Monday, 29 December 2014

Looking forward To 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas because I certainly did. Thank you so much to those clients who tipped or bought a little present. It is nice to be appreciated. I also have to apologise for having limited availability. I am only one person and as many of my clients know I have other business interests and they took up lots of my time.

I am however availible most days until the 5th of January.

I have of course continued to be as raunchy as always. Lots of nice hard cock to suck on, arseholes to rim and some very bad boys who indulged me in my favourit kink, pissing. getting hard just thinking about one gentleman in particular. I shall write about that little encounter in my next post.

I have sadly had to increse my prices. I now charge £50 for half an hour, £65 for 45 minutes and £80 for the hour. Anyone who has ever booked me know that those prices are still good value considering how rude and dirty I am, as well of course being a very good masseur.

I am also still writing my second "My Dirty Memoirs" the first is still availible on kindle, please treat yourselves and leave a review. I am also still writing my historic erotica, which should have been available for Christmas, but sadly I did not finish in time.

I am also considering doing short stories for Kindle, based on my adventures, which you can download for 99p or some other low price. I would be able to write those quicker, and I know that  my dirty minded readers are dribling in anticipation, if you get my meaning.

I will sign off and wish everyone a happy New Year and I will post another erotic recollection this week for your pleasure and to wet your appetite either for an appointment or for the next kindle book.

Chris xxx

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