Thursday, 28 April 2022


 Spring seems to have arrived and at last things are getting back to normal. I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter break and naturally I am ready to service the need of my randy clients. I have made a few changes in the massage suite and have a new bed, so all ready for some fun. I have been asked if my prices are staying the same considering the massive rise in the cost of living, especially energy bills. Like any business I have rising costs for gas and electricity and even massage oil has jumped in price, plus a mortgage to pay. I have considered this and have decided for the moment to keep prices the same, but tips are of course welcome. I will see how things go and perhaps revisit prices in the summer, but I will do my best to keep prices the same.

Naturally I have had more than a few adventure of the erotic kind including an interesting encounter with a younger regular guy. Things started as normal on the massage table with a warm oil massaged into his back and naturally my fingers soon found their way in between his arse cheeks. Stroking his little puckered arsehole it was not long before his arse was in the air and my hand had slipped casually between his legs to cup is shaved balls and stroke his hard cock. Any notion of a massage was of course soon forgotten as I next pressed my face between his spread arse cheeks and my wet, hot tongue stroked his puckered anus. Inserting my tongue into his puckered ring made him moan with pleasure. Nothing I find beats a deep tongue fucking of a tight hole and it is after all my speciality, well, that and being pissed on, my personal favourite kink. 

Before long we slipped through to the bedroom and laying on his back I pushed my clients legs back and spreading his legs exposing his cock, balls and anus. Without hesitation I was soon on my knees and licking his tight hole, sucking on his balls and of course slipping his cock down the back of my throat.  Copious amounts of pre-cum told me he was near exploding his load so we decided to change positions and assumed a 69 with me on top so that he could lick my balls and suck my cock. I enjoyed ramming my cock down his throat and giving him a good face fuck which I thoroughly enjoyed while again licking his balls and sucking his cock down my throat. All good fun, but it was time I thought to give him a good fucking, so pushing his legs back again so that his anus was fully exposed I slipped my hard cock into his arsehole and rode him until I felt my balls churn with an explosion approaching and soon spunked my load deep inside his arse. Pulling out I cleaned up and asked  if he fancied being fucked with a toy while I sucked him off. By his smile I assumed he thought it a good idea.

So we stared with a small toy first, a little beginners dildo. I licked his balls and stroked his cock as I slipped the dildo in and out of his stretched arsehole. After a while I asked if he wanted something bigger and again a smile on his face suggested he did, so, inserting a full 10 inch cock shaped dildo, complete with balls, I slowly fucked him, watching the fat cock slipping in and out of his stretched arsehole, all the time licking and playing with his balls and sucking on his cock. Feeling my cock getting hard again I thought he needed to finish with a real cock inside him and so removing the dildo slowly from his puckered and stretched hole I slipped my cock once more into his arse and fucked him while stroking his cock with my hand that I had covered in lube. Sensing he was near coming once more I decided to finish not with my cock inside him as he squirted his ball load of spunk but rather with the big cock dildo once again inserted deep into his arse. In truth I fancied a mouthful of hot spunk. Nothing beats the sensation and taste of hot spunk squirting into your mouth. So, sucking on his cock and licking his balls while I slowly fucked him with the thick dildo I was soon rewarded for my efforts with a mouthful of creamy spunk squirted deep into my mouth and spilling over my chin ran down onto his balls. Interesting fact, but there is something so erotic watching a mans anus grip a cock inserted deep in his arse as he ejaculates. 

 Another very enjoyable encounter and a happy customer de-spunked was soon on his way back to work with a big smile on his face. 

I hope he enjoys this description of our encounter because I know that he is a big fan of the blog. He informed me he has had many a happy wank while reading the blog. Good, that is what it is for.

After a quick tidy and wash I then had to do a very dirty wank-chat with another phone chat regular. It is never a dull day.

So a reminder that I am available for appointments on a one to one for massage and fun or of course, or you can book an infamous wank-chat. I charge £1 a minute, with a minimum £10, with lots of different ways to pay. You can can carry unused minutes over, so, treat yourself to say £20 of chat time and divide it between a number of wank encounters. Remember that you can be as dirty as you like on a wank chat, in fact the dirtier the better. Call Chris on 07517 697569 

Looking forward to lots of happy encounters over the coming weeks. take care everyone and enjoy life, its very short and remember shy boys get no cock.

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