Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Dealing With The present Coronavirus Pandemic

Still Open for Business.

Dealing with the present Coronavirus Pandemic.

I thought it important to inform clients of what is happening during the present crisis over the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Obviously this is a worrying time for everyone and advice from the government is changing almost daily. I will try and keep everyone informed.

I remain at the moment open for business. Visiting me is no more risky than filling your car with petrol or shopping at any supermarket. The virus is spread through contact with surfaces touched by an infected person. Provided surfaces are disinfected then risk of infection is minimal if non existent. Provided you are showing no signs of symptoms, that is no recent coughs, temperatures, aches or pains, (basically if you are showing signs of a cold or flu,) then you are safe to visit. If you are showing any of these signs then I would strongly advise you not to visit.

When you arrive you must have a hot shower, ( I always shower before an appointment), when you leave I now wash not just your shower towel, but all towels and sheets etc that you have been in contact with on a 90% wash and all surfaces are disinfected. Basically I am doing all I can to make sure that everything is as safe as possible. Obviously I am regularly tested for everything related to STDs and I am pleased to say that in 17 years I have never had any infections related to my work. Clients can carry on booking knowing that they are as safe as it is possible to be. This is my business and I need your support to survive and to carry on offering the service that has been so appreciated over the last 17 years.

I understand that clients will nevertheless by worried and with this in mind I am offering some new services which will I hope keep you all happy. If we are all forced to self isolate then we may well need a good wank to keep sane.

If you wish to visit and are worried about physical contact then I am happy to offer a to view service. Basically you can pay to watch me play with myself. Call to discuss prices.

I am also offering a phone sex service with prices starting at £10 for ten minutes which you can pay in a number of easy ways including by card. This allows for you to be as dirty as you like over the phone and you can store minutes ie, if you book half an hour for £30 and only use ten minutes, then you can carry the remaining minutes over.

Other ways in which you can help over this difficult period. Some clients have already paid for ( or partially paid for) appointments in advance in order to help financially ( remember we sex workers cannot rely on banks or the government to help us out, so we rely on our clients). If you are able to do this then I will be happy to bank your appointments for after the present panic has subsided.

If you can think of any other service that I could offer then please let me know.

Please call me for an appointment or to book a sex chat on 07517 697569

Thank you..keep happy.

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