Thursday, 2 July 2020

A lLittle Taster From My New Dirty Novel. Enjoy.

A little treat. A taster from my new book which should be available for the autumn. A perfect little gift to yourself for those dark winter nights. This will be my first true novel and of course it is very, very erotic and I can guarantee that  your balls will be emptied twice each chapter. So enjoy and please call for a dirty wank chat or book an appointment. Call Chris on 07517 697 569

Davis now had a perfect view of the boys arse-ring and of his low hanging wrinkled balls dangling between his thighs, imperfect orbs in a shaved sack of soft skin which Davis cupped gently in his palm. 
Spitting on the boy's arse-ring and then on his finger Davis gently began stroking in a circular motion, his finger around the boys wrinkled dark hole, feeling it clench a little as he stroked. Slipping his hand down further he again weighed the boys balls in the palm of his hand before slipping his hand further between the boys legs and taking a firm hold of his cock, which had now grown hard and throbbed in his grasp. The boys cock was long but thin, which disappointed Davis a little, he liked cocks like his own, thick, a good thick handful, still, he was not too disappointed, the boys balls were danglers, the way he liked them and that arse- ring promised a good tight fuck. 
Dropping, reluctantly, the boys soft cods, he began to undress, removing his jacket and waistcoat and then unbuckling his belt and unfastening the buttons on his trousers he let them fall to the ground where he kicked them off over his shoes. He always kept his shoes on, a habit he had adopted after an incident with a sergeants wife in India several years previously when he had had to make a quick escape, something better done with shoes on then with bare feet. Elisa in the meantime had removed his skirt and was about to remove the women's drawers when Davis stopped him, it aroused his thick member more; seeing the boys cock standing proud from between the slit in the cotton. 
It was next Eliza's eyes which opened wide with surprise, concern and lust, when Davis pulled his shirt up to reveal his thick, heavily veined member which now stood like a proud truncheon above his heavy hairy balls which seemed to dangle almost to his knees. 
“On your knees then you dirty little bitch,” Davis demanded, stepping toward Eliza who fell onto his knees and with trembling fingers took Davis's thick cock in his hand and guided the moist head to his mouth. The sudden warmth of the boys mouth on his knob-end was appreciated by a low moan of pleasure that escaped from Davis who took Eliza's head in his hands and gently held him as he pushed his cock further into his mouth and then, when he had inserted his cock so far that the boy-girl made little choking noises, he began to face fuck the lady boy, with short strokes to begin with, but with each stroke forcing himself a little more down the boys throat, forcing Eliza to gag repeatedly. Davis enjoyed several minutes of face fucking the boy, enjoying pulling his cock almost clear of the boys mouth before pushing it back, hard and deep down his throat. The boy's little throat spasms seemed to grasp his knob-end, bringing him too soon to near climax. Stopping just before he reached the point of no return he reluctantly slipped his cock from Eliza's lips, and he began to rub his thick member over the boys face as the Eliza gasped for breath, his eyes watering with the exertion of accommodating such a thick cock in his throat. Davis noted with pleasure the lust in Eliza's eyes however and how the boys saliva coated his cock, mingling with his pre-cum which hung in silvery rivulets from the piss hole of his swollen wet knob. Davis liked his sex raunchy, rough and vulgar, dirty. “ Good little bitch,” he murmured and pulling Eliza by his hair toward the bed onto which he climbed and kneeling he pulled up his shirt tail and presented his bare arse to Eliza's face as he fell to his knees, “ give my hole a good polish with that tongue of yours,” Davis roughly demanded; pulling Eliza's hair, guiding the boys face to the crack of his hairy arse. Eliza hesitantly at first but then with obvious lust and excitement, pulled Davis's arse-cheeks apart and applied his tongue to the hairy, black-ringed, sweaty arsehole before him and began to tongue and eat Davis's puckered, sweaty ring with a lusty passion. 
Eliza liked his men to be dominant, it brought out the submissive feminine in him and Davis especially had excited him with his coarse language. “Eat that fucking shit hole you little fucking bitch,” Davis demanded; as he pulled on Eliza's hair, pushing his face into his arse, “thats it, lick my balls, right up to my shit hole and down again, that's it, lick harder you little cunt. Thats it, harder, harder you little fuck cunt,” Davis demanded. “Im going to fuck your shitter so hard you won't be able to work for a week you dirty bitch.” 
After several minutes of having his arse-hole licked clean Davis slipped off the bed and roughly pulled Eliza onto the bed and onto his back, pushing the boys legs in the air and then back, toward his head, so that the boys arsehole was fully exposed. 
Spitting a thick globule of saliva onto the boys arse-ring Davis guided his thick cock to the boys puckered hole, spitting again onto his cock-end, before rubbing his knob around the boys arse-ring, warming him up, getting him ready for when he began pushing firmly against the puckered anus and as Eliza moaned Davis's cock end slipped inside the tight outer muscle. Eliza pushed back at the sudden pain and Davis stopped for a second, smiling cruelly. “Whats wrong bitch, not liking my man's cock up yer, ehh?” He laughed. “Your hurting sir, your too big you bastard.” Eliza sobbed. “Bastard eh?” Davis crudely laughed. “You wait until Tommy learns how you talk to your customers,” Davis pushed his cock roughly and ploughed deep into the boys arse and began to fuck him with long hard strokes as the boy began to pull on his own cock, enjoying the fuck, the pleasure of having a thick cock deep inside him, ripping his arsehole apart. Eliza moaned and bit his lip, rolling his eyes with pleasure, riding on the thick cock that stretched his tight arsehole, pushing down to meet each hard thrust as Davis roughly fucked his tight arse.

Hope you enjoy and that I hear from you soon.

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