Saturday, 16 August 2014

Another Dirty Teaser From My New Novel...Enjoy

Another dirty extract from my new erotic novel, out hopefully this Christmas. Erotic, dark, ideal present to keep you rigid over Christmas..

I lay on the bed, not sure what to do or what was expected.
He took my hand and placed it around his now hard, thick cock. I squeezed gently and felt his cock respond, seeming to grow harder still as I rubbed my hand up and down the shaft.
He indicated that I remove my pants. I did as he asked and awkwardly pulled them down to my knees as I sat on the bed. My own cock now sprang free, to the delight of his lordship who murmured.
Well my boy,” as he took my stiff cock in his hand and squeezed it. 
I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as he began to stroke my cock gently, but firmly. Not sure what to do I placed my hand once more around his cock and began to stroke him, copying what he was doing to me.
I noticed that I was much bigger than lord Jacob, by at least four inches, and that I was a little thicker as well. My cock size seemed to impress lord Jacob who rolled over so that his face was very near the end of my cock. I could feel his warm breath on my cock end. Then suddenly he took my cock in his mouth. I shuddered and let out a long moan. I had never had anyone do this to me before. His mouth felt warm and soft as he slipped my cock further into mouth, and yet further, until I thought he was going to swallow me to the balls. He repeated the motion several times, taking me deep into his mouth and then almost withdrawing, before swallowing me again. I could feel a familiar pressure in my balls and knew that I would be exploding in his mouth very soon if he carried on doing what he was doing. 
I panicked. What if I did cum in his mouth. A lords mouth. I pulled away a little and he looked up, my cock end still encased in his mouth. I noticed how his eyes were glazed. Sucking my cock was obviously giving him pleasure.
Please,” I stuttered. “ If you carry on my lord I will soon cum in your mouth.”
Not yet my boy.” His lordship slipped my cock from his mouth and lay back , his hands behind his head and indicated with his eyes his own cock, which I was still stroking.
Use your mouth boy.”
I had never held another mans cock before, and now he wanted me to take his cock in my mouth, as he had done mine. He saw my hesitation. 
“Are you truly a virgin.”
I nodded and he laughed.
Well tonight you will taste a man's cock and a man's seed.”
Slowly I lowered my head so that my lips were close to his cock end. I put my tongue out, snake like, and tasted the moist bead of pre cum that oozed from his piss hole. It tasted salty, warm. I licked my lips. I felt his hand on the back of my head, forcing my head down gently. Closing my eyes I opened my mouth and slid his cock between my lips. His cock felt hard, yet soft. I noticed it jerked a little as I began to suck his now very moist cock end further into my mouth. I slowly moved my lips down the shaft of his cock so that I nearly had his whole cock in my mouth and I felt his cock end hit the back of my throat. I felt my throat spasm, as though I were going to be sick. I slipped my mouth off his cock quickly, gagging. Thin strands of saliva bridged between my lips and his cock end. My mouth tasted salty, strange, but also nice. My own cock was aching now and I felt his hand once again begin to stroke me. I was excited, nervous. I smiled as my lord nodded toward his cock, indicating that I should carry on sucking him. 
Once more I took him into my mouth and began to suck him harder. I felt his cock begin to jerk and then I heard him moan as my mouth filled with a sudden eruption of cream, warm and salty, that filled my mouth. I involuntary swallowed. His spunk tasted like warm, thick porridge, as it slipped down my throat. His cock continued to jerk, shooting jet after jet of cream into my mouth so that even as I swallowed as much as I could, some of his cream escaped, and ran down my chin. All the time he was shooting his spunk into my mouth he continued to stroke my cock, and just as his cock finished jerking in my mouth, I also began to shoot my own sperm in hot jets that shot across his hand and over his thigh. I had masturbated many times, but this orgasm, someone else stroking my cock to climax, was the best orgasm I had ever experienced. I could feel my arsehole contract, spasm, with each jettison of spunk that spurted from my cock end over his lordships hand and thigh and over his balls and cock. 
I at last opened my eyes. Lord Jacob was laying still. His eyes were closed.
I am sorry my lord.” I mumbled. My mouth was still sticky and warm from his sperm which still dribbled down my chin.
Hmm,” he murmured. “fetch a cloth boy and lets tidy ourselves.
I did as he asked and with a wash flannel wiped my chin and then his thigh and cock and balls.
When I had finished lord Jacob rolled over and pulled the blanket over him.
Back nice and early boy. I have an early start.”
I nodded, but his eyes were already closed. 
I dressed hurriedly and left the room quietly and crept back to my cot in the kitchen. My mind was racing. I felt dirty and yet excited. As I lay in my cot I felt my cock rise again at the memory of my lords hand gently stroking it. I could not help myself and began to stroke myself to another emission, thinking about the pleasure I had just experienced. Eventually I fell asleep with the knowledge that something very important had just happened. I, of course, did not know just how important.

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