Thursday, 12 September 2013

Back AT LAST..

Hi everyone I’m back at last. Have been off with an illness (nothing sexual) which meant I had to have lots and lots of rest. Nice but dull. Now I am back working again and it is so nice to have lots of nice cocks and arseholes to lick and suck and play with again. 
My first client back was especially nice. Youngish guy, nice body and a nice sized cock and best of all huge fucking balls…YES, i shouted with joy in my head when I slipped my hand between his legs as he lay face down on the massage couch and I began to lick his puckered little arsehole. Gods he tasted nice, and as he lifted up to allow me greater entry with my tongue into his arsehole, his balls swung nice and low allowing me to bounce them in my hand.
I continued licking and sucking on his puckered hole, loosening him up so that my tongue could slip inside and then of course a finger. This carried on for some time until eventually he was on his knees on the massage table, my tongue up his arse, his balls in one hand and his cock in my other. Nice, and of course he was whimpering away, covering my hand in pre cum which oozed out of his shiny, purple knob end. Being me of course I had to suck on his knob end and and all that salty pre cum tasted so nice as he slipped in and out of my mouth as my finger slipped in and out of his arsehole.
Eventually we ended up in the bedroom and assumed a classic 69 position, him on top. His stiff cock sloping in and out of my mouth and then I had his big heavy balls to play with which had me in ecstasy. Licking and sucking on those balls was so delicious, and all the time two of my fingers frigged his tight man cunt. He of course was sucking happily on my cock while both his hands were wrapped around the cheeks of my arse so that he could use the fingers of both hands to tease my arsehole. If you have never had a double fingering then I highly recommend it.
It was not long before I felt his arsehole ring grip my fingers and a heavy ball load of thick gooey spunk exploded in my mouth forcing me to swallow most. There was to much hot creamy spunk that some escaped over my chin onto my face and covering my neck and hair in sticky cream. He tasted so fucking good however. I love spunk, love to have it sprayed in my mouth and over my face, almost as good as hot piss,(which is of course is the best thing to wash the spunk off with…only one client was good at that and I miss him..hope you will book soon if your reading this).
So a very happy client left and I was back in business and wanting more and more LOL..I love a happy client and love my job so much.
Still working on my next erotic book. “My Dirty Memoirs,” (available on Kindle under the authorship of Christopher Turney) now has three scorching reviews and I expect to get a fourth soon. I read a little of it myself and had a wank (or two) while recovering, and yes it is hot. I have been a dirty bastard in my time, and still am of course, but would you like me any other way?

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