Sunday, 17 May 2020

My Married Men And Others.

I would say that t least 95% of my clients are married men. I have no problem with this and would suggest that I specialise in married men or men who would say they are predominantly straight rather than gay or bi. Personally I find labels misleading and judgemental really and very limiting. Once you take on a label then so many expect you to immediately fit a list or expectations and rules. I am gay, in that I prefer having sex with men, but then I enjoy seeing single women and M/F couples. So does that make me BI? The truth for me is that humans are sexual and most men enjoy sex and do not especially care whom with. I often point out that before Christianity arrived with its moral structures, men regularly had sex with men, often slaves of course, and nothing was thought odd about it. I do not think much has changed other than societies prudishness.

So why so many of my clients married men? I suspect its because I am discreet, welcoming and have very comfortable accommodation in a very wealthy area of Newcastle. This is not boasting but simply saying that people can park safely, arrive and leave discreetly and enjoy themselves in a space especially designed to fulfil the task of giving a comfortable service. I also do not think I come across as gay, in that I am not camp nor a skinny feminine boy type, quite the opposite, I am quite a muscular, ordinary ( perhaps a bit arty ) guy next door sort of guy. I would add here that there is nothing wrong with being effeminate, indeed some of my clients whom I suspected to be gay on my first meeting with them ended up being the straightest and certainly less adventurous. Besides I have learned over the years that how one person sees themselves and how they are viewed by others can be very different. Was It Robbie burns who said something along the lines of “O wad Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us”?

I see lots of business guys and lots of daddy types, but really all kinds of people. I get a lot of gym bunny types who really enjoy a good massage and being wanked or sucked off at the end. I would say the majority of my appointments are not kinky, just straight massage with a happy ending. Most guys are shy when they arrive and its only on later appointments that they start to experiment a little, but sometimes not all. The whole point is to provide a relaxing and inviting atmosphere where people can enjoy themselves, be themselves and experiment when they are wanting to do so, if ever. 

If I had to answer a question on did I get types of men or did certain men in certain professions want specific things then, I suppose I would agree that the popular assumption of the top business guy wanting to do submissive role play does hold true. I would also say that those from a manual construction background tend to be the kinkiest, so yes I do especially love my plumbers and builders. The younger guys who are into the body beautiful tend to love their massage and happy ending. I suppose we all tend to fall into categories of some sort. I would hate to think what category I fall in to. No, I don't want to know, I can guess. Thanks.

Anyway, hope to see everyone soon for an appointment or you can call for a dirty chat when I can ,as you imagine, be really filthy. I charge £1 min ( min call £10 for 10 minutes) for dirty chat with various ways to pay. Call Chris on 07517 697 569

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