Saturday, 31 July 2021

QUICK UPDATE and General Stuff.

 THANKFULLY things seem to be at last getting back to normal with last week being as busy as any time in the last 17 years, so no complaints from me but hopefully lots of satisfied customers. I am also pleased to say a few new clients obviously from the new website, which people seem to enjoy and find easier to navigate.

I am pleased to say that my phone-wank service is very popular and I have a growing clientele who enjoy the service. You can pay easily by either PayPal or Amazon gift card or a phone top up voucher, whichever is easiest. You can discuss any topic but no underage stuff please and be as dirty as you want, no hold barred as they say. If you read my blog you will know that I like my sex dirty and raw and fun.

My apologies however with the continued delay in publishing my new erotic book. Unfortunately a sick relative has taken up all of my free time and I am way behind not just with writing but with other domestic and personal stuff. I am hoping to get back to normal on the domestic front soon. 

Please not that I do not answer withheld numbers or FB face time calls. I offer a very discreet service to my clientele of mostly married men and just as I am discreet with my clients, so I expect my clients to be discreet with myself and to respect my privacy and safety. I have no idea who you are when you call from a withheld number and since you are coming to my home I need to have some form of identification. I never call or text clients unless they have given permission to do so. I have been in this business for 17 years and my regular clients know that they can trust me to be discreet, and trust is very important both ways.

CONDOMS.  Safety is paramount obviously and I am happy to say that I have never caught anything doing this work and I consider hygiene with myself and my clients very important. Provided you are clean and show no signs of potential risk I do oral and rimming without condom. This is because I personally hate the taste and I like to enjoy my work and sucking a condom is just yuk. I very occasionally meet a client who is obsessed with condom use on everything, which is fine, but I refuse to do oral or rimming, so provided the client is happy with that, then its OK. If a client is unclean or I judge them a risk, then, with or without condom, I refuse oral  or rimming. Fucking is always with a condom and I use a condom for deep anal fingering, also on toys etc. I try to make the experience as natural and as much fun as possible for my clients. I am regularly checked to ensure I am free from pestilence and plague :} As regular readers of the blog should know I do not get fucked but enjoy being rimmed, fingered and having a cock rubbed against my arsehole ( to completion if you want). I know that I am providing a service to pleasure you, but when a client pays attention to me then it makes the appointment extra special. A couple of days ago ago I met a client who rimmed my arsehole to perfection, probing his tongue in deep and getting me hard and wet. I later fucked him causing him to shoot his load all over his stomach. He spunked loads of cream, a never ending fountain of creamy spunk. A pure joy to watch. I will write this tale up in more detail for your amusement.

Thats about all for now. Hope to see you soon, piss guys especially welcome as always, but everyone who fancies a nice hot oil massage with a happy ending, wither that be just a wank, oral or you want to be more adventurous, its really is up to you. Rates are:


£60 for half hour

£80 for 45 minutes

£100 for 60 minutes

£150 for 90 minutes

Phone-wank :

Min £10

Extra minutes carries if you do not use them. So buy £20 minutes, use 10 minutes for your first wank and carry the remaining £10 over for a second ten minute wank at a future date.

Take care and hope to see you all soon. Remember to save that spunk for your visit and no wasting it. 


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