Monday, 5 April 2021


 I Am Back.

Thankfully at last lockdown is easing and normal service is resuming slowly. Regular guys are welcome and I will consider new guys, but until June I am restricting appointments to one per day. No new appointments after 6pm and please try and give notice because the studio is large and needs to be heated and prepared etc. Just a little common sense really. Everything is sanitised before and after appointments and I have been tested for Covid 19 and have had my first inoculation and due my second in April. Obviously if you are feeling unwell in any way please do not book until you are healthy. Again just common sense please. I know all my regulars are sensible people and will not be stupid about these matters. Being healthy is important and not just in regard to sexual hygiene. Please note that I no longer do outcalls and no late appointments unless booked in advance. Nearly all my clients visit in the afternoon or early evening and late appointments often attract guys on drugs or who have been drinking and I truly do not need the hassle. 

Now that all the dull stuff is dealt with I am also pleased to tell you that I have downloaded lots of new porn for your titillation, some 10 new titles covering most tastes and I also  have a selection of straight porn. Yes, I do get asked. Remember most of my guys identify as straight and although they like a little cock with their massage as a little bit of variation, as it were. a change occasionally after all does no harm, hardcore gay sex on screen can be a little too much lol. If you give sufficient notice I may be also be able to access something in particular in way of porn, but no promises and please make requests legal of course. 

Personally, I am having my hair cut shorter in April and I am as horny as ever, having had very little cock over the last few month. Anyone familiar with this blog knows that as well as a qualified massage I offer lots of kinky fun, from hand relief, oral, rimming and fucking, usually as top. My favourite kinks are rimming a nice clean arse and I love being pissed on, a strange kink for some, but I have always loved watching men piss from being little, just my thing. I also love being rimmed and fingered and a little light spanking. I offer role play and mild domination, but no hard stuff and no leather or rubber or dog masks or anything like that, just not my thing and I am sure there are others who do it better because they enjoy it themselves. I also  offer spanking and caning, favourite role play usually involved slave and master, with slave offering rimming etc and I I abuse them with rough, sexualised language and abuse. School maser is very popular and medical examinations. good, old fashioned, kinky fun. I see couples M/M M/F and I do see women but I do not promise penetration but offer oral and fingering and toys etc as well as sensual massage. If a M/f couple I prefer the man to be bi curious at least and offer oral and rimming and whatever service required. happy to take photos/vodeo etc using your camera for your personal use etc, all discreet and professional. I prefer to use your premises in these circumstances for your discretion.

Soon I will be posting another preview from my new book. Very dirty and a jolly good story, when I eventually finish it. I seem to need lots of cock to get my imagination excited enough to write, but I am sure the next few months will provide more than sufficient stimulation.

Look forward to hearing from everyone soon and hope everyone had a Happy Easter..

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