Thursday, 20 May 2021


 I am pleased to announce that my new website is now live. I am going to get some more new photographs done and some erotic drawing to add to the site over the next couple of weeks. My new short story will be available in the next couple of days and an excerpt will appear on the blog with links to the kindle shop for you to treat yourself to a dirty story for 99p which you can download onto your phone, computer or kindle depending on what you prefer. I know porn is easily accessible these days but there is something about written erotica which will never go out of fashion, besides, you can read a bit of dirt discreetly on the train but that is not so easy if its hardcore porn video. 

My favourite erotica is the victorian stuff like The Pearl or The Romance Of Lust, which if you have not read; is a must. They are also available on kindle. They cater for every taste and are certainly not your Mills and Boon type erotica which describe "His raging manhood" when what you really want to read when you want a quick wank is a good dirty description of fucking LOL  Well, that is the pornographic literature I am famous for, and I write in tribute to the anonymous erotica from the not so prudish reign of good old Queen Victoria.

Below is the link to my new website. Enjoy.

Newcastle Gay Massage

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