Sunday, 20 April 2014


There is nothing as gratifying as laying between a man's legs so that you have his balls within easy reach of your mouth, so that he can slip his cock down your throat and of course you can rim his puckered arsehole. Its probably my biggest turn on after a good piss session...and less messy.

last week a nice long massage ended perfectly with a nice hung guy, a Mr average, another builder, and what is is with the building trade that it attracts so many perverts? Not that I am complaining. I digress. This guy did not have an especially long cock, but it was thick and chunky, and great balls. Just the right size for sucking into your mouth.

After the massage we ended up in the bedroom watching some porn and I assumed my favourite position between his legs. He slipped his fat cock into my mouth. My mouth was stretched to accommodate it but being greedy I managed. As he fucked my face, his balls bounced of my forehead. Fucking heaven. When he pulled his cock out of my mouth I of course began to suck on his nuts and when they were nicely wet with saliva he pulled them out and presented his puckered arsehole. He was ridged and I could feel his hole contract as I pushed my tongue between his arsehole lips and then out and around the hole and then down over his balls. Over and over again I repeated the sucking and licking while he wanked himself. I of course was wanking as well, well until he pulled my hands up to take hold of his cock, which I began to wank as I licked harder on his arsehole, all the time his balls bouncing off my chin. Then pulling my legs apart he began to finger my arsehole, slipping his finger in and out. Seriously hot guy I thought, my legs in the air, his finger stuck up my arse and my tongue glued to his arsehole..yummmm.

I had to wank myself though, I was so fucking horny. So while wanking him with one hand, I wanked myself as he continued to fuck my arse with his thick fingers, pushing right up so that he had two whole finger burried deep in my arsehole. It was not long before I shot my load, shooting jets of spunk over my chest. He used his finger to rub the spunk over my chest before using it as lube to again assault my arsehole. while he was doing this he again put his cock in my mouth and began to fuck, deep down my throat, making me gag. I didn't care. I knew he was near by the way his cock started to throb and soon I was rewarded with a mouthful of delicious hot salty spunk that filled my mouth and spilt over my chin.

He wastn't finished. Want a shower he asked. How could I refuse. So on my knees, mouth open, still filled with creamy spunk, he began to piss, washing the spunk out of my mouth so that it hung in dribbles down and off my chin.. Heaven..absolute heaven and what a way to end an appointment. 

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