a tendency to be a little judgemental. It all depends on which Lib Dem you get. They also like Europe too much which means any anti sex agenda Brussels comes up with they are more likely to kow tow to and to be willing to sacrifice sex workers and their clients on the alter of Europe. There is every possibility that Europe, under pressure from the European women’s group, (which is a small but powerful clique) that harsh anti sex work regulations are on their way. So be very careful of Europe.

UKIP is Interesting. In responses from UKIP, you can only judge that in general they seem to have a more pragmatic approach to sex work and sex. Indeed there seems to be a strong libertarian emphasis. All good and they also seem to have an attitude that sex work is different from trafficked which the other parties seem to want to deliberately confuse sometimes. Of course at the moment they are trying to be all things to everyone and they are not likely to have sufficient power to influence things…but for how long? I suppose it depends how things go for them on Thursday.

So that is your choice. If you want to put your sexual liberty and more important my right to work and to bring you lots of pleasure as a priority then think before you place that little X in the box.

What do you all think of the political party’s sexual freedom record?  

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