Thursday, 19 March 2020

Dirty Minds. A Taster And Link to My Dirty Memoirs.

DIRTY MINDS. A taster of my true lived experience as an erotic masseur.

Despite this horrible and very annoying pandemic I am pleased to say that my clients still have rampant cocks which need to be satisfied.

A couple of days ago a newish client booked for the second appointment. Lets just say he was less interested in the massage on his second appointment. While he was showering I had undressed and was leaning over the massage table putting on and arranging new towels when I felt his hand between my legs gently squeezing my balls. Being me, I had my arse pushed up straight away and spreading my legs and leaning over the table I felt his finger stroke around my arsehole, teasing me. I love having my arsehole stroked and teased and when he knelt behind me and began to run his tongue around my wrinkled little hole I began to groan appreciatively. Thinking logically as always, and wanting to make his job easier I quickly climbed onto the massage table on my knees and head down and arse in the air, totally exposed, I spread my legs further so that he not only had a good view but could stroke my cock while shamelessly rimming my arsehole to perfection. He was good with his tongue, pushing in hard, teasing, deep into my twitching wrinkled hole, then he slowly licked in a circle around the rim before stroking his tongue down to my balls and up again. Seriously, I am famous for my rimming, but this guy was a master.

Strings of pre-cum now dribbled in silver, sticky, glistening strings from my cock-hole. I felt his fingers pull my throbbing cock back between my legs, naturally pushing my arse yet further into the air. I closed my eyes, such was the intensity of the pleasure as he stroked my throbbing cock gently, yet firmly, up and down. I felt him pull my cock back toward him and then I shivered as his tongue licked around my glistening glands savouring the salty taste of my pre-cum. The sensations were now unbearably divine and intense and putting my hand back and behind his head I pushed his face back up toward my arsehole. He stroked with his wet tongue along my shaft , over my shaved balls, between my legs and then onto my exposed hole where he drove his tongue deep into my twitching wrinkled orifice making me moan loudly, “god, your a dirty bastard,” I turned to face his smiling face and he nodded.......

Thats all your getting for now readers... This is just the sort of story based on true experience which will be available soon on kindle. Look out for links. Also to speak to me personally for really dirty chat ( £1 a minute.) Call to discuss ways to pay call 07517 697569

Remember that I already have My Dirty Memoirs available to buy on Kindle. It is now, I have been told, a blue classic. It makes me rock hard and I wrote it and lived all the experiences described. Please give yourself a treat. You will not be disappointed.

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