Friday, 1 May 2020

Missing My Randy Clients.

Dear readers and clients, I have been working on my next dirty book and have some dirty stories nearly ready to publish for you to buy for 99p on Kindle. More details to follow soon

Glad to see my previous book "My Dirty Memoirs" is still selling and, it seems, keeping every ones cock rock hard. Please remember not to wank too much however, but to keep some of that hot sperm for me. Seriously I am missing my clients so much, especially my really dirty ones. I am presently having so many vivid dirty dreams where I am rimming tight little arseholes or having gallons of hot piss raining down on me that I can't sleep without at least two wanks a night. I'm exhausting myself.... well, no, I just needing some cock :-) Honestly, when you are used to attending the needs of demanding cocks on a daily basis to then be denied even one cock for weeks is more than a hot blooded cock hungry masseur like myself can cope with.

I genuinely hope all my randy clients will visit soon to have their needs fully satisfied. In the meantime, if you cannot visit then please call me for a dirty wank £1 per minute (07517 697 569) with various ways to pay or just to let me know you are missing my services. I have heard from several clients just calling to see how I am coping and promising to visit. Thank you for those calls.

In the meantime I have cleaned the massage studio from top to bottom, done the garden, tidied the house and have become a true domestic goddess. Anything to stop me thinking about my randy clients and their hard cocks.

I hope that everyone is keeping well and keeping safe and I honestly hope to see clients as soon as they feel that they can visit for some discreet fun.

Christopher Harlot.... the presently frustrated Harlot.

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