Monday, 7 April 2014


Hi, apologies again for the break but I have been busy, busy , busy. So many cocks and so little time.

Anyway I just had to share a recent adventure.

Readers of this blog know about my passion for big heavy balls, and a good hose down with some hot piss. I now have to add to my little list of kinks the love of a good facial, that is having my face covered in hot sticky spunk. And when I say covered, I mean covered.

I was called recently by a guy who I had never met before. Meeting a new client is always a bit of an adventure, will I like them, will they like me, will they enjoy the experience etc.

When the guy turned up I guessed straight away he was going to be fun. I watched him as he showered, noticing that he was paying particular attention to washing his heavy balls, nice and round in their sack hanging low under his thick, cut, cock. Nice I thought. I was also pleased to see him give his arsehole a good soaping and thinking what it would be like to get my tongue stuck up there had me semi hard by the time he was finished.
He was a heavy built guy, a builder. What is it I often wonder that makes builders like their sex dirty, just the way I like it. I am always pleased when a member of the building trade drop by.
But I digress.
He lay naked on the massage table and I began to massage his back, and of course between the crack of his arse cheeks, giving his little round arsehole a rub every time my hand slipped over it. I knew he was enjoying himself by the way his legs opened allowing me a good view of his hole and of his big balls pushing up between his legs enabling me to slide my fingers over them. A good oiling I knew would make them soft and slippery later when I planned to squeeze and pull on them gently while I sucked on that thick cock of his. All this was going through my mind as I continued with the massage, which of course resulted in me having a nice erection of my own.

Regulars will know that I can never resist rimming a nice arsehole and it was was not long before I had my tongue licking around and over his nicely ridged hole and even slipping just inside. As I was rimming him he was able to slip a hand between my legs and give my balls a gentle pull and massage before grabbing my cock which he began to wank firmly. I guessed he would do better with a little lubrication so I reached behind me and poured a little oil down the crack of arse. He immediately slipped his fingers back and began to massage the oil into my arsehole, which was sort of compensation for the licking I was giving his.
There is nothing as nice as a good arsehole fingering, and this guy was now sliding his finger up into my arsehole and out again expertly. His fingers were soft but firm and I began to fuck myself, sliding his fingers deep into my arse and our again, slowly building the speed, while at the same time pulling his arse cheeks apart and rimming, licking and sucking on his round arsehole. 
I am an expert rimmer and if you have never had a hot tongue slip just inside the lips of your arsehole ring and then run down to your balls and back up again, then you have never lived. We were I believe both in heaven.

After some ten minutes he reluctantly slipped his finger out of arsehole and indicated that perhaps we should move through to the bedroom. I was quite happy to oblige, but first I wanted to taste his fat cock. Falling down on my knees as he slipped off the massage table he slipped his cock into my mouth, His cock was long and very thick and I had to stretch my mouth to accommodate his knob end. I'm greedy however so did my very best to accommodate his hard cock deep into my throat. His cock was oiled now, not only with massage oil but with my saliva. He slipped in and out of my throat easily, making me gag, but I didn't mind. His cock tasted salty just the way I like it. I wondered as he face fucked me what it would be like to taste his piss. Yep I have a really dirty mind.

Eventually we made it through to the bedroom where I lay on the bed and he straddled over my face giving me a perfect view of his wet saliva wet arsehole and heavy balls that bounced off my mouth and chin. I began to lick and suck on his balls, trying to accommodate just one in my mouth, but they were just too big. When his balls were soaking with my saliva he moved forward just slightly so that I was presented with his arshole which my tongue immediately began to assault while I wanked his cock. This had him moaning as he began to slide his arsehole over my tongue so that I was able to lick from arsehole to balls and along his cock and back. Every so often, as he moved back, he would slip his cock into my mouth and slide it down the back of my throat so that he was ball deep. He then began to fuck the back of my throat with little short strokes before pulling out so that I could breath, before plunging once more deep down my throat. While he was doing this he had spread my legs and was frigging my arsehole with his fingers while I wanked myself. Eventually it was all too much for him and pulled his cock out of my mouth and with a grunt began to shoot jet after jet of thick white spunk over my face and down my throat. When he had finished my face was covered in hot salty globules of spunk and my mouth was full. He again slipped his cock once more into my spunky mouth, and down my throat as I began to wank myself even more furiously. Once again he slipped a finger up my arsehole and began to frig me as I sucked on his now softening but delightfully salty, spunky cock. It was not long before I shuddered and also shot a stream of my own hot spunk over my belly and chest.

Standing up he smiled down at the job he had down. I was covered with his spunk and my own and I felt like a real whore and I loved it.

He promised as he showered that next time he would do the right think and finish properly. and wash the spunk off my face the way a dirty bastard should.. with hot piss...I hope he keeps his promises.

A very happy Chris.

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