Sunday, 19 May 2013


One of the joys of the festive period is that many young men decide to explore their sexuality and to put it bluntly discover the fun of anal sex. Over the years I have had the pleasure of deflowering many a virgin arsehole. This particular occasion however was especially delicious.
A young guy of Middle Eastern origins arrived having booked a massage. He was handsome and as I watched him undress to shower I noticed that he had a nice firm body and a sizable cock that was thick and of course cut. As he showered I noticed he had the almost perfect bubble butt, the sort that you fantasise about squeezing in your hands. I was getting fairly exciting thinking about what may lay between those bubble cheeks and I was pleased to notice as he emerged from the shower he was already semi hard himself.
The massage started as usual with long firm strokes over his back and then over his hard butt cheeks. As I massaged his butt cheeks I noticed how easily he was opening to allow my thumbs to dive down and stroke his tight little hole. As the massage progressed of course my exploration of his arsehole became more adventurous and it was not long before he was lifting his butt and spreading his legs to give me a nice view of his little man cunt. As I had guessed he was virtually hairless and his hole was small and puckered nicely.
Yes you know what I did next. My tongue had to explore his little cunt and I was delighted by the moans of pleasure that greeted my tongue as it stroked and teased his arsehole. He soon rose onto his knees to allow me full access and I set to rimming his rectum with relish. As my tongue was fucking his delicious little arse-hole my hands were pulling gently on his full balls and stroking his rock hard erection. His knob end was moist, dripping a profuse emission of pre cum. I rubbed his knob end with my fingers to collect as much of his natural cock lube as possible and then I massaged his tight little man cunt with his own pre cum. It tasted delicious as I attacked his virgin hole with my tongue once more savouring the taste of his pre cum and his arsehole. I know that I am a dirty bastard but isn't that the way you guys like it?
I indicated if he wanted to move into the bed room.
One in the bed room I knelt over his face to allow him to suck my cock deep into his throat which he did, so that he almost gagged. My fingers all the time were stroking between the cheeks of his arse and gently teasing his arsehole, at every stroke entering just a little more until eventually I had a whole finger inserted deep into his tight little arse cunt.
“Will you fuck me”, I heard him gasp in between sucking my rock hard cock deep into his throat. Sill question really.
On his back, his legs forced back so that his arsehole was fully exposed I gently began to slide my cock into his well oiled hole. First the knob disappeared and he winced and I stopped while he became used to the sensation. Then inch by inch I inserted my cock deep into his arse. Fully inserted, ball deep, I enjoyed the sensation of his arse around my cock, gently squeezing the shaft, the way only a virgin arse ever does, as it becomes used to the sensation of a hard cock buried in its warm depth.
Having waited a few seconds as I enjoyed the look on his face, one of pain mixed with lust and pleasure, I then began to fuck him properly. I fucked him with deep strokes, pulling almost out before plunging back in ball deep. He groaned and moaned and I noticed how hard his cock became as I was fucking him. Suddenly the sensations in his arse caused by my cock were too much and he exploded in jets of creamy white come that sprayed over his face. It was quite a sight watching his dark skinned face being covered with his own cream. As he was coming I could feel his arse ring tighten and untighten in spasms around my shaft as I continued to fuck him hard. Eventually feeling myself approaching climax I pulled out and shot my load all over his cock and balls. He was now covered in hot spunk, his own and mine combined. A very happy young man.
I need more virgins.

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