Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Apologies And A New Dirty real Life Encounter With One Of My Regular Married Gentlemen Remembered.

It seems ages since I last wrote anything for the blog. My only excuse is that I have just been incredibly busy with work and loads of personal stuff. I nearly had a major disaster when my new laptop suddenly decided to die losing three books i have been working on over the last two years . Somehow and after three experts had attempted to access my files, I was able to retrieve the manuscripts, so I am still on course to hopefully get my next erotic novel published for Christmas.

In the meantime I have had lots of incredibly sexy encounters....

One of my regulars is also into my favourite kink, watersports. He is a good looking daddy type, with not a bad body and a nice cock and dangling balls which I love to suck, usually I try my best to take them both in my mouth, while he wanks his big cock over my face, but I, as usual, get ahead of myself and this particular encounter was a little different.

When he arrives he is always dying for a piss and this occasion was no exception. He arrived smiling and undressing he calls me, now also naked, into the shower. He smiles wickedly, "are you ready he asks," pointing his cock at my face. I lick my lips and he begins to piss, first with a few dribbles, which I lick from his knob-end, sucking the thick bulb into my mouth until suddenly a torrent of hot piss hits my tongue and quickly fills my mouth. He is one of those guys who is able to piss from a semi erect cock and as he pisses into my mouth I begin to suck his cock, taking his semi-erect thick, pissing cock deep into my throat as I use my fingers to pull gently on his heavy balls.  His piss is now flowing, hot, tasting slightly salty, into my mouth and then over my lips and running down my chest, falling onto my cock and balls. My cock is now rock hard of course and I rub his hot piss over my cock and over my balls. He watches what I am doing and pulling his still pissing cock from my mouth he directs his piss at my cock, giving it a good wash as I use his hot piss as lube, wanking my cock and pulling on my balls. I feel his piss running down my legs and under my balls and stretching my hand back I rub my arsehole with my fingers, using his warm piss as lube to tease myself.

I look up, his eyes are filled with lust and he nods his head, which is my signal to turn around and kneeling I bend over so that my head is touching the floor and my arse is sticking in the air. In this position I can pull my arse-cheeks apart and he can direct the last remaining stream of his hot piss directly onto my arsehole. The sensation of his piss directly hitting the centre of my arsehole is delicious and I encourage him by pushing my finger into my tight hole, using his piss as lube I frigg my own anus for a few minutes, slipping my finger deep inside while he watches.

At last I feel the last drops of his piss hit my arse cheeks and turning around onto my knees I again take his cock into my mouth and begin to suck greedily on his cock which is now rock hard and tasting of salty piss. I happily suck on his cock, sucking his thick shaft deep into may mouth until he eventually pulls his cock free  and indicates that I climb onto the massage table on my knees so that again my arse is up in the air. I feel his hands on the cheek of my arse and he pulls them apart so that he has access to my piss washed anus. I hear him purr before I feel the hotness of his tongue as he begins to rim me, pushing his tongue into my arsehole and then running his tongue around the puckered hole, before once gain tongue fucking me. While he is rimming me I am wanking my cock furiously, moaning with pleasure. I am enjoying his tongue so much that I am a little peeved when he stops and helping me from the table he takes my place and presents his arse for my view.

The sight before me is incredibly sexy, his round brown ring winking at me and his balls heavy and dangling, I can't resist taking them in my hand as my tongue begins to assault his arse-ring, running around his puckered hole, slipping into the ring, teasing him.  As I do so my hand slips from his heavy balls and grabbing hold of his thick cock I began to wank his shaft while licking his arsehole. I hear him moan with pleasure and rubbing my fingers over his cock end I feel the sticky pre-cum dribbling copiously from his piss hole. I felt that he was near, so ask him to lie flat on the massage table. He obliges as I take his cock deep into my mouth while my fingers, now slippery with warm oil, slip between his legs, rubbing and pulling his balls a little before locating his arsehole which I rub with gentle circular motions around the puckered rim before slipping my finger inside him. I then begin frigging his arsehole while deep throating him, feeling his knob end touching my tonsils, making me gag, but I carry on sucking him hard while frigging his arsehole, my finger now fully inserted. With a sudden jerk of his cock, deep in my throat and his anal ring gripping my finger I am rewarded with copious jets of ball cream drenching my tonsils, filling my mouth, forcing me to swallow his spunk, hot and warm and sticky. He shoots so hard and so much that I can't possibly swallow all of it and his thick spunk dribbles from my mouth and down over his balls. I look up, his knob still in my mouth as I suck every last drop of sperm, his eyes are rolling, "I m seeing fucking stars," he mutters and he looks down laughing as I finally release his cock from my mouth. I must look a sight `i realise, his cum dribbling down over my chin, thick and sticky.

So folks, as you see, I have been busy.

I you want to make an appointment call chris on 07517697569 and join my band of happy married gentlemen who like a safe, discreet but dirty sex encounter. M/F couples and single females also welcome.

Sensual dirty massage with a happy ending guaranteed.

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