Friday, 1 August 2014

My New Quickee Service..Whats It All About...

I started this service a few weeks ago. It was partially a reaction to my clients and partly on the advice of another escort who I speak to who also offers a similar service. I have had a few appointments so far and lots of emails. I thought I would write a little piece on what they entail and recount a very dirty, sexy encounter I had this week.

The idea of the quickee is to provide a service to clients who are in a rush or who just want a very basic service. They work like this:

You call (or regulars can text) to make an appointment, giving at least fifteen minutes notice. If I am available I will give you the address. You then come along and have two options. You can:

A) undress and have either a full shower or a hand shower, this is to make sure that your cock, balls and arsehole is clean. You can then either lie on the massage couch or bed (where you can watch porn if you wish) and I will massage your cock and balls with oil and will wank/suck you to completion (in mouth if desired). I can also finger your arsehole while wanking you if want. The appointment is timed at around ten/fifteen minutes.

B) You can just drop your pants and I will wank you off either while watching porn, lying on the bed, or standing. The choice is yours. Unless you wash your cock I won't do oral on you.

Which ever you choose you cannot wank/suck me etc. This is a simple, basic service which is why it is only £20. If you want the full horny massage experience then it is £40 for half an hour, £50 for forty five minutes and £60 for the hour. Each subsequent half hour or part of is an extra £40.

If you want me to fuck you during an appointment, or cum during an appointment then it is an extra £20. I don't really want to charge for services but because I am popular then if I fuck you and cum it means my next client will probably not get the same service because I have already shot my load. Spunking is not called the money shot for nothing in porn.....

If the above sounds a bit clinical then believe me it isn't. Quickee appointments can be as sexy and in their way even dirtier than full appointments.

Yesterday I had a call from a chap wanting a quickee in ten minutes. I rushed to get ready and opened the door to a guy in white overalls covered in splashes of paint, very obviously a decorator. Tall, nice looking. I said come in and I turned to lead him to the studio, but just as I closed the door to the vestibule he nodded to the stairs and said "can't we just do it here." He had a twinkle in his eye so I thought hmm, this guy is a bit kinky.
Anyway I sat on the second step up to be precise, he unzipped his overall and pulled his white boxers down to reveal a heavy, thick cock which he pulled out. I took it in my hand and began to wank him. I took his balls in my hand. they were heavy and I guessed full of creamy spunk.
"Iv'e read your blog," he moaned as I tossed his cock in my hand, his red knob dribbling pre cum as I slipped the skin back and forth. I admit I was tempted to suck him, but I resisted.
"Next time I come," he whispered, "can I piss over your bare arse and spunk over your tight hole." He had me as horny as fuck, thinking why on earth did he not book a full appointment this time. But as I was fantasizing about how dirty the next appointment would be, he let out a groan and his cock began jerking in my hand as he let fly a ball load of spunk over my face. I was drenched, covered in creamy spunk that was running over my nose, over my mouth and down my chin.
He smiled. "Brilliant," as he handed me two £10 notes, zipped up and made to go. I showed him out, careful not to let any neighbor's see me. I was still covered in sticky, thick globules of spunk than was now sliding off my chin. I felt like a really dirty whore. Well I am, but that why I'm so popular.

So that was just one very quick quickee, and very nice it was for both of us. It certainly got me in the mood for my next client, who had booked for an hour, and who I know well. A very kinky guy....but Ill tell that story another time. 

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