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My new domination site is ready. You can view it  HERE It is simple and easy to navigate and an ideal launching spot for my new anthology of erotic short stories which will be published soon and available to download onto your kindle.

If you cant wait to read the book, you can of course ring and speak to me in person on my new wank line. Be as dirty as you want. The wank line No is 07053 580510

Obviously the new service is for those guys looking for role play and perhaps a little spanking, caning fun. My regulars clients will know that this will include, if required, all the dirty sex you can think of.

Domination is of course not a new venture for me. I have clients who have enjoyed exploring their submissive side over many years. Which reminds me of one particular incident, from a few years ago:

I was called to a guys house with his instructions that he wanted to be verbally humiliated, his pants taken down, put across my knee and spanked.

He is a guy in his late thirties, reasonably toned. When I arrived he was dressed in jeans and a t shirt. My instructions was that I was to play the role of his boss who had discovered that he had been rude to a valued customer.

I fell straight into the role. I told him that he was a "fucking disgrace" and "an embarrassment, who deserved to have his bare arse tanned."
" He begged forgiveness, stating that he would never do anything like this again."
I of course was having none of it.

Taking a seat on a suitable chair, I told him to stand in front of me and unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down. He did as he was instructed, turning red, as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down a little.
I pulled him toward me and roughly pulled his jeans down to his ankles before telling him to remove them completely. This left him standing in his little cotton briefs and t shirt.
I noticed that he already had a good bulge showing in his briefs. He was already semi erect, and getting harder I was pleased to note, even though I had not yet touched his cock.

I pulled him across my knee and pulled his pants down over his arse cheeks, revealing his bubble butt. I stroked his arse cheeks roughly, squeezing them, my hand slipping between his legs, so that I could feel his firm balls through the thin cotton of his pants. I couldn't resist squeezing  his cock, which I was pleased to note was now  rock hard.

Suddenly I brought my hand down hard on his buttocks. It was a hard slap, that left a red mark on his soft arse cheeks. He moaned and wriggled on my knee. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my leg, as I continued to tan his arse cheeks with my bare hand.

All the time I was spanking him, I was telling him what a fucking disgrace he was, and that he was a dirty bastard, getting so hard and turned on by my spanking him.
"He should be sorry for his mistake, not humping my fucking leg, while I spanked his arse cheeks." I reprimanded him.

After twelve of the best with my hand across his bare arse I allowed him to stand. He was red in the face, but his cock betrayed how truly excited he was. It stood out a good seven inches, forming a tent in his little pants which still, almost, covered his erection. I noticed the cotton was wet with pre cum.

I slapped his bare arse again, as he stood, trying to avoid my slaps. I had hold of him by his pants however which I now pulled off completely.

His cock was thick I noted and a stream of pre cum oozed out of his piss hole. I took his thick cock in my hand and squeezed it hard, while with my other hand, forced between his legs from the back, I grabbed his balls, squeezing them gently while stroking his cock.
"What the fuck is this," Noting how his cock jerked in my hand, his knob end becoming more moist with every stroke.
"I'm sorry sir," he whimpered.
"You dirty cunt," I yelled at him. "Look, you have got me fucking hard now," I chastised him, as I released him and standing I pulled out my own rock hard cock.
"What you going to fucking do about this then," I demanded.
"I don't know sir," He whimpered.
"On your fucking knees."I demanded as I removed my own trousers and briefs, so that I now wore only my socks, shirt, tie, and suit jacket.
He obeyed and I stood over him, stroking my cock.
"Take it in your fucking mouth, you dirty fucking cunt."
He opened his mouth and I shoved my cock in, forcing it deep down his throat. He began to suck me, using his tongue to lick up and down the shaft, before licking around my balls.
All the time he was sucking my cock I continued to verbally abuse him.

"Show me your arse cheeks." I demanded. He swung around on his keens and putting his head near the ground he presented his arse to my view, pulling his cheeks apart, allowing me a view of his arsehole. It was shaved, the hole itself a puckered circle that just demanded to be fucked.

I once more to slapped his arse cheeks as he squirmed on the floor beneath me. Again and again I slapped him with my hand until his arse cheeks were red. It was his puckered arsehole however kept capturing my attention.

To cut a long story very short, it was not long before I was shoving my thick cock into his tight little arse ring. It was a pure joy to watch my knob end disappear, almost sucked, into that welcoming hole. I remember he was fucking tight. A virgin arse he assured me.
Despite his virginity, he took my cock deep inside his man cunt. I fucked him with long hard strokes, pulling nearly out, before plunging back ball deep once more. I was fucking him like a stallion, and to be honest, although its a great fuck position, especially if your doing a show fuck, it also kills the legs.
I was near shooting my ball load anyway, so pulling out of his arse I told him to get on his knees and to open his mouth. Standing over him once more I told him to lick my balls while I wanked myself off, His tongue was warm and wet around my balls, which he tried to suck individually and together, into his mouth. It was not long before I was ejaculating my ball cream, his tongue slithering over my knob end so that every last drop of spunk was caught and swallowed

Now, how, I thought, was I going to bring this dirty bastard off. Then it occurred to me.
"Lie down, you fucking dirty cunt." I demanded.
He lay down on the floor and I squatted over his face, presenting my arsehole to his tongue. He began to lick my arshole. pushing his greedy tongue deep into my arse ring while he wanked himself off. It was not long before he let out a long muffled groan and ejaculated jet after jet of hot spunk over his T shirt. I remember that a warm spray hit my dangling balls.

That was a few years ago. I've seen this chap several times since then. He is one of my dirtiest clients and I am sure he will recognise himself in this retelling of a very horny encounter. He is probably, like me having a wank over the memory.

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