Sunday, 15 March 2015


I have had, I am glad to say, my usual lust filled January and February. Some guys are just insatiable. Lots of lovely massage and rimming and fingering and fucking. No horny piss guys...where are you all hiding. My regular Piss guy who often managed three or four good piss showers in an hour has been missing for three months. I am sure he will be back, but i do miss his especially dirty fun appointments.

I have, however, in the meantime, become infamous for my prostate massage. One regular client recently shot his load of spunk so hard it nearly sprayed the ceiling, leaving the poor man quite dizzy and drained. He is an especially lovely guy with a nice body and a big cock and an arsehole you could rim for ever.

On his last visit we started as usual with a massage using warm oils, but very soon he had his arse in the air and my lips sucking on his tight puckered arsehole. His hole is deliciously puckered and you can't not want to dive in and taste it.

I began as usual by licking around his arsehole and then running my tongue down between his legs and then over his big hairless, heavy balls. I like to suck them individually into my mouth before trying, unsuccessfully, to get them both into my mouth at the same time. I then like to pull his big thick cock back between his legs and to lick around the glands, sliding half his knob into my mouth to see how much I can take down my throat. All the time I am doing this I like to rub my fingers around his saliva lubed arsehole and when I get his cock deep into my throat I slip a finger into his arsehole and and he moans loudly as i continue to suck on his cock and frig his arse with my finger at the same time.

Releasing his cock from my mouth I continue to finger fuck his arsehole, probing deeper and deeper into his anus until I find that little hot button, his prostrate. When I have stroked his prostrate for a short time and he his moaning and groaning with pleasure I ask him to turn around. lying on his back I am able to begin to deep throat his cock, taking it deep into the back of my throat until I almost gag and have to come up for air, then, pouring hop oil onto the end of his knob, which makes his moan even more and provides even more lubrication which allows my hand and then my mouth, alternatively, to slide over his cock shaft and around his knob end. This brings him close to climax and he has to indicate for me to slow down.

I then give him a little rest while I lube my fingers with gel and then I begin to probe his anus again, pushing one and then two fingers into his arsehole, again searching for that magic button. By now his legs have spread wide open and  I am alternatively sucking his cock and then his balls while I wank his cock with my oiled hand. I am all the time massaging his prostrate, my fingers deep inside his arsehole and he is moaning and groaning with pleasure.

I like bringing him to near climax and then slowing things down, over and over and over again. While I am dong this he likes to play with my cock and balls and better still he likes to frig my arsehole, pushing one and then two fingers deep into my anus while I work on his cock.

On his last visit, without notice, while I was pleasuring his anus and prostrate with my fingers, he let out a deep moan as, unable to resist the sensation of his prostrate being massaged and his balls being licked while I wanked his cock, he ejaculated in strong spasms, jet after jet of spunk that shot straight toward the ceiling. I admit I was a little pissed off because normally he shoots his heavy thick load of sweet tasking spunk down my throat, but I forgave him because it was just amazing seeing the look on his face as the spunk jetted out of his piss hole, covering my hair and chest and even landing on his and my face.

When he had finished he lay exhausted, his fingers still buried deep in my arse. I slipped my fingers from his arsehole gently and laughing pulled his fingers out of mine before handing this a towel to clean himself. He was a very happy gentleman and is one of my favourite clients for very obvious reasons. If only I could persuade him to try a little watersports....If he is reading this and no doubt smiling, perhaps next time?

A little good news i that I have more availability this month but I am off over Easter.
Have fun and don't be good...its very dull.


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