Monday, 20 July 2015

NAUGHTY DADDY TYPES...are more fun

Life as an erotic masseur has its ups and downs; like any job, but usually there are more ups than downs and certainly plenty of hard erections to keep a horny guy like myself more than happy. I especially like the dirty daddy types, the type who are married, ordinary guys, with very dirty imaginations.

A couple of days ago, as an example, I opened the door to a new client, a mddle aged, tyically married guy, who greeted me with a smile and that twinkle in his eye that kind of lets me know that he would be up for a bit of dirty fun.

He showered and I noticed in the mrirror that he paid particular attention to soaping his arsehole; which made me smile, I love to rim a guy, but only if, like me, he is scrupulously clean in that area, know what I mean. He was still in good shape and had lovely pendulous bull balls; which swung as he walked. I admit, I am very much a ball pervy guy, my idea of heaven is to have a heavy pair of testicles bouncing on my face, seriously, that and being pissed on, are my two favourite kinks. But enough of my personal fantasies.

He hoped onto the table and as he did so I caught a glimpse of his round little arsehole, nicley puckered, just the way I like them. I began the massage as normal, with the warm oil slipping between his bottocks. As I massaged his bottocks, my fingers somehow, (intentionally,) stroked over his anus, rubbing the hot oil deep into his little tight hole, which of course made him moan gently and open his legs to allow me easier access. I knew, I told myself, you can always tell a perv and to be honest, I should know.

My regulars know that I rarely turn down an invitation to get my tongue up a willing arsehole and so, once he was nicely relaxed and excited, I had my head down and began running my tongue around his arsehole rim, all the time squeezing his balls very gently, they felt deliciously heavy in my hand.

His cock was now rock hard and I gave it a few stroked while I continued to rim his arse. He was dribbling pre-cum now and so we both agree that it was time that we made our way through to the bedroom, where he asked me to kneel on the bed, head down and arse cheeks spread. He was on his knees in seconds and was straight into my tight little hole with his tongue, rimming my arse like a professional. He soon had my cock dribling as his tongue stroked around my rim and then, when he slipped his finger inside me, I was in heaven, moaning like a bitch and wishing he would use two fingers and really stretch my arsehole, just the way I like it to be teased.

I realised before long that I was near coming, so, I indicated that if I lay on my back, he could sit on my face and let me retrun the plaesure he had just given me. His arse tasted delicious and when he pulled back I was able to begin to lick his balls, lovely heavy round orbs, that I sucked greedily into my mouth, making him moan with pleasure. He pullled back a little more and slipped his thick dribbling cock into my mouth and pushed it deep down my throat, at the same time taking my cock into his own mouth. Sucking my cock, while fingering my arsehole, while I sucked on his cock, which he thrust deep into my mouth, soon had us both near orgasm and when I slipped my finger into his tight spittle lubbed arsehole it was just to much and with a final thrust he slipped his jerking cock deep into my throat and began to cum, shooting jet after jet of salty spunk into my mouth and down my throat. Fuck, the sensation of hot spunk jetting into your mouth is just so erotic, i'm rock hard writing this and remembering the sensation, but I digress, I was now ready to cum myself and before he had finished jerking I squirted my own ball load, filling his mouth with my hot thick spunk. We both now had our mouths full of hot ball cream and we were both totally delighted. Laughing we mopped up the residue that was spilling down our chins.

He was delighted with my performance, I of course was more than happy, nothing like a dirty daddy type to make me hot and horny. I do hope he will become a regular. I need more daddy types looking for good, dirty and raunchy sex. Thats why I am a popular male masseur I presume..

call 07517 697569 to book an appointment, i'm usually around and willing to please.

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