Monday, 28 July 2014


My apologies for not posting more but life has been hectic.

A quick update.

I have decided, because of popular demand, to offer quickee appointments costing £20. These will be about ten minutes long and will be a blowjob or hand job, depending of preference. I won't undress and no you cant touch me, so don't take the piss. They are for guys on a tight schedule who just feel horny and who prefer a warm mouth to spunk into rather than a sneaky wank at lunch times.

Now talking about piss, which everyone knows is my favorite kink, I had an appointment recently with a charming guy who gave me a very pleasurable time. He was, like most of my clients married and very much the guy next door type, the sort who has two point five kids and barbecues at weekends.

I began as usual with a massage, paying special attention to his round firm arse cheeks which as I massaged deeper of course spread to allow me access to his to his round dark rimmed man cunt which I began to stroke gently with my fingers. I soon had him moaning with pleasure and when I began to use my tongue he was soon pushing his cunt into my face. As he raised himself off the table I was able to slip my hand between his legs and grab his heavy balls in my hand. I began to pull on them gently as I slipped my tongue around his arsehole, occasionally slipping my tongue in between his cunt lips. Eventually he was on his knees, allowing me to lick around his balls and up to his arse and down again. I began to stroke his short but very thick cock which weighed heavy in my hand. I noticed a dribble of sliver pre cum and being a dirty bastard myself I could not resist taking his knob end in my mouth and sucking on it, running my tongue around his glands and into the piss hole. I soon could feel his cock begin to jerk in my mouth and sensed he was nearing pouring his ball load into my mouth. He pushed me away suddenly. "Too soon," he muttered, climbing off the massage table.

He soon had me across the massage table while he knelt behind me and began to use his tongue on my arsehole, biting the cheeks either either side, and licking the full length of my arse crack. I was in sex heaven. I love being rimmed and when he inserted a finger into my tight arse ring and began to finger me while wanking my cock at the same time, it was me dribbling pre-spunk in bucket loads.

Eventually he pulled away. "Can I ask you something," he muttered, turning red with embarrassment. "of course." I replied, squeezing his finger which was still inserted in my arse ring.
"Can I piss on you?"
"Of course you can," I said, my eyes lighting at the prospect. "Anywhere in particular I asked."
"I've always wanted to piss on someones arse and then perhaps in their mouth."
"Not a problem."
I was soon on my knees with my arse cheeeks spread so that he could piss directly onto my anus. I looked around and saw that he was still hard. Most guys find it difficult to piss through a hard on but not this guy. Before long I felt the first spray of warm piss on my arse cheeks and then a powerful jet hit my arsehole. I slipped my hand between my legs and began to frig my arsehole with my finger as he pissed on it. Piss is like lube, I was soon frigging myself finger deep which must have been a horny sight for my client. Fearing he would run out of piss, and wanting his fantasy to be fulfilled I swung myself onto my knees and opened my mouth and received a salty warm spray of piss which I spat out before he filled my mouth again and then again. I was in heaven, wanking my own piss soaked cock. I began to suck on his cock while he was still pissing, the sensation of hot piss in my mouth and my mouth being stretched around his fat cock was too much for me and with a moan I spunked all over his feet and ankles. By the time he had finished pissing I had finished spunking. I looked up. His eyes were glazed with lust. I was still as horny as hell and without being asked began to suck on his still rock hard cock, slipping his knob end deep into my throat. While I was gobbling his cock I began to pull on his balls and then slipping a hand between his legs I slid a finger into his arsehole and as he throat fucked me I frigged him. Suddenly he let out a load moan and my mouth filled with copious amounts of hot salty spunk. The salty spunk mixing with the salty piss was pure heaven. I am sure I swallowed half his load, the other half slipped out of my mouth and down my chin.
I was happy and he looked like the cat who had got the cream...well he did, all over his feet....

Another happy client I though as he kissed my cheek at the door as he left. I honestly hope he becomes a regular. I like it dirty and I certainly made his dirty fantasy a reality. But that my is job and I love it.

I am hoping for a busy August. Don't be shy, give me a call and pop in for a dirty massage. I am a trained masseur, I just take it that little step further.

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