Thursday, 24 March 2022


 After an incredibly busy January and February, March has been weirdly quiet. A few new clients have kept things ticking over. I have had a few days off as well. I had a cold and being your typical man, it was of course man flu and I spent three days in bed a martyr to blocked sinuses, headaches and feeling totally miserable. Thankfully I seem back to normal and looking forward to entertaining my deliciously perverse clientele.

Aside from the appalling war in Ukraine and the shocking rise in fuel costs which will affect everyone including myself, I was shocked ( as were thousands of other sex workers) to notice that the government has sneaked a new amendment into the online security bill. The amendments would criminalise online hosts that advertise sex work with heavy fines and threats of imprisonment for owners/managers of such sites. They did this in America with disastrous results for sex workers who lost their independence to operate and control their own businesses. In America all sex work is criminalised ( with the exception of a few brothels in Nevada), and both being a sex worker and a client is illegal. Here in the UK a sex worker is legal provided they work alone and the client is perfectly legal provided they are not kerb crawling. I work from my own premises and work alone and so my clients are breaking no laws. Despite my legality however (and the legality of thousand of other sex workers) the government, if this bill is passed unamended, will potentially deny my right to advertise. I have no idea how this potentially may affect myself or others, it may possibly not, but just in case I urge anyone reading my blog to make a note of my number if they intend booking an appointment or booking a wank chat, just in case. You could also write to the home secretary or/and your MP if possible explaining that this amendment is dangerous and would deprive thousands of sex workers of their independence and ability to control their working environment and to vet their clients. I will give a link to an article explaining the amendments. I personally will be writing to both my MP and the home secretary, but this government seems to have a deaf ear even to its MPs and voters, so I do not expect even a response. The sad fact is that governments use the excuse that they are protecting sex workers from exploitation by pimps, but they in reality push sex workers into the hands of pimps and criminals who exploit both them and their clients. As an independent sex worker/masseur I work when I want, can vet my own clients and see whomever I please and charge whatever I want. Having control over your own business and your advertising is vital if sex workers are to remain safe and free from exploitation. 

On a lighter note I have had a few enquires from couples and from women. I do see women occasionally as well as couples. I do not promise to fuck women however, but if a woman is happy to enjoy a warm oil massage that is both relaxing and sensual and erotic I am more than happy to offer the service. With m/f couples I am happy to offer a helping hand and tongue or whatever. 

With previous couple appointments I usually concentrate on the woman for the massage, massaging the warm oil into her breasts and then slipping my hand between her legs to gently massage her slit, stroking gently dow to her anus and then over her cunt lips and as she gradually relaxes and become moist I begin to slip my finger inside her cunt, stroking deeper with every stroke as she opens up. If she has very sensitive nipples I play with them or use my tongue and teeth to tease and bite, usually all the time stroking her wet cunt, slipping my fingers inside and rubbing her clit. If the male partner is around he is usually stroking his cock by now and depending on his kink is either watching my fingers fuck her cunt or he watches me bite her engorged nipples. Sometimes I let him take charge of the nipples which leaves me free to concentrate on her cunt. By this stage she usually has her legs wide open allowing me to access her wet cunt fully. Although gay I do enjoy watching a most cunt being fingered or fucked. I like to bite and lick the clit while fingering her cunt, enjoying the wet, warm moist softness as I slip my fingers deep inside or just rubbing her cunt lips, squeezing and teasing them. Every woman, like every man, is different in what they like. Some women also like to have their arseholes fingered and so using the warm sticky cunt juice as lube to slide a finger in her arsehole while also fingering or licking her clit I pleasure her until she moans and I feel her cunt and/or arsehole muscles grip my fingers. By this stage both the man and woman are fully aroused and so moving through to the bed I get her to adopt a doggy position and then, after sucking his cock, which is usually dribbling copious pre-cum. I then like to  slide my head between her legs and guide his cock into her cunt. I love the watching a hard cock slide ball deep into a woman's cunt or arse. I then like to lick his cock and balls as he slides in and out of her cunt  or to just lick his balls if he is fucking her arse and when he comes it is amazing watching his balls swinging and then his cock jerking as it shoots spunk inside her pussy, or sometimes, if I am lucky, he pulls out and shoots it over her cunt, so that some dribbles into my mouth. On one occasion a client did this and the woman, her cunt covered in spunk, sat up and rubbed her cum covered cunt over my mouth and face until she orgasmed and, well, my face was covered in sticky sperm and cunt juice. perversely satisfying for everyone concerned. My other favourite is to get behind the man while he fucks his wife and to grab his balls and pull them gently or suck them. On one memorable occasion I rimmed a mans arsehole while he fucked his wife and then inserted my finger deep into his arsehole just as he shot his spunk deep into her cunt. As he withdraw he allowed me to suck his cock. Yummy taste of spunk and cunt juice. I have however done many things with different people. On one occasion I fucked a guy while he was fucking his wife and on another occasion I fingered her arsehole while she rode his cock. Basically, my job is to assist in whatever fantasy is required. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that I have given you some ideas. As I said, I am open to wank chat and taking dirty about whatever fantasy you have and of course I am happy to meet in person for a good massage and some fun thrown in. Please store my number just in case advertising becomes difficult. I will post the link as promised above. Take care and do not wank alone, phone a friend or better still book a dirty no holds barred appointment with your local dirty masseur. 

Click here to view the Safety Bill and the proposals curtesy of an article in the Independent.

Tel 07517 697569 for an appointment or wankchat  Please store this number if possible, just incase and then you can contact me for some fun whatever this government (or future governments) decides to do regarding advertising. I hope that sufficient pressure from sex workers and their clients mixed with common sense will prevail. Fingers and whatever else crossed.

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