Sunday, 19 May 2013


Fans of my blog will remember this from about a year ago...still one of my horniest appointments ever hmmm
Although I am mainly gay I do often see couples who want a third person for some fun. I have been booked by wives who want to watch their husbands get fucked by a guy. I have been booked by husbands who want me to massage their wives, ending of course with masturbating their wives while they husbands watch and wank themselves. Sometimes I join in the fun and fuck the husband while he his mounting his wife or really what ever they want.
I was very lucky a few weeks ago to be invited to meet a very interesting and nice couple who certainly were up for some fun. He was nice looking with a nice body and I soon discovered very big balls which fans of this blog know are a particular fetish of mine. She in contrast was a little more plump than him but with enormous breasts.
After a few drinks the fun began. He wanted asked me to pull my jeans down and to come and sit beside him. He was at this time fully dressed as was his wife who sat opposite although she had opened her blouse to expose her ample breasts.
Sitting beside her husband wearing only some very brief white pants and my signature white T shirt I was oddly excited especially when he put his hand down my pants and began to play with my balls and cock. He then began to kiss me and ask me if I like my arse played with and if I would like to suck his cock.
Of course I agreed to everything I was so fucking horny.
Getting me to bend over he pulled my pants to one side exposing my arse hole and balls and cock which hung down between my legs as he massaged and stroked me with his massive hands. His wife of course could see everything and I heard her tell him to finger me and stick his tongue up my hole.
All this time he was still fully dressed; although looking back between my legs I could see that his cock was very hard and was straining against his thin cotton trousers. My cock was dripping and rock hard and when I felt his tongue ram itself deep inside my arsehole I was very near coming and that’s unusual for me because normally I can last for ages.
Then things got better as I felt a softer pair of hands massaging my balls and cock and another tongue begin working around my arse. His wife had undressed and was now naked apart from her stockings and was also working my arsehole with her tongue while wanking me. I looked around and saw that he was undressing and yes his cock was big and he was cut and gods did those balls swing between his legs.
He pulled her away from where she was working on my arse and pushed his cock deep into her mouth and began to face fuck her deep down her throat. I by this time had turned around and he now pulled me down onto my knees and lifting his arse up forced my face into his arse hole which I worked with my tongue while she sucked on his cock noisily. Rubbing his arse against my face he was all the time grunting with pleasure.
After a few moments he pulled away from both of us and indicated that we both move over to where some towels where laying on the wooden floor. Both his wife and I kneeled in front of him and I expected him to ask us both to double suck him. He was smiling however and said “I’ve read your blog so I know what you like”. With that he let out a jet of hot piss that soaked her tits and then he directed it straight into my mouth and over my white T shirt and pants. I was fucking soaked but so horny. A big cock hosing me down with piss is my idea of heaven and this was heaven.
When he had finished he indicated that I lay on the floor. “Not finished yet” he smiled again.
With this his wife pulled off my piss soaked underpants and T shirt and then she stood over me so that I had a perfect view of her shaven cunt and watched mesmerised as she now unleashed a stream of piss over my cock and balls that was still rock hard. I noticed that he was also rock hard and wanking at the sight of me being pissed on by his wife. I had never had a woman piss on me so the novelty was amazing.
I was then asked to lay down again while she straddled me with her cunt posed over my face which was quickly filled by his thick cock. If you have never been close up to a cock fucking a cunt or arse then you will not know how fucking exciting that is. Watching that thick cock ride her cunt and those bog balls all the time swinging was amazing. She; while getting fucked by that wonderful cock was sucking greedily on my cock which was dribbling with pleasure. I felt that I may be near shooting my load and I tried to hold back so that I could really enjoy this experience.
I could not help myself. I had to lick her clit as his cock thrust in and out. It was wonderful, a little like licking a tiny penis. It was then even more exciting when he withdrew his cock and pushed it into her arsehole and gave her a really deep arse fuck. She was obviously used to taking it up there and judging by how wet her cunt was she was obviously enjoying it. I began again to lick her swollen clit and to my surprise I was rewarded by a spray of hot sticky stuff which I gathered was her Cumming. I had never before seen a woman cum. I had seen a woman orgasm but never cum, especially in my face. I was both fascinated and excited.
Pulling his cock from her arse and then ramming it back in several times I saw his arse hole tense and I knew that he was shooting his load deep into her arse. Watching a cock jerk as it shoots its load is an experience. When he had finished unloading his balls into her arsehole he slowly withdrew his now semi hard cock which still dribbled white cream. In fact white spunk was dribbling out of her well fucked arsehole and over her wet cunt. I was underneath watching in close up, amazing, this wonderful fuck had taken place just inches above my face which was now covered with a mixture of cunt juice, spunk from her arsehole and piss. HMMM Bliss.
“Oh you’re not finished he said”. As I stood up thinking they had finished.
“She likes a mouthful”.
I then had to stand and wank off into her mouth as he fingered my arsehole and squeezed my balls. It was therefore a full load that squirted out of my knob into her mouth. She swallowed it all.
I have to say of all my experiences, which have been many; this particular event was one of the dirtiest and most amazing experiences that I have ever experienced. Even if I had to drive home with just my jacket on and of course no knickers which were in a plastic bag. But seriously it was not a problem. And I got paid.
I hope they book again because I can’t get that sight of his cock working in and out of her arse out of my mind. In fact I think, considering how hard my cock is that I may have to go and have a wank myself…My mind is so dirty but I’m very glad that I do the job that I do.

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