Monday, 26 May 2014


A short extract from my new novel. It is an erotic, Gothic, historical tale of lust and horror. I hope to have it finished before Christmas. It is a gory read but as you will expect, very, very erotic. But it is also a novel you will not feel embarrassed to have on your kindle if you share it with a partner..I know my married men you see and I know what they like..

I realised then for the first time that the most barbaric cruelty could be corrupting and revolting and yet exciting and enthralling at the same time. Something about that mixture of revenge, blood and terror, could be used to manipulate the most decent of people into a baying mob.
I glanced across at the prince who sat watching from the comfort of his chair surrounded by laughing and joking nobles, to whom he now seemed oblivious. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. He appeared transfixed, to be savouring the cruelty of the execution as a connoisseur might a good wine. I wondered then how such a man, so elegant and noted for his intellect, could enjoy such a barbarous spectacle? He was a prince, not a baying, illiterate mob. I turned from him as his cold dark eyes caught mine. I felt my face burn a little as I blushed red. I also shivered. I was afraid that he had noticed me. I knew to look at your superiors could have bad consequences. I instead turned my attention back to the awful events that were unfurling on the dais, where the prisoners were now awoken back into the world of the living from which the pain of having their manhood's smashed had temporally driven them. Cold water and a strong unguent held under their noses brought them back to a painful and desperate reality as the execution proper began. 

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