Monday, 6 May 2013


Hi everyone. I hope that you are all enjoying the bank holiday. I am. I had a wonderful two hour appointment with a really kinky guy. I don't think I have had such fun for a very long time. Lots of piss fun. I have never know a guy piss so much and so often. five times in two hours I was thoroughly hosed down and at the end he pissed on my cock as I wanked myself off...hmmmm. I may relate the full story later or I may keep it for my next book.

I am pleased to let everyone know that I now have a tumblr account. On Tumblr I can possibly be even naughtier and I can put some very naughty photos on and of course you can share yours as well if you have an account and follow me.....we all want to see how dirty you guys can be...all consenting adults of course...

Remember I am around all day today so please give me a call if you fancy an appointment...with the dirtiest masseur in town..

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