Thursday, 28 August 2014


August, being a quiet month, has allowed me to think a little about the services I offer and how I could improve them. The massage business has been very popular. Fans of this blog, of my book, and my many clients, will confirm that I've had some really, really, great sex. Most clients return again and again, so I must be doing something right, or I am just a really dirty bastard. I think probably the latter.

I have always offered domination to clients who have requested that service. This usually consists of verbal abuse, spanking, and for the real enthusiasts, caning. These are usually gentleman who enjoy playing out fantasies of being dominated, either by a headmaster figure, or, by their boss. Mostly they fantasise that they are naughty students or teachers, called to the headmasters office, where they are severely reprimanded, either with a spanking, a paddle on the buttocks, or a good hard caning. Pants are of course pulled down, arseholes are closely inspected, fingered and sometimes even fucked. I am very thorough. It all depends on the fantasy.
The other favourite fantasy is for me to play the boss who calls their employee to the office to be verbally abused, stripped, forced to perform sexually. As you can imagine, these fantasies can lead to some very dirty sex. Oral, rimming, pissing, both ways are popular, and I often end up fingering or fucking the reprimanded employee. I will let you use your imaginations as to the many variations such fantasies could produce.

I have been persuaded to offer this fantasy, domination service, to a wider audience. I am presently working with a web designer, who hopes to have the new simple, but easy to negotiate, website, up and running very soon. It is very Gothic. I cant wait until it is finished.
In the meantime, for those who can't wait, and who may want to book now, my prices will be :-

£50 for half an hour and £90 for an hour. Longer appointments are available. Call 07913 530636

Sexually I offer and am happy to receive/give, oral, cum in mouth, fingering, rimming, pissing.

I can fuck you, but I am top only.

Please note however that I do not do leather, or slings, and nothing to do with scat. So please don't ask.

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