Tuesday, 8 March 2022


 A client asked the other day how I managed to have sex everyday with different people. This was at least a variation on the usual reproach that I must be rampant sexually when I go off on holiday. The truth is that although I enjoy sex, I am not a sex maniac,I am not constantly erect and hunting for erotic encounters. If I did not do this job I would probably be happily married and living a life of domesticity, reading, writing and cooking and of course caring for animals, which is my passion. The reason I have done this job for 20 years is that I enjoy the adventure of meeting new people and helping them enjoy themselves and explore sex. I often describe my job as being a mixture of sex therapist and a masturbatory tool. I hope I excite my clients to explore their sexuality and to stimulate their imagination while providing a guilt free and safe environment in which to indulge. I never call clients or pester them or require any form of relationship, although my regulars become a bit like old lovers, which is nice. I get to know their kinks and desires and try to please as best I can. I am certainly cheaper than a mistress or toy boy/man. I am un-shockable and happy to help you explore your sex-kinks.

I have at last got back to the gym. After two years in the house I desperately needed to tone up a little, not that I will ever be a gym bunny. My sex chat line is doing well, I am shocked and delighted at how dirty the minds of my clients can be. I love a little kink, everyone now knows about my passion for being pissed on and I have discovered the joy of being spanked, not too hard, but with a little spanking and toying with my arsehole, I am happy as the proverbial in er,,, well, you know what I mean (but not literally, just not my scene, no scat. YUK). 

I would like to apologise to a couple of cross dressers who have asked for an appointment. I do not like turning anyone away, but cross dressing does absolutely nothing for me sexually and yes, I can give you a massage, but for the fun bit, I would be pretending and that is something I am not very good at. I love role play, but I am gay because I like men who are men, which is why I love my married men who make up probably 90% of my client base. I have absolutely nothing against cross dressing, if that is your kink etc, but its not for me.

I had a really interesting appointment the other day with a very short man who was hung like a donkey. I kid you not. His cock when flaccid hung to his knees and when erect he could give himself a good blow job by just bending his head forward. I am not a size queen by any stretch of the imagination, cock size genuinely does not bother me much, but this chaps cock was so exceptionally big I was just glad that I do not get fucked, because literally it would have tickled my tonsils. YEP. I do love having a hard cock rubbed and pushed against my arsehole and having my hole spunked on is pure heaven)

I began as always with the client on his front and I began to massage his back and slowly worked my way between the cheeks of his arse. He had a round, perfectly puckered hole that just demanded to be tongued. Naturally it was not long before my tongue was licking around the rim of his arsehole, and judging by the moans, he was enjoying my rimming. As my regulars know, I love to get my tongue deep into a clean arsehole and so urging him to a kneeling position I attacked his anus again and spreading his arse cheeks with my hands buried my head and flicked my tongue deep into his puckered hole. Pushing his arse back he helped facilitate my tongue in fucking his arse while I held his balls in my hand and pulled on them gently, making him moan. I ended up with my face in his arse, my tongue fucking deep into his anus while I pulled his balls with one hand and stroked his hard and substantial member with my other hand. I was in heaven and I think, judging by the moans and the wet pr-cum that moistened his knob end, he was more than happy. 

Soon it was time for him to turn over. Spreading his legs I cleverly slipped one finger into his arse while also fondling his balls, which hung low, almost covering his arsehole, while with my other hand I held his cock and slipped as much of it into my mouth as I was able, I guess I managed the first 5 inches of his cock, which was mainly his knob end. I kid you not, he must have been 14 inches long. My sucking his cock while fingering his arshole was rewarding me with lots of salty pre-cum and pulling away for breath I noticed he looked pleased as silky strands of my saliva and sticky pre-cum hung from my mouth. I did feel like a complete slut, but i was very happy, even when he grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck me in the mouth, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. Suddenly he moaned and released a torrent of sticky warm sperm into my throat forcing my to swallow, but there was so much that it was impossible to take it all and some spilled from my mouth, over my chin and down the girth of his cock to his balls. Wow, I murmured as I looked up, my eyes moist with exertion and through trying to breathe and swallow his cock at the same time, but I was happy. I do not mind a little rough sometimes or the fact that he had at most stroked my arsehole, which is something I enjoy. Sometimes just giving pleasure ia as good as receiving it, not that I complain when clients please me. I have one client who fingers me to perfection, often making me have an internal orgasm which is so intense. If you have never had an internal orgasm, you really do not know what you are missing.

Enough sex talk. I hope you enjoyed my reminiscing of this encounter with a client. I would however prefer to see you in person. So do not be shy because a shy boy does not get cock to play with and is a boring old.... So give me a call to either book a face to face appointment or to perhaps book a dirty wank chat session. You can do both by calling 07517 697569 . Hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime no wanking, you will go blind, well, unless you get your favourite masseur to do it for you.

PS. Where is my dirty piss slave who loves to rim me nice and clean and to eat chocolate out of my arsehole. I am in need of a good clean, so give me a call. I know that you read the blog. You will need a very hard spanking, if not a canning. Bad slave.  I will recall such an encounter for the entertainment of my readers at a later date.


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